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Structure Organization

Pointing people according their gifts and anointing into the right place of “active ministry operational fields”, where they can perform their duties according God’s perfect will and functioning in a structure guided by the Holy Spirit, without influence of human and fleshly desire for certain positions.


The Coordinators are the organization of all the “active ministry operational fields” as described here below. They have access to all fields of activity. They are coordination on the first place with the Coordinators of the specific Active Operational Fields" They are leader who guide them and giving help. One of their duties is to delegate others in their tasks! Otherwise we will be overloaded with too much work and responsibility!

Please read the instructions & conditions for ¯- Ministers 1

Devoted Passionate Radical Worship Music

It is about Music, Worship, dance, dance with flags, to raise up banners, pantomime, etc. in full adoration before the Father’s Throne!

Event Worship leaders will  lead the music by their specific songs.
Dance-teams will perform  dances on their music.
-_________ will be the coordinator for the worship expressions in prophetic pantomime, by Flags, Symbols, the cross, fabrics and much more! 
A coordinator will be responsible for the guidance of the Events leaders

Please read the instructions & conditions for
¯- Ministers 1

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is about Management for recruiting of volunteers for the different Departments
Reactions: __________

See also LIST below!


Ministry of Counseling
Ministers 1

Ministry of Counseling is about Intercessors,  Ministry-teams & Counseling-teams (after care) Minister for the people during the active Ministry by the Ministry-teams. There will be a Counseling Coordinator, who is responsible over these Teams. 1 Read some conditions concerning ministers!


Counseling-teams or Pastoral workers

1. Pastors


Counsel team members

Counsel team members

Ministry Intercession teams




Counseling-teams or Pastoral workers are responsible Pastors or recognized Ministers! 1

·         To pray for the people who are touched by the Holy Spirit during the whole meeting!
·         The ability to give accurate guidance to these people any time!
·         The same as Ministry-teams!

Ministry-Teams/Counseling-teams are responsible during the active field Operations of the Meeting! 1

·         To pray for the people who are touched by the Holy Spirit during the active ministry service.
·         The ability to give accurate guidance to these people (‘just convicted’)
·         To bring salvation guidance to the ‘just’ converted
·         To cast out demons in Messiah Yeshua or Jesus Christ’ Name!
·         To record their names and address; ‘Care-after’ work. Follow-up for converted people
·         The ability to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, man’s spirit or demon spirits! &
·         The ability to be set in on the different kind of activities at any time of the Conference.
·         To have a good insight, spiritual as also natural, about situation during the meetings.

Intercessors-teams are responsible during the active & inactive Operations of the Meeting1
·       The ability to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, man’s spirit or demon spirit! &
·       The ability to give accurate guidance to people
·       To bring intercession for subjects, activities, projects, nations, or manifestations
·       To intercede for the working of the Conference itself in Jesus Name!
·       To intercede  for this upcoming meeting
·       To have frequent intercessions meetings/contacts, concerning specific subjects!

Ministry-Teams & Intercessors-teams have to wear a Badge with their function!
Read instruction & conditions concerning Ministers
1 Ministers/Pastors needed!

Evangelistic Activities
Ministers 1

Evangelistic Activities are about Evangelistic activities during the Meeting in close cooperation with the Music Crew. This will be also together with Music, Worship, dance, dance with flags, to raise up banners, pantomime, Preaching the Word of God, etc.

There will be a Coordinator, who is responsible, for the evangelic activities. Which is also a vision & goal to take care for the lost souls; to listen to people, to have that holy compassion for them, and want to save them from the eternal destruction of hell! We have to be really concerned about their position, and want to save & win them for the Gospel! This in close cooperation with other departments will also work together with other Ministries (see above), who want to labor with us as Partners in Unity! (Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (Luke 5:4-7; Mark 16:15; also Acts 1:8;) Ministry-Teams are responsible for bringing people to Messiah Yeshua or Jesus Christ, during the active field Operations!


Publishing: All kind of information about the activities, special happenings, short edification’s out of the Word of God, Revival-news, including testimonies with pictures, will be published on the web! It will be presented on the Ministry-web-site and by print in a form of a News-Paper. (The Challenge) There will be a responsible Coordinator! Pictures will be taken by approval of the Staff ! We can not allow people to disturb the intensive worship by taking video-films, pictures etc.! There will be appointed photographers and the videos & DVD’s will be done by professionals!

(See Broadcast Department) Pictures will be available afterwards on the web-site of  God’s Outreach Ministry Int. /  !

Table arrangement - Vendors

Book-shops Publishing/Promotion: All the books; information flyers; CD’s etc. & Books-sale of the involving Churches & Ministries also books from other Ministries. It will be presented on tables preferable in the entrée hall! Only stands of Ministries which has been approved ahead of time or invited by Staff!
Events leaders' CD's
Brochures and Events information
Crafts, Jewels Christian materials, like Flags, Rings of worship, etc.
Information stands of local Ministries

God's Outreach Ministry Int.
information & web registration & information.
You can request for a table, stand ahead of time. There is limited space available!

Financial gifts!
Ushers + Ministers 1

About Financial gifts: We will not give the impression that we want to do things, only when we receive your financial support! Not at all! Also we will not manipulate partners, concerning money. The incoming money is completely dependent on the provision from the Lord Himself. We believe that He will speak to the hearts of faithful people of all kinds! We just don't know how. Our faith is in our Provider! Our responsibility to God and also to you is that we have to manage a good and effective stewardship over the income money. Every gift you sow to these Ministries concerning this Meeting is a gift to the Lord Himself, as an expression of your love and devotion to Him! God will, on His terms and His time, blesses the faithful generous givers. Indeed your gifts are a vital part of End-Time-Harvest-Revival & Meeting expenses! It is sowing your seed into the Ministry activities, God asks you to do this so that you can share the anointing, God gave to that specific work in these Ministries. If you sow, you will have your part of anointing from this Ministries, according as you sow! It is sowing with holy compassion for them, who are going to the eternal flames of hell, and that you have a real concern about their position, by sowing in order to win them for the Gospel of Messiah Yeshua or Jesus Christ! We will have love-offering during the Meeting! NO, there is NO entry fee!  (Ushers)

Non-Profit Organization 501(C)(3); Incorporated = Tax deductible!

End-Time-Harvest-Revival is a independent online "information & Coordination - Centrum!" For administrative reasons under "cover" of God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. As non-denominational Ministry/ Non-Profit Organization 501(C)(3); Incorporated by Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. Lawyers; Miami, FL; Approved IRS #501 C3; Consumer's Certificate of Tax-Exemption 85-8012815835C-2; Gifts/Offerings/Supports are Tax deductible on Name of: God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.; Referring to: "End-Time-Harvest-Revival"! Controlling Treasurer &  Accountancy: Mike Mollica; (407) 673-6654 #22; Orlando; FL.  THE ENTIRE GIFTS for End-Time-Harvest-Revival will be used ONLY for End-Time-Harvest-Revival; Coordination & Information as you see on these web-site's! There is no member-ship. There will be not in anyway "chasing members" & $ from other Churches! Author & Founder: Paulus van Beek
Being informed about the End-Time-Harvest-Revival? Please contact:  or log in on Contact-Team !
Sow a seed into this
Ministry Request Form on Word File for Ministry-invitation for Paul van Beek at your location!

Controlling Treasurer &  Accountancy: Mike Mollica

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Advertising - Graphic-Design & Lay-out

Graphic-Design & Lay-out For the lay-out as: All kind of Brief manners, Business carts, Badges, Pamphlets & brochures for special events for Revival Lakeland.  Digital picture shall  taken  for our own programs. So that news can be placed on the web directly! This will be done by God’s Outreach Ministry Int.  Advertising and promotion is needed!

lyers about the Concert/Conference: Printed by ...
The meeting a
nnouncements could be on: (Example available; Click on Radio Tower)


Power Point Presentation If possible there will be a presentation during the meetings. Event-leaders can use it also during their performance! (Designed by: God’s Outreach Ministry Int.)


Security Department: During the activities, special happenings, meetings there is a need to have order, safety and good guidance of the saints. Therefore several kinds of order people will give guidance during the activities!  Such as ushers take care of the order in the meeting itself! Security-guards for the safety and guidance in & out side the Facilities such as the parking! Catchers who take care for the order during the ministering over the saints during the whole meeting! Registration-workers, who take care for the registration what will be in the entrance hall! There is no registration for the meeting itself, just people can make registration to sign up for upcoming meetings!

Function Description of Security-guard:

Performs normal functions that reflect and demonstrate Christian High standard characteristics. Greet, seat, and guard the safety and good guidance attendances during the conference. By disturbing actions alarming his coordinator. In certain circumstances try to calm dawn distress attendances. Having a always good attitude,  being polite, friendly and nice, even in difficult circumstances! It will demand a strong self-control!

Essential Function Description:
·         Communicate instructions to attendances concerning safety and order.
·         Address attendances questions.
·         Assure attendances safety before, during and after the performances.
·         When needed coordinate attendances entering and exiting the Conference facilities.
·         Comply and follow the established safety standards.
·         Secure the stage where the performance will be hold.

 Additional Responsibilities:
·         Other duties as assigned!
·         Assist other “departments” to contribute to the overall team effort!
·         Leading people with their specific function (Badge) to their destination in assisting them where needed!
·         Having ALWAYS an appropriate attitude, polite & gentle, even when attendances having incorrect attitudes!
·         Prepared to assist fellow security-guards when needed.
         Safety on the parking lots.
         Looking around the Conference facilities; for people who are not supposed to be there.
·         When people are too close to each other (packed) and danger is there, guide them to other places.
·         Security-guard may perform other related duties as required to meet the ongoing needs of the Ministry!

 Other Qualifications:
·         Must speak fluent English, having a clear speaking voice!
·         Should be in good physical condition with the ability to stand for long periods of time!
·         Applicant will be working in extreme temperatures & weather conditions!
·         Bi-lingual should be very helpful!


Recording During the Meeting-activities there is need to have all recorded. So this Department will record in the several ways. (Also for the Ministry web-site), Recording tapes of preaching’s and/of Music, Video tapes/DVD's of specific happenings, Promotion & information about the Ministry, etc... It will be used by the TV-

Broadcasting! The videos; DVD’s will be done by professionals only!

Administration - Registration

Registration that take care for the registration of the “new converted” at the beginning, and the end of the meetings! (Security-Ushers) (Follow-up)
All attendants will be informed of the partnership - Churches & Ministries, where they can go afterwards, IF they haven't a home Church!
There is no member-ship. There will be not in anyway "chasing members" & $ from other Churches!


Translators/ Interpretations
Ministers 1

If there is a need for interpretation. To help the Ministry for translations, A team from the Spanish Churches volunteer to minister as well for the Spanish speaking attendants.

Translators/ Interpretations Espanola:
1. They can be active during the preaching's, when needed!
You will stand on stage with the preacher and move in the same way! You need to be anointed for this! (Short training is needed; we can provide it)
2. To help the Ministries for translations of site’s designed; To have the ability to give accurate and correct grammar in Spanish on the computer with the programs: Word, Publisher, FrontPages, Internet, E-mails, Attachments, Web-page’s; and more

Translators/ Interpretations function - description21
·       A Minister-function or belonging to a church as a devoted Christian!
·       Mother-language is Spanish, and secondly English! (Bilingual!)
·       Respectful and have unconditional love for the ‘other language’ speaking people!
·       To behave with grace toward all kinds of Denominations and their people!
·       Flexible & contact minded!


Workers for stage work --set up and take down! (Strong men!) There is a lot of work to realize on & around the the stage. For inside as outside meetings! Like all kind of musical instruments; equipments and sound system, etc....  Also to set up the tables in the hall and meeting room after the sermon. We are looking for some strong men! The team leader will be appointed. & Strong men needed! [

Youth Department

There is no specific  care for the little children during the worship-times! We prefer that children can attend the meetings as well! Even if they are very small. Parents or their guards need to take care for their needs! There should be guards available for Children if needed!

Table arrangement - Vendors

Food-tables Only stands of food-vendors which has been approved ahead of time or invited by Coordinators!
Kosher healthy food & NON-alcoholic drinks only! This can be inside as well outside the facilities, depending on the kind of meeting. If there are fees, we will try to make it reasonable!
Local Restaurants can be approached for cooperation for reduced prices for Conference attendants! Reservation may be needed!

You can request for a table, stand ahead of time. There is limited space available and concerning food-quality we will be very strickt!

 There is need for Christian homes for people to stay during the Conference-meetings!

There is are urgent need for Christian homes for people to stay during the more days meetings! Mostly they are ministers and people who work together with the Coordination-team! Please contact us with any possibilities you have!?
There is an online forum available when needed!


Among the Rabbis'; Pastors, Leaders, Ministers, among the Churches, Denominations and Ministries, for the harvest-salvation for the lost souls and activation together during all of the "Conference" Meetings! Also for "Follow-up" for the new concerted people!

TOGETHER we are able to stand and experience the most beautiful, powerful times in the history of human kind! These are the days of the harvest! We are His laborers in the Vineyard of the Lord Most High! These are the days that the prophets desired to see and to be in it!

We have to endeavor for unity among us as partners, because we are not able to take “the harvest” complete, alone! (Luke 5:4-7)    (& More in: Preparing Revival! )

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P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404, USA   
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 (863) 660-2444
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Mark Amount of Persons

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Your City can also become a  place of
intensive radical worship before the Throne of the Father
An ultimate space for



Pastoral -Team



Worship-team leader






Praise & worship-team



Dance with Flags & Banners O



Leader of the dance groups



Dance group Performance





 God's Outreach Ministry

Team-leader of Ushers






Responsible over the workers





Stage work --set up and take down!




Day care & Nurseries (Children)






Responsible leader Intercessors






Responsible leader Ministry-team






Counselors/ Pastoral (team) workers



Power-Point presentations






Responsible Security-guards






Audio Tapes of CHC service



Videotapes of services & special events



Photographer (Digital)



 Badges Plastic covers Destination/function



Interpreters (Spanish)



Registration- workers



Table presentation (Books; CD’s; DVD’s)



After-care workers



Parking-places & Transport





 All Checks write to:  (Tax deductible)

1  = Profile conditions for ministers



& = Information description 
Active ministry operational fields


&&&&& Color according Ministry operational fields!

Church/ Ministry


Senior Pastor       of Church


First Name:

Last Name:

( (      )                                Ext.:

( (      )                       Cell Phone

+7 Fax: (      )                 

@-Mail Address


Web-site Ministry or Church



City:                                               State:               Zip:

Personal Notes:


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Please select this table and print it out with this list, complete it with your information and send it to:
End Time Harvest Revival
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Ministers profile 1

       ·       To have a deep, personal relationship with the Lord Messiah Yeshua
·       To have a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the ability to recognize His voice
·       To have a strong discernment between the voice of the Holy Spirit, people’s mind or the voice of the enemy!
·       To have a constant deep desire to worship, and adoration for the Lord in spirit and truth.
·       To have an in-depth knowledge of and love for the Scriptures
·       To have a solid foundational understanding of basic Christian doctrines (& Faith Statement)
·       To have the knowledge of and use of the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit (& Faith Statement)
·       To build and seek relationships with the other “Team-partners”, also from outside ‘your’ Church
·       To maintain Biblical standards of integrity, doctrine, practice, and spiritual growth. (& Faith Statement)
·       To be our "brother's keeper".
·       To be a good and responsible steward over his own household (& Faith Statement)
·       To work for the unity of the body of Christ. (&  UNITY)
·       To behave with grace toward non-Christians. (& Faith Statement)
·       To maintain a sound Biblical form of church government.
·       To have the willingness & believe to effort in unity for the preparation for the coming Revival!
·       To be a loyal & faithful member of a Christian church  or organization
·      To have the willingness & respect the hierarchy of Revival  Keeping these responsibilities in mind, which indeed are high demands it will bring you as an acceptable worshipper and a useful vessel for God! So that His Divine anointing can flow also through you, to the people, during the Active Ministry of Revival"

The ‘fruit’ is the proof of someone’s ministry! We also have to understand & to discern that there is a difference between being “called” by God, and being “commissioned” by God! It’s the Holy Spirit, who separates & witnesses, that it’s time for a commissioning, or sending away to... As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, The Holy Spirit said, Separates Me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them. And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. So they being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleuçia and from these they sailed to Cypress. And when they were at Salamis, they preached the Word of G-D in the synagogues of the Jews: and they had also John to their minister (Acts 13:2-5, & verses 9, 12)

& Faith Statement: Online

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