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Wherefore & why?
Where to use Flags - Scripture-references
Dancing before G-D's Throne!
Personal declaration concerning flag worship by Josephine Fox
Explanation of Colors
Intercession Banners & Flags ... Subjects for intercession
Specific Banners Fags:
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It will work together with Music, Worship, dance, dance with flags, to raise up banners, pantomime in in combination with preaching & teaching the Gospel, etc.

We all believe that the Aroma, Colors and Glory from the House of G-D, shall be restored!

Wherefore & Why?

To raise a banner or a flag, is a form of expression, to demonstrate to the world the presence of G-D in our lives, the Kingdom of G-D itself, the triumph over the enemy, a celebration of victory, the establishment of Divine Reign (Isaiah 11:10&12), etc.. To carry out a message! It is telling you something in when you raise a standard or ensigns in specific colors (See also the website of Color codes, each with its own destination, purpose and expression. It is a form of proclamation (Leviticus 23:11). To express the Word of G-D in the form of Flags & Banners: Our confession to this world will become stronger and stronger, without any form of shame! (Romans 1:16)

It was also a customary in ancient times for a standard to be lifted up upon high places so that men could see it and rally around it in mobilizing an army.

It is a useful tool to use as a form of presenting G-D's Kingdom!

Where to use flags?

Scripture References:

The Lord our Banner; Yahweh - Nissi!
(16 Names for G-D)(See for more at Person of Father)

Exodus 17:15

Rallies the troops; a display because of the truth!

Psalms 60:4

To fear & worshipfully reverence G-D!

Psalms 60:4 (Ampl.)

The banner of love!

Songs of Solomon 2:4

Declares who you represent!

Songs of Solomon 6:4; Isaiah 11:10&12

Rallies the troops!

Isaiah 5:26; Isaiah 13:2; Jeremiah 51:12 & 27

Rejoice in your salvation!

Psalms 20:5

The Lord fulfills all your petitions!

Psalms 20:5

Attracts the attention of worldly people!

Isaiah 5:26

Banners herald the event!

Isaiah 31:8,9

Ensign of Yeshua, Who will war against  antichrist!

Isaiah 31:8,9; Daniel 7:23-26; 8:25; Rev.17:14

Puts the enemy to fear!

Isaiah 31:8,9, Isaiah 59:18,19

The enemy is destroyed by G-D's interference!

Isaiah 49:22

Shows the Victory of Jesus Christ/Yeshua! Eternal life!

John 3:14,15

Makes free from sin, causes healing, staying alive!

Numbers 21:8,9

Rally point for Healing, by having faith!

Numbers 21:8,9

Salvation & deliverance for the people!

Isaiah 59:18,19

The establishment of Divine Reign!

Isaiah 11:10&12

To mark the borders: so far and no more!

Isaiah 59:19

Meeting-place, place of gathering!

Isaiah 18:3

A beacon (sign) upon a specific place!

Isaiah 30:17

Proclamation of the Lord!

Isaiah 62:10,11

Unifies the church

Isaiah 11:12

Dancing before God's Throne!

Dance of Unity

Praising & worshipping G-D together is a key for Spiritual Unity!
One of the main reasons G-D commanded His people (Israel), to have Feasts!
Dancing, with the Holy motive of worshipping G-D!

Scripture References:
Exodus 15:20; Jeremiah 31:4

Dance of the Feasts

The Feast of Marriage (A wedding without dancing?)
To be closer and closer to the Lord: How much more reason to dance for joy!

Scripture References:
Revelation 19:7

Dance of Liberation & Healing

It's an expression of creativity on G-D's part
It's an expression from outside, but a healing from inside
It's breaking the yoke of bondage (deliverance)
It's a decision you make, even in times of spiritual warfare

Scripture References:
Luke 6:23; Psalms 32:7 songs of deliverance

Dance of Victory

Dance of celebration, after victory
Dancing during the spiritual battle, or warfare
Dancing in worship & proclamation of victory ahead in faith, means that the Lord will battle for you!
It's a weapon in spiritual warfare
It's our trust in G-D: He is on our side!
It's against our emotional feeling and against the flesh!

Scripture References:
Psalms 150; Psalms 149; Psalms20:5,6a; 1 Samuel 18:6,7

Solo dancing

By one person
It's is G-D's way to express and tell us something
Prophetic dancing! Worshipping  in dance expression!
With a heart of real repentance

Scripture References:
Chronicles 15:9

Warfare dancing

Going into the enemy's camp and claim back what he has stolen from us!
Serious expression and making a proclamation against the enemy and victory in Yeshua' Name!
Proclamation that satan is under our feet!

Scripture References:
Psalms 149:8, 9

Dance-celebration in the streets to show love God's to the world!
"I use the banners to elevate His Holy Name before the people.
My use of the banners is solely and totally directed by the
Holy Spirit!"
Josephine Fox; United Kingdom (See Ministry-Links!)

March for Messiah Yeshua or Jesus Christ
Proclaiming the Kingdom of G-D, with Flag & Banners to the world
Showing the world that you belong to Yeshua/Jesus, and you not ashamed of the Gospel
Celebrates Yeshua/Jesus' love for the world

Scripture References:
Psalms 68:25

Dancing for evangelistic activities & announcements

Dancing with Flags & Banners to win the world for the Gospel
To show the world that it is joyful to belong to G-D's people
Making disciples for the Kingdom, not just children

Scripture References:

Prophetic Dancing

Dancing on higher levels
Dancing by the influence of the Holy Spirit only
Dancing of and for G-D in term of expressions toward G-D
Revealing sins in people lives
Causes warfare
It's has a high price
It will be criticized
It's will not always be understood until the results are revealed
It's will release you from "Sunday-seat-warming"
Scripture References:
Exodus 15:20; Psalms 40:2,3 (Many shall see it, and fear and shall trust in the Lord)

Personal declaration concerning flag worship
by Josephine Fox
; UK

Using flags is my way of worshipping God, of thanking Christ for His sacrifice on the cross. I praise and honor Him with each pass of the standard, celebrate His kingship with each toss of the flag, pronounce His victories with each war cry, His mercy with each tear. The intensity and physical effort, the mental and emotional input is not a labor, it is a joy; a joy to express that inmost, deep and secret sense of belonging to the Creator God and His Son Jesus, the risen Christ.
The colors of the flags, the music, the words, the routines, speak to me as eloquently as any sermon and when I lift the flags, I lay out all my pleasure and delight, all my wonder, awe and humility, my servitude and contrition, all my love, before the Lord
- Josephine Fox - United Kingdom

Explanation of colors

To get more information and understanding about Flags & Banners you need also to understand the explanations about their color-codes, because they are involved in Flags & Banners. Without the understanding of the colors, there purpose, essence and why; it is also difficult to understand what going on! Please, see site: Color-codes!

Intercession Banners & Flags ...
Subjects for intercession

(II Chronicles 7:14)
Rev. Grace Warnock & Paulus van Beek

As a continual reminder of the prayer needs of Revival-Lakeland and this Lakeland-Florida’ Community we need to create several different banners or Flags to help people focus on those area’s we need to bring before the Throne of G-D!

Leaders assigned to each Banner or flag should gather specific prayer request related to the theme and leading prayer around the banner of flag! After each Banner of flag focus is prayed about, the Intercession group should join in cooperate prayer.


Specific Banners & Flags:


These are the color-codes that are used in studying the Word of G-D, or in good Christian books. It is an intensive way of studying, and also gives a very clear arrangement of the matters in the Word of G-D. Please, do not change the color-code’s otherwise you will not be able to have a clear vision of your study-subjects! These color-code’s are maybe not always specifically biblical, but they give you a very good and clear way to better understanding of  the Word of God. (See also below table below)

Down-load Brochure of "Flags & Banners"!
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Brochure (Publisher 2007) of Flags & Banners
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Links to related or similar Ministries

color-codes    5337 N. Socrum Loop Rd., Suite 244; Lakeland, FL 33809 Very
Profound Teaching about the Praise & Worship with Flags!

...uncovers the significance of worship flags under the power of the Holy Spirit. The book points the reader to the 'flags' biblical truths, which have been understated, and takes the reader on a journey to discover these truths with Scripture, knowledge, and testimonies of healing and victory.
Praise and Worship with Flags teaches the reader why and how to use the flags with power. It promotes the use of and encourages the reader to use worship flags in his or he home. It shows how the
Holy Spirit, color, prayer, and love work together in worship and gives a practical exercise for the beginner to follow. By using the teaching in this book, the reader may experience great, sweet peace and intimacy with G-D in worship through the Holy Spirit.
The book gives biblically sound reasons why church leaders may want to include worship flags in church services. It encourages church leaders to support the place and role that flags have in the church. It brings a message to veteran flag-bearers, which may give added understanding to their ministries. It teaches the reader how to handle the flags as tools that may be used by the
Holy Spirit to bring people healing or victory.
Praise and Worship with Flags tells the curious and intellectual mind the purpose, meaning, significance, and result of using worship flags!
The use of flags is God's will.
"We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our G-D we will set up our banners: the Lord fulfill all thy petitions." (Psalm 20:5 KJV, Holy Bible)

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Praise & Worship with Flags
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