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This page is only giving the historical remembrances for what happen during the Healing Outpouring Revival in Lakeland 2008! It is NOT active anymore!
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Historical Healing
Outpouring Revival
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with much greater proportions
God's Holy Spirit still continues World-wide

DURING the Revival Healing Outpouring in Lakeland 2008!
We got permission to place these visions ( )
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Blessings,  Lakeland; 13 May 2008 FFM (Fresh Fire Ministries) Staff


Surprised by the Spirit; what we’ve learned from a sudden outpouring! Stephen Strader
Expected  a change of Glory in the Outpouring!? 06-17-08
Shofar-Blow at the Revival-Meeting!  06/08/08
There is an open Heaven over Lakeland! 06-08-08
Decree a thing and it will be established 06-05-08 Todd
To commission cities  06-05-08  Todd
Recognition? 06-05-08  Todd
On MSNBC-News!  05-28-08
This is an open portal! 06-02-08
Dancing girls
Man raised from the dead out of his coffin  05-23-08
Norwegian Pentecostal magazine 
Huge ray of light from heaven; there is an open Heaven!
Todd Bentley calls up the First nation people! 05-15-08
Huge packets of prayer-request are on FIRE!
The open field at the Lakeland Airport
The billion-soul harvest has begun!
A great multitude of people (1)...
What is the fruit of this outpouring? 
The Lakeland Revival is releasing a great impartation of glory!

The fire also spread out onto
Todd shares the story of the outpouring
The word says: “offenses will come”

The great, and greater historical healing-outpouring of the Holy Spirit
The angels are singing with us; all heaven is singing with us!
Pastor Pedro Ibarra from the great Argentine Revival...

About the worship leader Roy Fields Shortly...
Todd Bentley with several Guests like: John Arnott; Bill Johnson; Che Ahn...
A Formal Apostolic Alignment of Todd Bentley. Monday 23 June 08

Lakeland is an epicenter…
Keith Miller 05-16-08
Bob Jones' third wave prophecy
Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter..
The first night  in the Tiger-Stadium
Out of no where three ospreys’ fly over
Sporting tattoos, spiked hair and a sold-out to Christ!
David Tomberland shares   05-16-08
Todd Bentley shares   05-15-08
4 Revivals that are going to take place in the World
Todd introduces Prophet Bobby Conners
Todd prophetic conversation with Rob Delucca
I am overwhelmed and speechless…
The prophetic conversations on platform...04 May 2008

Surprised by the Spirit; what we’ve learned from a sudden outpouring!
by Pastor Stephen Strader – Ignited Church

Our congregation has known the outpouring of the Spirit for more than 50 years. Through the leadership of my father, Karl Strader, our church experienced the Latter Rain Movement, Voice of Healing, Jesus Movement, Charismatic Movement, Word of Faith Movement, Prophetic Movement, Renewal Movement, Apostolic Movement and many others. But on April 2, 2008, it’s as if the Holy Spirit moved into our church in a fresh, dynamic way ... and He’s never left!

I had invited evangelist Todd Bentley for a five-day “Signs and Wonders Conference” at our church. Todd had spoken at Ignited Church the year before—the first time we’d met—but something was different this time. The expectation was extremely high.

Two weeks earlier in Australia, New Zealand prophet Rob DeLuca had prophesied a coming anointing on Todd that would “boomerang” around the world. Rob said the boomerang was to have doubled the force when it came to central Florida, and he even mentioned the Lakeland revival of 1993. He didn’t know that Todd was headed to the very congregation that experienced that Revival.

When we heard about the prophecy, we knew something special was about to happen, but we had no idea just how big it would be. As with any planning in church leadership, we wanted to leave room for the Holy Spirit to do whatever He wanted. Since Todd had informed me that his following week of meetings had just been cancelled, I told him that we were prepared to extend a week if we wanted to. However, he had already changed his tickets to fly home and was looking forward to a week of rest. Obviously, those plans changed.

The Start of Something Big That first Wednesday night was explosive. The building was comfortably filled, but something in my spirit had told me to prepare for overflow crowds. We wired both our children’s room and our youth room with closed-circuit monitors, which enabled us, expands from the 700 seats in the sanctuary to more than 1,300 with the two overflow rooms. (We also wired the outside patio, which could seat an additional 400.)

By the second night the first overflow room was filled. The atmosphere was charged with the electricity of God. Incredible miracles began to take place. Even Todd appeared to be taken back with the ease at which they happened. Both of us conduct overseas crusades and regularly see great miracles take place in other countries, but we’d never seen them flow in America like this.

The third night, when Todd walked into the room, our eyes met while standing on the front row. “I think we need to go another week,” I told him. It turns out he had just told his staff, “I think we need to talk with Pastor Stephen about going another week.”

We announced it that night. Every night from that point was like taking another step deeper into the anointing, as if we were reaching another level. The crowds now filled both of our overflow rooms. In fact, by Sunday we had to lock the doors because the fire marshal required us to limit the capacity to 1,300. Hundreds watched on screens outside the building on the patio, and hundreds more had to be turned away. People would begin lining up to get in as early as 3 p.m.

Changing Venues For those of us in leadership, the first three to four weeks were consumed with finding facilities to accommodate the growing crowds. Once it became obvious that our church couldn’t hold everyone, my brother-in-law, Shane Simmons, who pastors Life Church in Auburndale, Fl., allowed us to use his 3,000-seat facility only 20 minutes away. It wasn’t long before we overflowed his building and began to turn hundreds away. Next, we moved into the Lakeland Center arena, which seats 8,000 or more. We filled that building.

We then moved to “Joker Merchants Stadium”, spring training home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. The stadium seats 10,000 and has a grassy knoll overlooking left field that can hold another 2,000 people.

From there we held an open-air meeting at the Sun ’n Fun Campground at the Lakeland airport, and about 12,000 people came. In fact, the police told us a traffic jam developed that was so bad it blocked thousands from getting into the campground for miles down the road.

{Note by Paul van Beek: In the Month of May 2008 the meetings were hold at the Lakeland Center. There also were live recorded worship by Roy Fields, which are now available on CD's! After using these large facilities, the meeting's were hold at the Lakeland Airport location!} See more for this subject at: "Remembrances of the Revival meetings April-July 2008" at "Revival-Agenda"!

We finally settled at the campground using two tents attached side-by-side that would hold 10,000. By that time, the nightly crowds ranged from 3,000 to 8,000, with more coming on the weekends. Throughout the changes, we’ve continued to meet at Ignited Church each morning, Sunday through Friday, and on Saturdays we’ve moved to the tent to fit the larger crowds. During the first few weeks our staff and volunteers nearly burned out because of the day-and-night, seven-days-a-week schedule. Weary and exhausted, many of us became physically sick. The common joke was, “Looks like you’re too sick to come to the healing meeting!” We eventually settled into a flow, rotating so some could take a day off—although for many of us that never happened. (I personally went nearly 60 days straight and had to spend two days in bed sick.)

Quick Critics As with most moves of God, there are those who question the authenticity of what’s happening in what’s been dubbed the “Lakeland Outpouring” or the “Florida Healing Outpouring.” Yet it seems this time the critics have not only become quicker to respond, but also louder with their objections.

The amazing amount of controversy has admittedly caught me off-guard. I had no idea how prejudiced the Christian world is to Todd Bentley’s ministry. I never found anything in his ministry that concerned me—including his tattoos. Frankly, I had to work through being offended by some of my ministry friends who were expressing their “concerns” publicly. Some wrote in their e-mails, blogs, magazines or newsletters; others voiced their concerns through sermons. The heresy hunters were quick to point out that “even [Stephen’s] friends are speaking against him.”

What hurt was that these ministry friends never tried to contact me. Most still have not. Even when I tried to reach out to ask why they didn’t call or e-mail me, it was as if they had a blind spot to what they had done. They never apologized, but simply said they felt they had to “express themselves” because so many of their constituents were asking them for answers.

Admittedly, I’ve needed a lot of prayer and counseling to keep my spirit pure of offense. I’ve also had to apologize to some for my rebukes. In fact, I work my way through repentance daily.

One of the side effects of this outpouring has been a work of holiness and the fear of God. I can’t go for more than a few minutes in any kind of sin before I feel God’s hand squeezing me. Temptation of any kind is met with a swift move of the Spirit, followed by strong repentance. That’s one of the reasons why I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is God.

Show Some Support! For some reason, the body of Christ seems to have ignored the Scriptures that admonish us to hear both sides of the story. Even the secular press would at least contact us for a comment before writing a story about us. Yet our Christian brothers and sisters never once tried to contact us. They appear to have ignored the passages that tell us to go to our brother who we feel is “overtaken in a fault(Galatians 6:1, KJV). Instead, they have used the bully pulpit of their e-mails, newsletters and Web sites to express their concerns that often have been based on incomplete or faulty information.

Todd, a few friends and I were able to formulate statements and theological responses to some of these concerns, but even these seem to be ignored or refused. It appears that many are simply predisposed to believe this outpouring is “demonic—period”.(?) It’s like trying to convince non-Pentecostals that speaking in tongues is really for today; no matter what Scripture you give them, they have chosen not to believe.

Here’s what I believe is the bottom line: If what has been happening here in Lakeland is in any way a move of God, why isn’t the body of Christ—especially Pentecostals and charismatic’s—praying for us? Why haven’t they contacted us to let us know that although they have some concerns or are uncomfortable with some things, they’re still praying that God gives us wisdom? Where are the apostles? Where are the fathers of the faith?

There have been a few who responded immediately in support—John Arnott, Ché Ahn, Patricia King, to name some of those supporters. Several others came, though only for one night or part of a service. And a few apostles have reached out to me personally when I asked for their help, including Peter Wagner and another major leader who asked me to withhold his name for a season. I’m thankful for them all.

Still, there are those who have labeled the Lakeland Outpouring as a work of an “angel of light” or “a deceiving spirit or “familiar spirit”. Do they truly know what they are saying? Isn’t it a sin to attribute the work of the Holy Spirit to satan? How can we worship for up to two hours in each service, preach the gospel, exalt Christ and emphasize holiness—and yet be operating in “a demonic spirit”? I’m baffled by their assessments.

A New Move My prayer for the body of Christ is that we learn that “eye has not seen, nor ear heard ... the things which God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9). I pray that when we “see” something new, we truly investigate it from all sides before we label it “not of God.” Is it possible that God is doing something new?

The reality is that there is mixture in every Christian endeavor. There is flesh, there is the counterfeit; and yes, even the demonic tries to infiltrate. But I’ve been in church board meetings where there was more demonic involvement than anything I’ve ever experienced in one of the outpouring meetings.

In Matthew 13:24-30, Jesus told the parable of the wheat and the tares. The field workers complained about the mixture of the tares with the wheat, yet when they asked if they should pull up all the weeds, the owner responded, “No ... lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them.

Honestly, sometimes I think that the Body of Christ hasn’t learned a thing from our past mistakes. We rejected the Latter Rain, Word of Faith, Prophetic movements—virtually all of them when they first appeared. And most were dismissed simply because we couldn’t understand them.

Here’s what I know: I love Jesus more now than ever before. I can’t even write these words without tears flowing from my eyes. People are being saved in the meetings and in the marketplace. Many in the body of Christ have a renewed faith in miracles, and we’ve received more than two-dozen recorded resurrection stories since we began. Multiple funerals have been canceled! I’d say that is pretty good verification.

I currently have more than 5,000 praise reports on my computer that I haven’t been able to read yet. Todd’s ministry, Fresh Fire, and GOD TV have multiplied thousands! What will it take for us to even suggest that maybe, just maybe, God is doing something fresh?

Stephen Strader; Senior pastor; Ignited Church; 5859 Hwy 98 North; Lakeland Florida ' (863) 594-1750
Where the Lakeland Outpouring began in April 2008!

Guest Evangelists and Speakers will be coming from all over the world and ministering in the anointing and power of the Lord in Miracles, Signs, & Wonders as the Holy Spirit leads!

Picture Source "P v Beek/God's Outreach Ministry Int.: The healing Revival meeting at Ignited Church in Lakeland on Monday April 21. (Begin of the Revival) Drawing growing crowds of people seeking miraculous healing of serious medical conditions! In a few days these line were tripled and still growing! The same amounts of people were drawing together for the morning-sessions!

Expected  a change of Glory in the Outpouring!?

From Sunday June 22sd; till July 22sd 2008 there is expected being a change in the Outpouring according the prophecies; spoken about this Revival! Like "transition"; Like a higher dimension of (greater) Glory; stronger anointing; greater size of miracles etc... See more at Revival-Agenda!
Also if Daniel was commanded to understand the vision and consider it, then we are to do likewise! God's secrets are revealed to His servants the prophets to hear His counsel to cause people to hear His words, so that they shall turn themselves from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings!
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets! (Amos 3:7) The mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets! God's power & love are shown in quiet, as well as spectacular way! There is more to study about the Ancient Prophets,  which will still be very valuable lessons for our generation!

Apostolic support for Todd by John Arnott, Bill Johnson & Che Ahn; and to state that this revival was from God. Therefore, Todd would like to invite as many friends and partners to come and celebrate with Todd as he is commissioned by these apostolic leaders.

Shofar-Blow at the Revival-Meeting! 

For the first time a "Shofar-Blower" out of the crowd is called on the platform a blow the sounds of the shofar public all into the world! (Gods-TV) This is an amazing breakthrough in recognition of the "power" and anointing that comes from the Shofar! See more at "Shofar"!

In what is becoming the norm, once again the worship was taken over by those assembled for the space of at least half an hour. During that time, without instrument or leaders the faithful simply worshiped their Lord in harmony and unity. Actually most of the four hours which were broadcast was dominated by worship with some time used by Rob Deluca who brought a Word of the Lord for Israel.
During this time anyone present with Jewish roots were asked to come on stage to be blessed, this resulted in approximately 50 people coming forward.

At the beginning of the meeting the leadership declared they did not know what was going to happen but they were inviting God to come and do whatever He wanted to do. This is a very refreshing concept I pray is adopted in assemblies everywhere!
(Source: Picture: Gods.TV)

There is an open heaven over Lakeland

Lakeland is an epicenter… There is a portal that is open and it will never close! Lakeland is called as a “hub” It is meant to connect all over the world to those that are hungry. Revival “hubs” ... fires burning continuously all over the earth! God is pouring out in this hour is the wine and only those regions that have the wineskin... and apostolic wineskin... that God is going to begin to move on revival “hubs”. And He wants to connect all the revival “hubs”! 

Decree a thing and it will be established!

Under the anointing you make a declaration and it forms tonight.  It is no longer a hope, and a vision, and a dream, and a promise... we have an opportunity to form… to bring a maturity to what God has spoken… to bring it out of the womb of expectancy. 

When you began to talk about the bowls, David, I saw the bowls.  The bowls are answered prayer.  There are times when your prayers go up to Heaven like incense.  But, there are times that the bowls of incense get full in Heaven.  And when the bowls get full in Heaven, God throws the bowls back down to earth. 

When the bowls of incense come back down to the earth, mingled with fire from the altar in Heaven, that it your answer coming back into the earth!  And it comes back with lightning, it comes back with thundering, and it comes back with great earthquake. It comes back with great signs and wonders! 

And I believe this night is not a night where the incense goes into the bowls, tonight is a night when God takes the fire from the altar, mixes it with the bowls that are full and throws the bowls back down to the earth. It is a night of releasing; of commissioning and of activation!

You can step right into that gift of healing… step right in to the impartation… step right in to the spirit of revival… step right in to the promise of God… step right into the healing… step right in to the breakthrough tonight. 

We're going to go back into travail right now until Christ is formed! God promised a day where Heaven and earth must retain Him until the restoration of all things.  Heaven will hold back the coming of Jesus Christ until sons and daughters come into maturity. 

To commission cities

There is something that I am going to call the Body of Christ into.  The Lord is about to commission cities.  The Lord is about to commission nations. The Lord is about to commission people.  The Lord is about to commission regions. The Lord is about to commission revival hubs. 

Much in the same way that Jesus called the 12 disciples unto Himself and He gave them power and authority over unclean spirits to cast them out, to heal all kinds of sickness and disease… Can the Lord call cities before him?  Can the Lord call nations before Him?  And every tongue and every tribe -- can He call them before Him tonight? 

And He wept over Jerusalem because they did not know the hour of their visitation. And God's plan was visitation for Jerusalem. How many other cities are in America; In Europe; In Asia; In the world?  And He is planning an hour of visitation! 


It was Peter who recognized Him.  Had Peter not recognized Him when everybody else thought its a ghost, Jesus would have never come into the boat. Jesus made out like He was going to pass by. 

We need to recognize and perceive Jesus Christ and when we do; He will come into the boat.  But many people are saying, Oh, what's happening there in Lakeland -- it's the flesh -- its demonic -- its satanic -- it's strange fire. 

We're in a place where we need to make a decision -- is it Jesus or a ghost?  And are we going to perceive, and are we going to recognize so that Jesus can come and get into the boat? And sometimes when God shows up in a revival, there are things that might like look a ghost and we say “I don’t know if that’s God.” 

I believe if we welcome Jesus into our boat tonight and don’t let him pass you by because you are looking at some of the manifestations, you are looking at some of the flesh, you are looking at some things you don’t understand....

We can perceive and those that accept him today, Jesus is ready to get in the boat. So, let’s call on the name of Jesus. He (Todd) is not saying you have to accept Todd Bentley, but you have to accept Jesus! 

It's called the manifestation of the sons of God Heaven will hold back the second coming. A mature church manifests the glory of God.  A mature church manifests the word of God in truth and power. A mature church walks in holiness and character.  A mature church walks in miracles, signs, and wonders. 


"Dear L-rd:  I desire to appropriate Your Word so that I will be able to be a warrior for You.  Let Your Word permeate my mind and my spirit so that I will be a bold warrior, filled with Your confidence to fight each spiritual battle that is thrown at me. I pray that Your Word would be hidden in my heart that I wouldn't sin against You. I also pray that I would rightly divide Your Word of truth. Finally, if there is any excellence, let my mind dwell on these things!"

On MSNBC-News!

Log in the site MSNBC-News Z Click! and you will find an article about the many healings and raising up the death!
Every time you hit this site it will level up higher and so you spread around the Revival Lakeland News around the world...for free!!

This is an open portal!

This is an open portal! This is camping out here all summer long! They told me the new structure is two football fields long and one football field wide.  We could have a whole tent city out there. God’s moving because you’re coming hungry! It’s you, the hungry people watching night after night. It’s you coming to get an impartation to go back to your church, your city, your nation. It’s you!  God is re-digging some old wells & digging some new wells! We believe the people who have come here have come because you are hungry and thirsty for the presence of God. Be a carrier of the presence of God!  That wherever you go!
How many want to be touched by the Holy Ghost? By the glory!  That’s why we’re here. To start a raging fire! It’s dangerous. You get a few dry, hungry churches! Hungry believers! Are you ready to receive it? The greatest release of the power of God will go out by the power of the media. 

Dancing Girls 

The worship was so intense. Spontaneously the whole crowd was singing for a long time: "Holy, Holy, Holy", while the musical's performers were flat on the floor! Worship could not stop! Than after a time people start to dance before the sanctuary! Even little children spontaneously dancing around! See at picture [
More on Revival-Agenda and new site is coming as Photo-Gallery!

Norwegian Pentecostal magazine

Dear Paul,  I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus, and rejoice to hear about the great things God is doing in parts of USA. In our Norwegian Pentecostal magazine, Korsets Seier (Cross Victory), The article is in now our web; the number is going to have an article about the revival in Florida. It is fantastic to see how the work of Jesus is going on and a great inspiration for our readers!.........God bless you all; Greetings in The Lord; Ernst Knudsen/ Norway / 23 May 2008

Fornyelsesbølgen som nå pågår i en pinsemenighet i Lakeland i Florida, USA, blir av enkelte spådd å få en enda større påvirkning enn Pensacola-vekkelsen. Men den er allerede omstridt.
Predikanten Todd Bentley, med en brokete og kriminell fortid, er i fokus for vekkelsen. Todd Bentley kom til Ignited Church i Lakeland 2. april for å ha noen møter. Men da fornyelsen brøt løs, måtte alle andre avtaler avlyses. Hver kveld strømmer nå tusener av mennesker til Lakeland, og menigheten har byttet møtested tre ganger allerede. Overalt blir lokalitetene for små, og folk står i kø i timesvis for å komme inn på møtene.  (Link to Norway)

Huge ray of light from heaven; there is an open Heaven! 

Hope Ford was at Lakeland Friday 5/17/08 he turned on Lime street where the meeting was held, when he looked up and over the Lakeland Center this huge ray of light from heaven and it looks as if the sky has been torn in two! He quickly snaps a shot with his cell phone! At 07.05PM going into worship Roy Fields states there is an open Heaven! This picture is amazing! Open Heaven! Hope Ford
Thank Hope you for sending in this picture!

Todd Bentley calls up the First nation people!
(Native Americans/ Indians) 05-15-08

They heard the word about this move of God! We have come to give an official welcome of this outpouring to America! God’s going to heal this land and remove this curse!
They gave a gift of a shirt to Todd, and other gifts for his wife and gifts from other tribes! To say welcome and thank you for bringing this outpouring!
There is a desperate cry to be set free from suicide, drugs, alcohol! They are gate keepers for this land! This is part of the healing for America God told Bobby Conners that we had to come through them into America! One of the Indian leaders prays for revival to come to America and to all of the first nation people!
Bob Jones Prophesied: The first nation people are the keepers of the land! They have the ability to bless the land! They are a spiritual people! When they get saved, they naturally know how to flow in the spirit! Todd presented them gifts and they placed a fire necklace around Todd’s neck… fire comes on each one of them! 
 (If somebody had made pictures of the First-Nations-people of this specific event, please send it to:   I like to place these picture here!) Indian Native music available at: "Broken-Walls".

Prayer-Requests on Fire!

Z (05/09/08) Over 40,000 prayer requests have been sent in by email over the last 48 hours! On picture you will see that huge packets of prayer-request are on FIRE! Todd anointed with oil and prayed over the nearly 20,000 prayer requests! Rebuking infirmity; poverty; emotional distress; division in homes! Then we took the requests and placed them in a giant barrel and burned them up with FIRE!  The fire truck was standing by, but the FIRE consumed every request!
Todd Bentley was praying over the prayer requests; Nearly 80,000 requests have come into  About the same amount have come into God TV! These requests represent every kind of torment, pain, hurt, frustration, hindrance…  families…  businesses…  ministries!

The open field at the Lakeland Airport...

(05/10/08) The open field at the Lakeland Airport with its huge stage is covered by a canvas top with concert style lighting for TV.  The huge P.A. speakers are hung on either side and are flanked by giant video display screens. The people in the back can see everything UP CLOSE! It’s like the “Jesus Festivals” of the 70’s & 80’s.  We have met with the authorities who directed traffic last night. They estimate that we had over 10,000 in the field and had another 2,000 that were stuck in the traffic jam for one to two hours and most of them never got to the field!


The billion-soul harvest has begun!

(05/10/08) The billion-soul harvest has begun! The harvesting angels; evangelists; Churches; crusades; the greatest harvest of souls has begun! We are about to experience book of acts miracles; the great miracles we heard about from the past and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is going to be proclaimed in & from this place; Lakeland and globally! From other countries!  It’s coming to America! We are battling the prince of the air waves! It’s an open heaven globally!

Revival is when God raises people up; but often when God moves on; people fall back to their former self look at Israel’s biblical history, but this is different!!!  this outpouring is global…  people can take this anointing to the Nations!

This is a restoration of all things!  This is a maturing of the sons of God! They will have a revelation of who they are in Christ! The sons & daughters will take their place in the Body of Christ!!!

This is a revelation; a revolution; a restoration! What is happening here in Lakeland; Florida is only just the beginning of what is being released all over the world!
(05/10/08; Revival-Rapports by Pastor Stephen; Edited)

What is the fruit of this outpouring? 
(05/10/08; by Todd Bentley; Edited)

Crying out for to anoint me Holy Spirit! Give me your fire! An anointing of boldness for to be one of the harvesters! People are sitting around analyzing whether this is of God!  I could sit around and analyze why they are not getting people saved, healed, delivered! Everyone is looking for the false prophets, but they look right over the people getting saved, healed, and delivered! The whole ministry of Jesus is salvation, healing, helping the poor! Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever! Everything Jesus did, we can do today, and even greater works! It’s time to receive the kingdom; but we have to repent! The reason the son of God was made manifest was to undue the works of the devil! Every time Jesus did something in the Gospel; it had a purpose; it had the message: “I am destroying the works of the devil!” Jesus healed all that are oppressed of the devil! When you proclaim the Gospel you can get the same results as Jesus did and even more! When Jesus taught us to pray: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven!” We have to develop a kingdom mind set!  As it is in heaven; the kingdom of God is in you! Release it on earth as it is in heaven and it’s going to be heaven on earth! If you were in heaven; what would you expect to see? So declare it here! Heaven’s breaking into the earth realm! If you want to see the Kingdom of God on earth, then do the will of God! Casting out devils, healing the sick, as well as preaching the gospel! That same anointing is here tonight; has come to America; has gone Global! There is not one devil; not one sickness; not one bondage… that cannot be driven out by the love and power and authority of the lord Jesus Christ!!! We have to have an evidence and demonstration of the Word of God! If you want this fire of harvesting; Glory; Power… lift your hands and receive, because God is commissioning you right now! God is mobilizing an army of harvesters that are not afraid to demonstrate the gospel! “Lord, I want the fire; make me an harvester; I want to see cities shaken for Your Glory and I want to raise the dead, cast out devils, & heal the sick, so that Your Name is Great and glorified!

The Lakeland Revival is releasing a great impartation of Fire & Glory!
05-02-08 May 2008

The fire also spread out onto... 

(05/08/08) Let the streams come together! A Spirit of unity that the Holy Spirit cannot resist! Let this spread to foreign lands!

This will go to the streets and touch the entire United States! Start to pray for the nations!  Open the wells again! That everyone experiences a sign that God is anointing them! A holy commissioning is coming on this place here in Lakeland!

Mass healings; mass salvations; in the streets; in the stores; healing rooms; healing wells; signs and wonders

(05/07/08) The chanting melody of baptize us in the Holy Spirit; baptize us with FIRE! I want to burn for you lord!!! The FIRE of the Holy Spirit to come upon everyone’s hands and taking this FIRE to the nations! There is a Spirit of Revival sweeping through the crowd! God send us another “Azusa street” Revival of FIRE! The Glory angels are coming into the building! The FIRE goes up; the Glory comes down…  The holy glory; The holy glory!
Something has changed in the atmosphere since we were in the Stadium! We are experiencing another level of anointing; a fresh wave of His Glory! The manifest Glory is being released in these meeting through the web cast; through the satellite into every home watching God TV!
Tell God how Holy He is; tell Him you want to experience His manifest presence!
(See more about: Revival)

The fire also spread out onto the streets of Belfast as we prayed for all of those we met many young people stood shaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and was leading 35 Roman Catholics to Christ! This is a marvelous sign that the healing and impartation is spreading from Lakeland into Belfast! 

Todd shares the story of the outpouring 

Todd shares about the hot spots that are flaring up all over the world! There are stories of dead being raised in several places. Todd calls for everyone from the Netherlands; Germany and Ireland to come up here now! They ran to the platform and they all fell under Gods power! All you need is one small burning coal in your belly! Let the wind of the Holy Spirit blow through you! Suddenly, the crowd rushes the stage when Todd releases the fire through the crowd! The stage goes electric A mass impartation of the fire rips through the crowd!!!


Pray for you country; the only way this Outpouring will continue is if God sees your hungry! You come in here with your dry wood! Get close to the fire and soon you will catch fire!
“All of our fathers were under the cloud”. They followed the pillar of cloud by day & pillar of fire by night…   baptized into Moses IN THE CLOUD… There is have a greater glory than Moses! Lord, will you baptize us in the cloud?

The word says: “Offenses will come” 

When you allow offenses to come into your life because of religious politics it will shut down the Glory! It will produce scar tissue on your heart! It will hinder the work of God in your life. Many in the church world have been offended because you have tried to step out and do something different, or reach out for the glory; or become involved with this ministry or that ministry and your brethren rejected you! This outpouring is costly oil! It’s worth losing everything this world has to offer even what the ministry has to offer!  God was releasing an anointing of His presence this night (05.05.08). Thank God for the many different kinds of anointing’s; but the greatest impartation is of His presence! You have to be willing to follow the Glory-Cloud!

The great, and greater historical healing-outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The great, and greater historical healing-outpouring of the Holy Spirit fis still continuing here in Lakeland! It started at Ignited Church; Todd Bentley will be continuing the featured speaker. The doors will open at 6pm! So many people still had to wait outside the building! You cannot miss it! This Historical-Healing-Outpouring-Revival will CONTINUE all summer: 10am & 7pm EVERYDAY! Todd Bentley  who is the preacher for this outpouring announces he is staying whole summer in Florida! It is really great to hear all the testimonies of so many miracles and healings! It is indeed awesome!
The Glory of God is absolutely present in the meetings! Like Moses was filled with the glory of God, even that his face was shining!
It is so powerful, and is still increasing by every meeting!
This is the heritage of the Voice of Healing days…  revisited…  but larger! Transferable…  Contagious… 

Great commissioning into the Holy hot fire of anointing with a fiery hot coal! We can’t have the glory without holiness! Baptism of fire… baptism of sanctification! You will never live so free of any temptation! A spirit of Holy fear has gripped us! All you need is one burning hot coal! The wind of change will blow on the members…  and it will start a blaze everywhere you go!

The crowd cried: “we want you Lord, we’re hungry, we’re desperate, we’re thirsty for Your presence Lord.  More Lord, More!” Crying out to the Holy Spirit, saying that we want more! He wants to hear us from our hearts; it’s not about singing a song just to sing it. It’s about love from our hearts to Him. Lord, take off all the religion to change the heart. Not about the singer or music but about loving on Jesus (Yeshua). The crowd sang from the heart to worship Him. It ended in adoration to the Father! People are continuing to get healed via the Internet just by the click of a button. The crowd extended hands towards the video cameras and asked God to release the anointing! The Lakeland Center filled with people! (May 2008)

The angels are singing with us; all heaven is singing with us!
30 April 2008

The angels are singing with us; all heaven is singing with us! Now the crowd is totally singing on their own…  no one leading…  The chanting melody is filling the arena. The air is so thick…  it’s one of the most powerful manifestations of His Holiness since the Outpouring began.

Than Todd cries out: “Tonight, He is not coming as the gentle lamb…  BEHOLD YOUR KING…  He’s coming in His Holy Glory…  His Mighty Power…  KING OF KINGS…  LORD OF LORDS! “I WANT MORE OF YOU JESUS!!!” “I see the Lord, He is high and lifted up…  we are entering into a visitation realm…  Jesus walking through the arena… coming into your home! You are going to see Him… feel Him!  He is touching you; healing you! He is coming; stepping into people’s bodies!  I want you to see Him taking that sickness out of your body; taking that infirmity out; healing organs; He is touching the children!”

satan has no authority in this place! Spirit of infirmity…  spirit of death…  spirit of poverty…  spirit of depression… COME OUT OF THESE BODIES NOW!!!

The meeting has gone beyond a worship leader…  beyond the evangelist…  The church is arising and even the angels are stepping back to allow the church room around the throne!!! The lord himself has taken over this meeting!!! The lord himself is healing people right now! The anointing is going right through the satellite and webcast into your TV and your computer!
When ever a weeping and brokenness comes on me it is to prepare us for a greater wave of His glory!

This is the most contagious, transferable, and tangible anointing that will sweep around the world! Thousands of leaders are coming to “get some” – of this anointing and take it to their churches, ministries, and global evangelism! This anointing is to give away! To share it out on the nations! 

This is the time and the season that has been
prophesied…  new organs…  irrefutable miracles…  creative miracles not seen upon the earth…  new kidneys…  new organs…  aids destroyed and it will be documented…   and the dead shall be raised!” ...Wendy Alec; GodsTV.

Pastor Pedro Ibarra from the great Argentine Revival...
30 April 2008

Pastor Pedro Ibarra from the great Argentine revival has come to release his blessing on America that is greater than Argentina! “We feel the power of the Holy Spirit in this place…  I have a fresh hunger from God…  just like I had 20 years ago in Argentina…  we want to see the fire of God hit America…  many of come from America as missionaries…  NOW IT’S TIME FOR AMERICA!” “I feel a glory from my head to my toes;  a hunger and a thirst is growing in the lives of God’s people!“
Pastor Pedro: “I pray right now for the heavens to be opened…  this is the place where the angels are…  something very strong from God is in this place…  I release your anointing over your servant, Todd, that he can see what others can’t see…  that this anointing will multiply…  it will grow…  we proclaim that this is a revival from God…  it will not diminish…  it will not be held back by anything; GLORY TO GOD!” “May God bless your servant Todd to the third and forth generation!” Todd responds…  “Tonight we have drunk from the well of glory from Argentina!” MORE GLORY… 
PROPHETIC IMPARTATION! This anointing is contagious and transferable!

Todd’s message...
30 April 2008

God is doing something here that only He can put together! This is only beginning!  This is already historic.  A week ago we were trying to fit 1500 people into Ignited Church.  Then we moved into a Life Church in Auburndale with 3,000 seats. Turned away thousands!  Then we’ve moved into the Lakeland Center Hockey Arena with 8,000 seats and we are at 80% capacity the first night! On Friday May 02 we will be in the TIGER BASEBALL STADIUM! This healing outpouring will take us into the largest arenas and stadiums across America and internationally. America is ready for the shaking and the outpouring that goes from coast to coast! The four corners of the globe will be impacted by this outpouring!

This anointing is the most contagious transferable anointing’s in history!!!

Unstoppable, unshakable, mighty wave of the power of God!!!!
30 April 2008

Prophet Rick Joyner has reported that two of his high school students came down to the outpouring…  drove all night home to be in class on Monday morning…  shared in their Bible Class what they experienced…  and now the power of god has hit the entire morning star campus!!!  Night after night of glory!!!

Reports of extended
revivals have now broken out in the UK and Ohio!!! And other places are reporting extraordinary miracles and anointing services.
Several children including one of Todd’s daughters are seeing angels, golden pillars of light, touching Todd when he touches the people!  The angels often pour golden oil over the people’s heads.
World leaders and VIP’s from all over America and internationally are coming for a touch!
John Kilpatrick releases a "JOEL GENERATION" upon the earth! Young people are dreaming dreams and prophesying!!!  This revival will RUN FOREVER!!!
God has promised us that He will fill His temple with Glory.  And “know you not, that WE ARE THE TEMPLE?”  IT IS HIS POWER that enables us to gather wealth.  It is His principle to experience a JUBILEE anointing…  FREEDOM FROM DEBT. 
REVIVAL FOR YOUR MIRACLE.  Many of you have been experiencing tremendous blessings from God while reading these reports and watching the web-cast.

“Breaking the chains over our lives and families!”
“Let the winds of change come and shake everything that can be shaken!”
“Let it come…  let it come…  let it come by your Spirit, oh, God!
“Just do it, lord!” 

"I pray for the true Spirit of Revival!"
Spoken during the meeting 24 April 2008

Nothing is like this! It's for America, for the whole world! It's a release of a much greater wave! Continue to be hungry, desiring for more of His Glory! A Spirit of Holiness is presence! A Spirit of repentance! A deeper move by the agenda of God! People are falling on their face on the ground, convicting by the power of the Holy Spirit! There is something's, you need to repent for the Lord; Oh Lord show me!? There is a Spirit of Sanctification!...............Following by the GLORY of God!  People, you need to do business with God! This is just the beginning! Angels are presence at the location! This is the promise of God. Great days are coming; it's just started these days! Children (age 3-5-7 years) will see Heaven! Calling out the Caleb & Joshua generation! It is the time for creative miracles! Like legs from the knee grows out complete, new organs will be "created"! The Kingdom of Heaven has come NOW! For the 1,000, for the 10,000, for the 100,000's! It also for the News-media! This is the place of the presence of God! It is a Revival combined the anointing's of "Azuza-Street" - "Smith Wigglesworth " - "Kathryn Kulhmann" - "the 80's Word of Faith movement" - " the 90's the river refreshing"! Revival is here NOW! It's a explosion of Fire of Heaven that hits the satellites all over the Earth! Than the Glory of God will follow throughout the world! The angels will bring Fire-presence will bring liberty! Little children will carrying the anointing to equip them with the power of signs & wonders and the Spirit of Prophecy! There is a Spirit of Creation here in Lakeland! Yes, it is a world-wide Revival as it is prophesied! This anointing is contagious and transferable! Come and see the works of God: he is terrible in his doing toward the children of men. (Psalm 66:5; KJV) Let thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their children. And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it. (Psalm 90:16-17; KJV) 

The enemy has become aware what happen here in Lakeland!
03 May 2008

The enemy has become aware what happen here in Lakeland and all over the world! These are the realms of God’s Shekinah Glory! Than there was no warfare yet because you are under the Glory! It is an open Heaven, pouring out greater anointing of His Divine presence! The occult realms are Hinduism, Ancient religion“; New age, witchcraft; they do not like it at all! The Glory gives us authority to brake the curses over all kind of affliction, diseases, Generational curses, etc! With our flesh and spirit there is temptation, but God come with grace and set us free! By:

Presence of God!
Notable & remarkable miracles of healings!
God’s Fire, glory & grace!

This is still the preparation for the greater things what will come! The Glory of God will be bringing down into this City of Lakeland and will come under this “Glory-Cloud”!
Ç Picture 05/09/08 Shofar-blowers just before the meeting at the Linder Airport location.

We have the opportunity to experience the greatest healing anointing that the world has ever seen!

About the worship leader Roy Fields shortly

The vision of Run with Fire Ministries can be summed up in one word. MOBILIZE! Our heart is to Save Lives and Transform Cities with The Fire of Revival. Our definition of revival is restoring the joy of salvation, and giving people the opportunity to fall in love with Jesus all over again or for the first time. Revival starts by encouraging the church to ignite their passion for God and their love for others once again. When the passion has been ignited, we challenge each believer to walk in their calling with signs and wonders following. With a fresh passion, faith to walk in their calling, and effective evangelism training, believers will see the lost saved and miracles wherever they go. This is the mobilization of the church bringing in the great end time harvest! Run with Fire meetings are Book of Acts Encounters with The Fire of Revival by night and adding to the church by day!

RUN WITH FIRE MINISTRIES   P.O. BOX 401; NICEVILLE, FL 32588; ' (410) 330.1037


Todd Bentley with several Guests like:
John Arnott; Bill Johnson; Che Ahn...

Many of you know that an extraordinary healing revival has broken out in Lakeland, Fla., led by Todd Bentley. Unfortunately, there are some who have criticized or opposed this revival. History seems to be repeating itself. In order to stand with Todd and support Todd and this mighty work of God, Dr. Peter Wagner made the suggestion that some of the leaders of the Revival Alliance network, commission Todd as an evangelist and as a revivalist. Bill Johnson, John Arnott, and Che Ahn (three of the leaders of the Revival Alliance) have agreed to come for this special commissioning service. This is not an ordination service, since Todd is already an ordained minister, but this is to show apostolic support for Todd and to state that this revival is from God. Therefore, Todd would like to invite as many friends and partners to come and celebrate with Todd as he is commissioned by these apostolic leaders. Join us in Lakeland Florida for this special service or join us on God TV or Source © Fresh-Fire

A Formal Apostolic Alignment of Todd Bentley.
Monday 23 June o8
Source from: The Lakeland Revival

This night at Lakeland Florida many prominent leaders in the Christian Community came together to Commission Todd Bentley in what was called a Formal Apostolic Alignment of Todd Bentley.
 Recognized leaders within the Church came together to affirm Todd Bentley and the Revival which is happening in Lakeland Florida.
 Those standing on the platform alongside Todd were:
 Peter Wagner, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, John Arnott, Stephen Strader, Carl Strader, Jeff Beecham, Rick Joyner, Doris Wagner, Joseph Arlington, Sharon Stone, Paco Garcia, Clarisse Fluid, Richard Maiden, Mike Maiden, Joshua Fowler, Barrie Boucher and Wesley Campbell.
 The service included the formal commissioning of Todd, followed by the laying on of hands, which of course meant Todd spent the rest of the service on the floor. While he was on the floor I think just about everyone present prophesied or prayed over Todd and his ministry. Todd was helped to his feet to receive a special ring which had been made for the occasion with Che Ahn making the presentation. This was followed by Todd and his wife being prayed over and as you can tell from the picture they both were pretty well pickled. It was certainly a memorable night for Todd and his family and team and it indeed has marked an important milestone in this revival which was receiving the blessing of the fathers of previous revivals.
 There is not doubt, 'the biker look in dude' from good old British Columbia is God's man for the revival and all should remember him and his family and ministry in prayer as this is truly an historic event we are privileged to be seeing with our own eyes!

Lakeland is an epicenter…

"This is the hour that I (Jesus) am pouring out the oil of the over-comers. I am desperately hungry that I would have my full inheritance in my Bride!" 

Ephesians 3: where it says through the church – the manifold wisdom of God – all of who He is – all His presence – all His power – all His character – His resurrection life – would be literally put on display by the church to the principalities and powers of the air.  I am desperately hungry that I would have a people who laid hold of their full inheritance.  The dunamis, dynamo, dynamite-generating power of the Holy Spirit that is on the inside of the believer... and the power that is on the outside of the believer... and the power that is on the inside of us works according to the working of His mighty power within us.... and then it releases an explosion of – dominion, authority, and power. 

Ezekiel 44:28"I and I alone will be your inheritance! You are to have no possessions in Israel, for I and I alone are to be your possession!"  Amen? When this glory presence comes, it is going to literally open up the creative realm of Heaven and equip the Body of Christ to bring Heaven to earth! We have so many believers who are living their life just to be a good Christian, have good discipleship, pay their tithes, give their offerings, and one day Jesus will come and suck us all out of here before we go to hell in a hand-basket. That’s how so many believe! But, Jesus Christ is coming back for a Warrior Bride that’s carrying the tangible glory of God upon them. 

I am telling you, revivals in times past have been times of visitation where God has come to restore a truth – and we’ve had the apostolic restored, and the prophetic restored, and the pastors restored, and the evangelists restored, and the teachers restored... but in that wineskin of the restoration of truth, God has begun to bring leaders into place. 

God has begun to bring apostolic centers into place.

This right here is the beginning of the end-time Kingdom wine - it’s the substance that will begin to fuel the apostolic wineskins that have been birthed all over the world. And there are some of you leaders here right now and you have an apostolic center, you have an apostolic base, you have a wineskin, you have an infrastructure, you have all these kind of things that have been put into place! I’m ready to fill it! 

There is an open heaven over Lakeland

There is a portal that is open and it will never close! Lakeland is called as a “hub” It is meant to connect all over the world to those that are hungry.

Like Elijah on the Mount.  And Elijah heard something – he heard the sound of the abundance of rain – he said I hear something in the spirit – I hear something brewing – I hear something stirring. But Elijah knew that he was responsible as the man of God, as the people of God, to bring it into the earthly realm. And he went up on the Mount and he went into a birthing position and he told his servant 7 times to go out. And on the 7th time he came back and said there is a cloud the size of a man’s hand. And as he began to decree, he sent his servant to go down and tell Ahab to get off the mountain before the rain came so quickly, so strongly that he couldn’t get off. And in that moment, the rain began to come so powerfully. In that moment supernatural power began to come on Elijah!  This end-time Kingdom-anointing that is coming out is that when Israel came to the mountain (Deuteronomy 5) and he wanted to marry all of Israel. But, Israel said, No Moses, you talk to Him and we’ll just listen to you, and so we still have this! God is pouring out in this hour is the wine and only those regions that have the wineskin... and apostolic wineskin... that God is going to begin to move on revival “hubs”. And He wants to connect all the revival “hubs”! 

Lakeland is an epicenter…

Revival “hubs” ... fires burning continuously all over the earth! Why is it when Jesus was resurrected from the dead he appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus... he appeared in a different form.  He didn’t come the way they were used to.  Some people cannot receive, they cannot see Jesus in this form. People may not be able to receive and recognize Jesus in this form.

Why was it when Jesus rose from the dead and he came to the disciples who knew Him in another form, that he chose to come in another form?  When God has moved throughout history it has been in the unlikely places.  And some of the unlikely faces! And maybe we didn’t see it coming. We didn’t see God putting it together, but all of a sudden is beginning to happen and it is so much bigger than any man can do!

....and when Jesus appeared in a different form, He went on as if He was going to...  And the Bible says they constrained him. But He didn’t really reveal who He was until they were in the house already... not until they invited Him into the house. They weren’t even sure about the form yet! 

There are still people asking questions about Lakeland – “is it really an outpouring, is it really revival, is it really a move of God?” They already invited Him into the house before they knew who He really was. The nations are watching... And they are saying “is that God, or is that a ghost?”  But if we can’t recognize Him in a different form... in a different sound....!!! And when they invited Him into the house and they broke bread, that is when their eyes were opened and they saw Him. While we walked and talked with him on the road, something in our hearts burned! Can you go by the burning in your heart? I might not have on a suit and tie, I might not sound as good as every other preacher, but can you go by what’s burning in your heart. Can you feel it burning in your heart? And are you ready to say “I don’t even know what it is yet, but I want it to come into my house... I want it to come into my boat, and we say, Jesus! “ 

Remember the story of the
demoniac – when he got set free.  They didn’t like the deliverance; they didn’t like the manifestations of the man being set free of a 1000 demons. Because all of the demons went out of the man and went into the pigs, and the pigs went over the cliff. And they drove Jesus out of the region. They said, “We don’t want you and your deliverance in our region.  We don’t like it.” All their swine went over the cliff!  No good for business!  Especially if you are a farming hog community! 

Sometimes when
revival shows up, it isn’t good for our religious business! It doesn’t fit into our box, doesn’t fit into our schedule, and we don’t like our people going to the revival, and we don’t like our people manifesting... we don’t like people talking about miracles and resurrection from the dead and we don’t want any preachers like that preacher on TV – we don’t like him! 

My God, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty....  My God, we need a revival...  My God, we need an awakening!!! 
(By Todd Bentley)

Keith Miller

Watching Todd Bentley's Prophetic Word Over Keith and Janet Miller! Click here!
To go to Keith Miller's web-site. Keith Miller was the first Revival-Healing preacher at this Outpouring after Todd Bentley! Hallelujah! It's about God, not the man! It's God's move!


Bob Jones' third wave prophecy
13 May 2008

Bob Jones has recently prophesied concerning the outpouring that began in Lakeland, Florida with Todd Bentley and the world-wide effects that are only just starting to be seen. God spoke to Bob on New Year's Eve for 2008 about the "third wave" which was coming. Bob shared that the first wave was in Toronto and the second was in Pensacola, but the third wave was to be the "Winds of Change" which would continue growing with global impact. Without a doubt, that third wave is now here and the "Winds of Change" are blowing throughout the earth! This move of God is one that will not be stopped - it will not end!

During a time of crying out to God concerning this season, Bob was shown a vision of the glory of the Lord coming on a wave from June 22nd through July 22nd. The wave has been swelling up early in Lakeland, Florida; but Bob believes that the Lord will release an even greater measure of His glory in this approaching season. 

There have been great & astonishing miracles, healings, signs and wonders; here in Lakeland; Florida and especially in the Historical Healing Outpouring Revival with Todd Bentley. However, this is still only the swell which rises before the wave breaks and crests over the face of the deep, it is preparation for what is coming! Bob Jones feels that this wave will only increase in the days ahead! We are setting our sails to catch the "Winds of Change" and ride the wave which is already beginning to touch in the first place Lakeland; Florida!

Bob believes that it will be a very significant event and an extremely powerful time of the release of the glory of the Lord, particularly because of the timing. We strongly anticipate that this event is going to be a significant marking point in this move of God as the third wave continues to swell up until it covers the body of Christ, changing the landscape of humanity throughout the nations! This is the great harvest of billions of souls! The harvest of Harvest! A real historical reformation! And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. (John 14:13; KJV) 

It’s Gods way to be in a regular relationship with Him, to be close to Him. He will put an earring on your ear as you are His ‘Love-slave’ closer and closer to Him! It is a totally surrendering of love toward the Father! He wants to use you in many ways and many areas. If you have an ear to hear and distinct His voice! What will it cost to you to be intimate with God? It will cost you everything! But what do you have to loose? You are created to minister to the Lord! Hear & obey Him and you will experience the Rivers of life flowing out of you; healing & deliverance; increasing relationship with Him and you will be able to talk with God! God is looking for the Joshua (50+) generation! And now, O Father, glorify thou me with Thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. (John 17:5; KJV) It is the revelation of the Father who He really is! His Holiness in his mind! Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. (Isaiah 62:3; KJV) This wave; the 3-th wave is a new commitment to God; which include Cleaning your conscience! It is the Father’s desire to talk to His own “family”! He was waiting for a long time and He desires for His “family” and that they come close to Him! It is also time to use your authorities!

Please; do not miss the unique opportunity of this historic Healing Outpouring Revival in Lakeland and its life-changing gathering! The Kingdom of God is rising up and we are carrying the glory of the Lord throughout the earth!

Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter,
but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey

Bobby Connors 13 May 2008

And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness. (Ezekiel 3:3; KJV)  The book (the scroll), after this symbolic action, became sweet to his taste, indicating that the reception of God's revelation is always sweet. The contents becoming bitter after being digested, as in John's case only indicates something hard to give out to the people, like lamentations, reasons for mourning, and woes upon them. The taste like honey refers to great commissioning! And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. (Revelation 10:9; KJV)  It is a spiritual impartation, even you do not always understand on the moment, but it is getting in your belly! It is the Holy Spirit Who is putting all together, not our mindset scheduling agenda’s! The Holy Spirit response on the hunger of the people! God is removing all impurities and is going for perfection! “Eat” the hidden ‘manna’; the secret of secrets; the hidden mysteries! He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. (Revelation 2:17; KJV) And he (Moses) said, I beseech thee, show me Thy glory. (Exodus 33:18; KJV) You need to seek Him! The Holy Fire is unstoppable! It is God that works in you!  For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. (Philippians 2:13; KJV) 

The first night  in the Tiger Baseball Stadium
(02 May 08)

The first night in the Tiger Baseball Stadium; they say it seats 10,000 packed! (See picture below in framework) It was packed PLUS!  The wheel chairs were lining the dugouts, and behind home plate. Hundreds sitting on the grassy knoll behind left field, hundreds standing in between the bleachers and concessions… maybe more than a 1,000 extra!!! We don’t know how many hundreds were not able to come in because there was NO PARKING ANYWHERE! The main road was shut down for a half-mile in both directions in a traffic jam! The anointing is so strong in the stadium that we all are OVERWHELMED!

30 Days ago this outpouring began in a 700 seat sanctuary, moved to a 3,000 seat sanctuary, then to a 7,000 seat arena, and now tonight, we are in the 10,000 seat baseball stadium! This will never be the same anymore!   Now, the people of God will fill stadium after stadium after stadium all over the world!

Out of no where three osprey’s fly over

Suddenly, out of no where three osprey’s (they look just like small eagles) fly over the infield carrying fish in their mouths! The crowd screams!!! The crowd begins to chant – JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!   we couldn’t control them! (Osprey, common name applied to a cosmopolitan hawk. The bird, which is about 60 cm (about 24 in) long, is dark brown above and white, variably streaked with brown, below; its head is white with a dark brown masklike cheek patch. The osprey feeds only on fish, and is often called fish hawk.)

Todd gave a word of knowledge last night about Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones…  Keith called Todd today!!!!  Keith was watching!!! 

01 May 2008

You can’t ignore miracles! The secular media is starting to report on what God is doing at the Lakeland Healing Revival meetings down in Florida. More and more people are coming. And God is touching more and more people. It’s amazing, and it keeps getting bigger. This weekend The Revival meetings are moving the meetings to a 15,000-seat auditorium (Joker Merchant Stadium, formerly Tiger Stadium). God is taking over the stadiums. He is doing it in Lakeland, and soon He will be doing it in other cities. The Lakeland Revival is releasing an impartation of glory! Increased healings and manifestations are breaking out everywhere! (By reporter Melanie Brooks - TampaBays-10-News)

Sporting tattoos, spiked hair and a sold-out to Christ!

(Lakeland, Florida)—Sporting tattoos, spiked hair and a sold-out to Christ, "I am who God made me to be" attitude, Canadian Todd Bentley, founder of  -Ministries, is a young, highly provocative evangelist, who has long invited the presence of God to accompany him as he ministers around the world.

Z Picture Source "The Ledger: EVANGELIST TODD BENTLEY, above, lays hands on a parishioner's ears and prays that God will restore her hearing during a "healing meeting" at Ignited Church in Lakeland on Tuesday. Bentley's ministry has become a sensation, drawing growing crowds of people seeking miraculous healing of serious medical conditions. Not everyone is healed instantly, Bentley says. "We don't make any claims," he says. "We just pray."

While the Holy Spirit continually "shows up" in the healing-revival meetings—performing great healings, & miracles, and almost always dramatic salvations—there seem to be appointed times where a spiritual breakout occurs on the scale one could call an actual Healing-Revival.

According to reports out of Ignited Church in Lakeland, since Todd Bentley began his Healing Meetings there several weeks ago, the town has erupted with revivalistic manifestations; the unsaved are being drawn to the meetings inexplicably, the lost are getting saved in growing numbers, repentance is breaking out among those bound by sin, healings are increasing, people are wanting to get baptized, etc.

When asked for specifics, Bentley said an "awesome, heavy, somber and weighty" presence of God has descended on the Church. People are going out into the streets and marketplace boldly sharing the Gospel with strangers. Word has spread so fast of the many salvations (one woman who had requested prayer for healing changed her mind when convicted by the Holy Spirit and cried out that she wanted to repent and get saved first) and healings and deliverances from drugs, etc., that more over 200 pastors and leaders of other ministries have come to be a part of what is happening there, and receiving an impartation!

Anyone curious; hungry for God about revival news and open to observing Todd Bentley's unique style of ministry can log on to Bentley's website at FreshFire to view the meetings being taped live daily at 7:00 EST and 4:00 PST. GodTV will reportedly be covering the meetings.
Source (shorter & edited): FreshFire Ministries,   Ignited Church Lakeland

There is also a continuous chat room, made up of internet users from around the world who have logged on to watch the revival meetings.

David Tomberland shares

You know, for so long in our American culture, the church has been a punch line, a joke, a laughing stock.  I heard the lord say; “I’m bringing the victory back to the church.  I’m bringing the strength back to the church.”  “Transform your people, lord.  We thank you for the restoration that’s taking place.  Thank you for overshadowing us.  The healing anointing is being released even now.  Thank you for the healing anointing being released in this place.  He’s restoring the church, saints.  He’s bringing the victory back to the church.  Thank you, lord.” Shout unto God with a voice of triumph.  Shout unto God with a voice of praise.  Shout unto God with a voice of triumph.   

Todd Bentley shares

I can battle the enemy in every country from this little stage in Lakeland; Florida! I heard the lord say tonight, we are going to pull down strongholds! I feel an authority I haven’t felt in years! To pull down stronghold! Luke 10:19 says…  I’ve given you power!  You cast out demons; you pull down principalities!"

My prayer tonight is that you really get jealous for the presence of God! I pray that you will feel this glory right there in your home or church. Tonight, what I’m feeling right now, is greater than anything I’ve felt in 43 prior meetings! I feel like Adam in the garden when the midst came and God asked me, ‘how would you like to feel the glory like Moses felt’ I want to see entire cities come under this blanket of his presence! No one will keep me from pressing into God! Pray for the glory! Tell God you will pay any price! The world is crying out for a touch from God! The glory brings miracles; some of the healings are instant, some are progressive!"
The old way with laws etched in stone, led to death, though it began with such glory that the people of Israel could not bear to look at Moses’ face. For his face shone with the glory of God, even though the brightness was already fading away. Shouldn’t we expect far greater glory under the new way, now that the Holy Spirit is giving life? (2 Corinthians 3:7, 8) 

 4 Revivals that are going to take place in the World...

March 07  2008
Author:  Pastor Rob DeLuca - New Zealand

 4 Revivals that are going to take place in the World...

Todd...,  I  (Pastor Rob) saw a vision, and it's concerning 4 revivals that are going to take to place in the world…

I saw a human boomerang flying out of Canada and it hit the nation of England, it hit the nation of Australia, it hit the nation of New Zealand, and it came spinning around,

I saw Todd Bentley, you're name on the boomerang, but I knew that it was the Lord showing me that it was you & I saw it fly back around & it came & hit America

But...there was a bit more accuracy to it. It hit the state of Florida. The Lord is showing me that what took place in Pensacola & also what took place in Lakeland with Rodney, your gonna bring something very strong to Florida.

I see something BIG in Florida...  Then I saw the Lord turning you into a human nail, you know, like a spike nail. I saw the hand of God, I saw the Father hit this hammer & it hit you & it went straight into the ground of Florida.

I saw a scroll attached to this nail & it said the Kingdom of God has now come. I really believe that what has taken place in the last 20 yrs in Florida will be rekindled & re-birthed from your coming and going to Florida, a matter of fact I will be even more bold to say that I believe that there is going to be a massive work where it's so fruitful that there will be seasons of time in Florida From Canada..............

I saw it hit England, Australia, New Zealand but I saw it going back & forth, back & forth, back & forth. But I really believe that it not just going to touch thousands but tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands. It's going to be something that's going to be heard around the world. And Father we thank you for it.............

I thank you for the revivals that are coming to the nations that have been spoken and seen, I thank you Father for England, Lord, let the impartation of revival come with the new wave with the greater glory to England, I thank you for Australia, I thank you even for the impartation over these days, but Lord let this be the beginning, let this be the embryo stage of something that turns into a great giant of a revival in the nation of Australia, I thank you for New Zealand, I thank you Father that people will come from all over the world and taste and see the impartation of the effects of revival that has been tasted even in the last week.

I thank you Father that it is for our generation and for the generation that's coming, Lord let history be made even in the now, we pray, and I thank you for the anointing that's on this man of God, I thank you Father that we honor the gift of God and we value the gift of God and in doing so Father we declare blessing concerning the increase of his ministry concerning the promotion of even being one that's sent to take entire nations to influence entire nations, Father, let America be influenced from what's about to take place concerning the seasons that you're preparing for Todd in Florida.

In Jesus name, What's happened, I really believe what happened its even going to hit a CNN, its going to hit, news broadcasts, its going to be talked about all over America.

There's something brewing so big and so strong that its going to waste the nation with God's glory, definitely, in Jesus name."

This is exactly word for word that was spoken over Todd here at the Downpour Conference on the Gold Coast in Australia by Pastor Rob DeLuca from New Zealand

Todd introduces Prophet Bobby Conners
01 May 2008 on the platform

Bobby says, “there’s coming an emerging kingdom company…  that will rule the invisible from the realms of the visible…   the next move of God will come through a baptism of Love…  we have to LOVE others…  and that passion will produce a power… 

The further it goes the stronger it will become!
We are here for SUCH A TIME AS THIS!
we’ve never been where we are going now
This is a new thing…  an anointing is coming upon the body…  not just somebody!
who do you think you are?”  You have to understand who you are!

In Christ dwells – YOU ARE COMPLETE IN HIM…   you lack nothing…  everything we need is available to us…  absolutely adequate…  we will do what God has destined us to do…


Todd prophetic conversation with  Prophet Rob Delucca (New Zealand)
30 April 2008 on the platform

 “Stadiums shall be filled…  city, to city, to city…  around the world!!!”
This is a time of fullness and saturation…

Rob…  I saw the explosion in Florida…  now I will herald my glory throughout the world…  a saw a star over southern calf…  I saw an angel with fire coming out of his head – the liberty angel – what is this angel doing…  brings the fire of my presences…  throughout florid and California…    LA, Hollywood…  they turned their faces toward the fire and they were changed…
Todd – Hollywood celebrities & media people would come, humble themselves…  they would be healed…  all the rehabs are not helping them…  they need to seek out what God is doing…
“I saw the fire diminish all over the pacific…  the Asians packed planes, Australia, Polynesians…  came and got the fire and took it back into their lands… 
Todd – this is a Holy Spirit infection
Bob Jones told Todd… 
this portal over Florida will never close!
Rob –
I saw the children & youth coming and being anointed and equipped with prophetic power and signs & wonders never seen before in history…
Todd – we are creating with words right now!!!   There is a creative atmosphere…  there is a whole new realm and we are CREATING IT NOW…
Rob –
this is a world wide revival…  this is that…  the great outpouring…  the great awakening in America…  IT’S HERE NOW… 
The apostolic, the prophetic, it’s here now!!!
Rob –
a man is coming to you now…  the HS has spoken to you…  and the man will give you the land for a building for this revival…   an apostolic center   I kings 4   a woman was in debt…  she cried out to the prophet…  what do you want me to do?  What do you have in your house…  jar of oil…  go to your neighbors…  empty vessels…  not just a few…  her sons closed the door and began to pour…   when they ran out of vessels…  the oil kept pouring…  empty vessels strategically located are all over the world…  NOW, fill these vessles…  every hungry person…  if you desire to be a carrier of God’s glory…  come get filled…  take it to the nations!
Todd – it’s in the air…  GLORY, GLORY, GLORY…FIRE, FIRE, FIRE…  the fire is being released right now…Bondage and infirmity and sickness must go in this atmosphere…  sickness & disease has no power in the glory realm.

I am overwhelmed and speechless…
Todd Bentley (02 May 2008 Evening)

“I am overwhelmed and speechless…  I’ve heard the sound of revival tonight!!!” “My God, release tonight, fiery evangelists all over the world!!! ”Todd reads a personal account from Burford Dowell, a friend of William Branhum… “I’ve been a part of a great era of healing revivals, along with great men of God, such as R.W. shambach, W.V. Grant Sr., Jack Coe, A.A. Allen. “We’ve seen mighty signs & wonders & miracles.  But most of the time we could only minister to people, one at a time! “But this season is soon coming to a close and God is ushering in a ‘new season of the teaching and revelation of the world’!”

“After that, another new season is coming to the Body of Christ that will shake the whole world! It will be the greatest outpouring of the miracle healing power of God that the world has ever seen! “At times, they will not be able to lay hands and pray for people as we did…  one at a time…  but they will just speak the word to all the multitudes of the deaf and blind…  and their ears will pop open and their blind eyes will open…  with no man touching them! “Even eye balls will be created!  Missing limbs and organs created!  Creative miracles of restoration of body parts…  even the dead raised! “God is going to raise up a great army of true apostles and prophets.  They will have the end-time anointing upon them.  And they will rise up and bring healing to the nations! “There will be times that such large crowds will come to the mass meetings, that no tent, no auditorium, will be able to seat the people! “The prophets of God will not just about future events, but they will have the divine mind of God, and become the very oracle of God!  And they will speak with such authority that their words will be the words of God Himself. “What ever they say; God will create it for His Glory! “This will be the greatest move of God of all time.  It will usher in the coming of the Lord!

The prophetic conversations on platform...04 May 2008

He has a prophetic legacy that we honor in this place.  1999 Paul Cain prophesied this outpouring…  (you can read it on The word came while he was traveling through Jacksonville Florida headed toward Central Florida…  God showed him STADIUMS being filled…  a great last day revival…  on the stage they had wheel chairs…  hospital beds with dead people…  news media…  the services were being aired live…  multiple stadiums…  multiple evangelists…  many haven’t left the building for days…  this is going on all over the world…  nothing has ever been like this before!!! 


Paul Cain shares…  it’s wonderful to live long enough to see a partial fulfillment of this prophecy…  he even saw in the spirit when he landed at the airport – people sitting on a grassy knoll on picnic blankets. 


The eyes are the gateway to the soul…  “Todd has clear eyes…”   The anointing often causes strange behavior – shaking or jerking -- in order to offend the minds of the religious!!! 

Evangelism will be so easy when they see dead bodies raised!!!  Even entire nations will come to Christ in one day!!!  This is the Spirit of Elijah…  Todd is heralding this Outpouring…  but there will be MANY NAMELESS FACES!!


A swirl, a motion that is happening…  the WINDS OF CHANGE are in motion…   this will suck the world into this Outpouring.

There are at least 120 vessels that God has prepared as a beginning that will invade cities across the world… 


Prophet Ron Deluca shares a prophetic vision for Paul Cain…  I saw a letter that said, “this one’s for you”…  as you opened the letter…  “I saw flocks of letters coming out of the letter and flying around the world.”  Thousands will now pick up this mantle that has been on Paul Cain… 

Todd prophecies more…  just Paul Cain was a young man with this anointing…  God is multiplying this mantle thousands and thousands of times over…  to other young people and EVEN THE CHILDREN… 

GOD TV calls from London…  they’ve extended the broadcast 15 more minutes!!! 

Todd decrease his vision of the angel carrying a burning coal in his hand…  red hot coal…  the angel placed the coal in Todd’s belly and he began to burn with the fire of God… 


We’ve had ten years of conferences…  a few scattered revivals…  but North America has been dry!!!  BUT DRY FUEL WILL CATCH FIRE QUICK!!!

Go start a fire…  be released in miracles, signs, and wonders…the fire hits everyone on the stage and in the stands… Prophets are prophesying…  the fire is falling on the entire stadium!!! More to come from the Florida healing outpouring!!!!

Todd shares from Matthew 18   God is releasing an anointing to cast out TORMENT

A divine SILENCE is coming to your minds! Not one time have we had any warfare in 32 days…  it’s been even difficult to preach because the open heavens releases multiple anointing’s…  We are living in the glory!!! Our focus is not on the devil; our focus is on Christ.

Prophet Bob Jones told me today that the spirit of witchcraft that often comes through NEW AGE here in America will try to come against us… God is going to give us AUTHORITY…  And there is coming a GRACE to destroy the bondage of the conflict of flesh against spirit! What makes this a real outpouring?  IT’S ALL GOD!!! Yes, notable, remarkable, miracles…  but there is a PRESENCE…  A GLORY… 


Tonight…  there is an anointing for a release from TORMENT!!! You need Jesus!!! All that we have experienced so far is the preparation for what is coming!!! Todd declared, “we have laid everything down for this anointing!!!”  Are you willing to make room for God to show up!!! You have to learn how to engage to Christ’s presence!!! satan has no authority in this place!!! The power is falling in this stadium unlike anything I’ve ever felt before!!! Whole cities will be enveloped with this anointing!!! My God let the glory come until we can’t stand up!!! Let the glory come until we are free!!!  No darkness!!!   no bondage!!!   total freedom!!!

(2 Corinthians 10:4) For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Bringing every thought in captivity!!! That is what is happening right now!!! Story of the demoniac…  HE CAME INTO HIS RIGHT MIND!!!


As a man thinks in his heart (mind) SO IS HE…  there is a battle in our mind…  the way we think becomes the way we feel…  the way we feel often makes us SICK!!! we tear down strongholds in the mind… 
the mind comes into freedom now!!!
TORMENT…  great physical pain…  anything that harasses…  anything that tortures…  causes great suffering…  chronic pain… 

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