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Revival Lakeland


Revival Lakeland
P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404, USA   
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Great Historical Healing Outpouring Lakeland

Revival shortly is...

It’s a (new) beginning of obedience to God! The first step for a converted sinner or backslider convicted spontaneous by the Holy Spirit is a deep repentance. Deep repentance requires a broken and contrite heart and then a forsaking of the old worldly (dead) man before the Throne of God. The curse on the sinner’s life is broken, and the sinner is transformed into a new creation, according to the image of Yeshua, the Messiah or Jesus the Christ! (See more at "Revival"!)

The sincerity of your consecration!

This will remain of the sincerity of your consecration and the depths of the Revival sweeping in the Church! The apostasy of people nowadays reveals that those who will remain in captivity of the enemy because they ignore & reject God’s Messengers! Mostly from the inside of the "Church"! Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. (Psalm 105:15)  Is it possible that the state of some members of a congregation are sunk down in a low state, that even the ministers, which surrounding you complain about it? It's irresponsible that the congregation complains of the plain and strict words of a Prophet or a person sent by God? Are these persons still asleep, still in a low and cold state of unbelief?! How can they  expect a serious Revival, when they will not humble themselves and repent before God, wake up and be effectual for the Universal Church? (Jews & Non-Jews) Is it not that "man pleasing people “complain too often and want to make "men" rules for a Prophet to speak more softly and gentle and not to obsess the people? Why so much resistance and superficiality over 'plain' words, when it exposes the sins that prevail among the saints? So often ministers are trapped by satan: "well-pleasing to man, people and leaders to obtain a good impression?”! This it is wrong! Yeshua, the Messiah can get along very well without them! Instead of recommending the message of the Prophet, and holding up his hands in all possible ways for support, most congregations, ministers, leaders and pastors stand right in the way and contradict the message and his positive influence, and so souls are going to be lost for ever! They are complaining still to receive a good straight message of the Lord G-d; they can be changed by the power of God. If not, they still want to sleep further?! If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Ingredients for Revival Experience

Some conditions for God’s People to prepare for the coming Revival
A broken & humble spirit!

The first confession of a broken person is admission of total inability to succeed without God’s favor. A clear heart cares and habitually guards against everything that pollutes the mind. (Psalm 31:12; 34:18; 51:10-17; Matthew 21:44; 1 Samuel 15:24)

  • A broken spirit brings quickening of conscious.
  • A broken spirit is a sensitive spirit. It discerns what is amiss. (Filtering it)
  • A broken spirit is pliable, teachable and never reactionary. (root; pride)
  • A broken spirit is never closed minded or stubborn.
  • A broken spirit is soft and easily penetrated. (a hard heart cannot penetrated at all!)
  • A broken spirit is bent easily to humility.
  • A broken spirit has no pride! (All ideas of its own importance are gone)
  • A broken spirit has no hypocrisy! It will reveal itself to God (Transparent)
  • A broken spirit has deep sincerity and integrity!
  • A broken spirit is accomplished through God’s dealings. (You can be like a “worm” or “snake”)
  • A prayer from a broken heart is real; prayer deeply felt.
  • It signifies that a person is submitted to God.

God pours out His Revival Spirit upon His people. To bring us first to a deep sense of our own sins and impurities! Then He can bring us into a spirit of humility & brokenness!
(Source: Raleigh; NC)

Unclean and not taking time to become prepared!

All true “cleansing” of people’ hearts should begin with the inner part; but man often cleans up the outside of himself, making no change on the inside! That’s called hypocrisy!
Many stay still unclean and they had not taken time to become prepared and clean! It is still God’s grace & Merci for them that God would pardon under the circumstances of a Revival and He shall not only forgive them of their trespasses, but He will heal their bodies as well, as well from dying without accepting Yeshua, the Messiah! That’s what I called great Godly GRACE!
Many people have to experience first
great affliction and calamity before they will seek the Lord and turn to Him with a whole heart. How much suffering they could save themselves if they would do such seeking first? Lift up your vision higher! Than you will hear His voice, the voice of God that cries to you TODAY!

Revival...? Than do right toward the Lord G-D!

·         Open the doors of your “temple”; your heart which had been shut, maybe for so long time!
·         Sanctification of yourselves in His presence!
·         Confession, acknowledgement & repentance of your Transgression, iniquity & sins!
·         Take real actions to get rid of your sin into your life!
·         Turn 180% toward God and make a new covenant with God!
·         Continue the worship of the Lord G-D in the house of God!
·         Stop to continue to sing the traditional songs always from the programs, create new!
·         Set the worship leaders & singers in the house to play instruments sing, and dance as David did!
·         Encouraged more sacrifices of worship from yourself and your congregation!
·         Invited people to celebrate with you, also outside your denomination!
·         Held a Radical Passionate worship such as had not been held for many years on regular base!
·         Passionate persevering intercessions for the lost souls to receive salvation & healing daily!
·         Used the feast as an occasion to teach the people!
·         Extended Radical Passionate worship & interceding more days!
·         Stop all hypocrisy!
·         Restored storehouses & support of ministers by tithes & offerings without manipulations!
·         Stop pride and humble himself before the throne of God!
·         It is not about position or states, but it about humbling yourself to God only!
·         Let all the people bow in worship before the Lord sing praises to G-d with joy!
·         When you really turn to the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; He will turn to you!
·         Don't be stiff-necked, but yield yourselves before His sanctuary, which He has sanctified forever!
·         Taking away the “strange gods” & the “idols”! (Denominational barriers, Religious ideas, Hypocrisy, Fleshly orientated)

Who are the sons of God who will be revealed?

Those who are prepared to pay the price and buy from the Lord gold, tried in the FIRE, so that they became rich, and have white raiment, so that they are clothed with the Glory of God and not naked! (Revelation 3:18) They shall have the purity of soul and heart, the obedience to the truth, the yieldedness to the Holy Spirit, the love without hypocrisy and with fervency, and the new birth by the Word! They haven’t any confidence in flesh or self-righteousness and count all things loss and dung so that they may win the Excellency of the knowledge of Yeshua, the Messiah or Jesus the Christ! They reach out for future things and press toward the prize. They strive to be an example and look forward to their Lord, Yeshua, the Messiah. They know the Lord and have found Him and His power. They are as flaming FIRES! They are the people of God, with the label of quality, the mantel of Divine anointing, and with a Divine mandate!

When there is a great need for a Revival?
Part 1
(Source: Charles Finney Lectures of Revival) 

Lack of Christian (brotherly) love!

When there is a lack of brotherly love and Christian confidence among leaders of Churches & Ministries. When Christians have sunk down into a low and backslidden state, they neither have, nor ought to have, nor is there reason to have, the same love and confidence toward each other, as when they are all alive, and active, and living holy lives. Christians do not and cannot love each other with the love of complacency, only in proportion to their holiness. A person must reflect the image of Christ, and show the Spirit of Christ, before other Christians can love him with the love of complacency. It is in vain to call on Christians to love one another with the love of complacency, as Christians, when they are sunk down in stupidity. 

When there are dissensions, competitions, and jealousies among leaders…

When there are dissensions, competitions, and jealousies, and evil speaking among the leaders! These things show that Christians have got far from God! 

Worldly minded!

When the church is worldly minded! It is manifest that the church is sunk down into a low and backslidden state, when you see Christians conform to the world in dress, equipage, parties, seeking after worldly amusements. 

Church’s scandalous sins!

When the church finds its members falling into gross and scandalous sins! 

Spirit of controversy

When there is a spirit of controversy in the church or in the City.

 When wickedness triumph

When wickedness triumph over the church!

 When the Church is careless; stupid and blind concerning state of the lost souls!

Christians who sleep while sinners around them are sinking stupid into the fires of hell! When the Church is careless; stupid and blind concerning state of the lost souls! Sometimes Christians do not seem to mind any thing about the wickedness around them. Or if they talk about it, it is in a cold, and callous, and unfeeling way, as if they despaired of a radical change: they are disposed to scold at sinners--not to feel the compassion of the Son of God for them. 

 Living a hypocritical life!

It may be that you live a hypocritical life. Your prayers are not earnest and sincere. Not only is your religion a mere outside show, without any heart, but you are insincere in your intercourse with others. Thus you do many things to grieve the Holy Spirit, so that he cannot dwell with you. 


Others are so proud that they cannot have the Holy Spirit. They are so fond of dress, high life, equipage, fashion. Some are so worldly-minded, love property so well, and are trying so hard to get rich, that they cannot have the Holy Spirit. Their thoughts are all on things of the world, and all their powers absorbed in procuring wealth? They show how much they love the world, in all their intercourse with others. Very likely they will be liberal and fair, because it is for their advantage! Now they would be ashamed to deal so with people of their own rank, because it would be known and injure their reputation. They have a spirit of prejudice! But God knows it, and has it all written down, that they are covetous and unfair in their dealings, and will not do right, only when it is for their own interest. 

Their confession is cold and heartless and not real!

Others do not fully confess and forsake their sins. They will confess their sins in general terms, perhaps, and are ready always to acknowledge that they are sinners. Or they will confess partially some particular sins. But they do it reservedly, proudly, guardedly, as if they were afraid they should say a little more than is necessary; that is, when they confess to men the injuries done to them. They do it in a way which shows that, instead of bursting forth from an ingenuous heart, the confession is wrong from them, by the hand of conscience griping them. Even if the confession is cold and heartless! But God is not satisfied! He knows whether you have gone the full length of honest confession, and taken all the blame that belongs to you! If your confessions have been constrained from you, do you suppose you can cheat God? "He that covered his sins shall not prosper, but whoso confesses and forsakes shall find mercy." (Proverbs 28:13)

 Not prepared to pay the full price!

He once had the Spirit of prayer, but neglecting his duty, he grieved the Holy Spirit away. And now he thinks, if he could once more enjoy the light of God's countenance, and have his evidences renewed, he would do his duty, and join the church. And so he is praying for it again, and trying to bring God over to his terms, to grant him his presence. It is in vain to say, you will come forward if God will first show you the light of his countenance. He is not prepared to pay the full price!

When there is a great need for a Revival?
Part 2
(Source: Paul van Beek; Teaching/Revelations for Revival) 

Neglecting God's Prophets!

When Churches and Ministries ignore and neglect the prophets, and despise them which are sent unto them. How often would God have gathered God’s people together, and they refused even to listen and hardened their hearts! Keeping themselves “protected” within their own Denominational walls!

Prejudice mentality

When Churches and Ministries ignore, neglect or even despise others (brothers/sister in Christ) from an other background and not native from origin in that area or nation. They "classify" them automatic as "lower classes", poor, less intelligence and will looking down upon them, without reason. (Even they are not poor or less intelligence) Ready to judge quick without knowing the person in question. They do not make any effort to listen or to know them. With other words: "these people are not good enough for them"! It is nothing more than a other form of pride! It is a spirit of pride; a spirit of prejudice that can control area's, cities and even nations!
They are rude or arrogant: inconsiderate, disrespectful, or overconfident, especially in having these kind of attitudes. How could His people be so casual with God and take everything for granted? Having confident in themselves instead to have it in God!  Many men fell into their delusions. Likewise false humility, it will even not cast out any pride! No more than self-centeredness! It is turning on the way of presumption is turning away from Messiah Yeshua’ presence!
Prejudice, strictly defined, a preformed and unsubstantiated judgment or opinion about an individual or a group most often unfavorable in nature or hostile attitude toward other people based on their membership or nation of origin in another social or ethnic group! In most cases, a prejudiced attitude held by a dominant ethnic group against a minority or disadvantaged group within the same society results in various forms of discrimination. Throughout United States history many other groups have suffered racial or religious discrimination. Being disrespectful for those who attends your religious services whether they are members of or visitors to that specific congregation or as “foreigners”, who do not speak “perfect American (?)”! Also because of the Denominational walls many other religious groups and ministers have been neglected and rejected as well. Religious leaders are having prejudice attitude against foreigners and disfavored minorities within their borders. The clamor of our own thoughts; imaginations; feelings and ideas are still overwhelming us!? Mostly it is subjected to the delusions, deceptions and selfish ambitions!

Obviously Prejudice, pride and presumptuous lifestyle is not in order with God! As a response of sowing this kinds of evil seeds! They will reap according what they sow! It is going to expel the evil that has been sown in it and will be a manifestation of the nature of evil that is growing in mankind! The physical damage is already done!

Presumptuous sins 

Presumptuous sins are willful and deliberate rebellions against light and conscience. Those who commit them will soon be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin (Hebrews 3:13) Christianity is become presumptuous because of what they have seen and having pride for what they had concerning “their” visions! These things will lead to a falling down! Definitions for presumptuous are rude or arrogant: inconsiderate, disrespectful, or overconfident, especially in doing something when not entitled or qualified to do it (it’s including also: hypocritisme; pride; false humility; religious, wrong attitudes)! It is causing people to presume something: like forming a “reasonable basis” for the “acceptance” that something “exists or is true”!? Presumptive: Based on what is thought most likely or reasonable.

Refusing to receive His messengers!

When Church leaders refuses to receive His messengers and helping them along their way! When there is lack of love for one another, seeing the potential not anymore through each other instead through the eyes of God! Refusing and unwilling to understand the potential of God in them! Consequently it will result to the failure of the ministry and being determent for the rise and fall of many souls! Refusing to understand that we are His provision for one another! It is God's intention for His people to receive help through and from one another! It is God Who has designed all things so that we must love Him above all things unconditional! It is through His anointed messengers we all are able to find the Holy Spirit Who leads us into all truth and to the Messiah, the Living Son of God! It will be too costly to neglect this!

Revival Lakeland

P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404, USA    ' (863) 853-8798
Going for Revival!