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Three great outpourings of the Roach HaKodesh or the Holy Spirit:


1.       On the day of Pentecost in the upper room with 120 selected saints (Acts 2:1)

2.       During this age of the End Time Harvest (Acts 2:1 -- Acts 28:31)

3.       During the future tribulation (Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:16-21)

4.       During the Millennium (Isa. 32:15; 44:3; Ezek. 36:26-27; 39:29; Zech. 12:10)


The Roach HaKodesh was also poured out upon Yeshua Messiah {Christ} in fullness
(Isaiah 11:1-2; 42:1; 61:1; Matthew 3:16; 12:18; John. 3:34; Acts 10:38).

Believers may have the fullness of the Roach HaKodesh at any time during this present age  or in this End Time Harvest
(Matthew 3:11; Luke. 24:29; John. 7:37-39; Acts 1:4-8; 2:33,38-39; Galatians 3:13-14; 1 Corinthians 12; Ephesians 1:17-19; 3:16-21).


Daughters shall prophesy! Women are not excluded from spiritual gifts and powers!
(Acts 2:16-21; 1:14; 2:1-21; 21:9; 1Cor. 11-14). 


Before the great and the terrible day of the L-rd comes Joel 2:30-32 proves that the Roach HaKodesh  {Holy Spirit} will be poured out upon all flesh, and people will continue to be saved during the future tribulation period, for these signs will take place only during that time and before the great and awesome day of the L-rd
(Acts 2:16-21).

Be ready for a Divine " End-Time-Anointing- outpouring of G-d!  


Are you prepared for the great outpouring of G-d in the form of a very specific  "End-Time-Anointing-Outpouring"? It will effect and shake the saints in and outside the Church by the millions all over this planet Earth! It will be far greater than what happen in earlier outpourings of the Roach HaKodesh! But you need to understand that it will not a move from people, but a End-Time movement from the very G-d Himself! If people even try to control it, G-d will take it away from them! There is only a short time of preparation to get people ready! It is NOT about "the big men shows", but for those who put G-d in charge: "They are carrying the mantle of humility" and belonging to the Divine End-Army of G-d! We are living in the very END of the END TIME. The L-rd Yeshua Messiah is returning, whether you believe it or not!. There is only a short time left! For those who are carrying the "mantle of humility"; being righteous un-compromising victorious {over-comers} saints; they only are belonging in the Divine End-Time-Army of G-d!




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 Concerning  End-Time Harvest-Revival! Worldwide Revival

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Be ready for a Divine " End-Time-Anointing- outpouring of G-d!
The propitious smile of Heaven (By Rabbi Jonathan Cahn - Harbinger)
...the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke

There has never been a greater time in human history...

There is now no time to lose anymore for the work of the harvest!

If you knew the L-rd Yeshua Messiah was returning tomorrow, what would you do?

Hell - infinite separation from a Holy G-d!

You're only one heartbeat away from eternity!

Numbered; weighed & Divided...

Compromise Leads to Deceit...

The visions I had been received...

Throughout the Hebraic roots of Christianity...

The last warnings through a certain time-period..

I believe we just entered in last days of the End-Times...

Many ancient prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things...
Concerning  End-Time Harvest-Revival! Worldwide Revival
Call for worship
Revival in a far different aspect!
The time of the end of all things is at hand!
Drink from the rivers of Glory & life; rivers of fresh oil; the glory; the anointing!
When Revival is at hand!
A ultimate space of Revival!
Revival shortly is...
End-Time-Harvest-Revival; Place open for every Denomination without obligation!
You cannot limit Revival to your own denomination!
Shall this be the film of your life? "Insulting the Spirit of Grace" 06-08-08
Place of opportunity!  
The word of the L-rd is unto them a reproach!?
Painful process!
The All-consuming Revival-Fire!
A great multitude of people...
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End-Time-Harvest-Revival; G-d's Anointed Empowered Army Divisions with His Shekinah GLORY... are on their way!

There is now no time to lose: the work of the harvest can't effort any delay!
He is the: "L-rd of the Harvest"  Matthew 9:38
Use the sickle, for the time has come for you to harvest; the crop is ripe on the earth."
Revelation/Hisgalus 14:15

The propitious smile of Heaven


"The propitious smile of Heaven can never be expected on a {Covenant} nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself had ordained!"
The first words a president would ever speak to the nation, in his first ever presidential address!

President George Washington, United States; 30 April 1789

"If America upholds G-d's eternal standards and follows His unchanging ways, then it will be blessed with His favor...His protection...His prosperity...But if America should depart from the ways of G-d, if it should regard His eternal standards, then the "SMILE OF HEAVEN", the blessings of G-d, will be withdrawn, its prosperity, its protection, and its powers would taken away". He is giving a warning to the nation:


(Source: The HARBINGER;; The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future; by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn; Page 213)

There has never been a greater time in human history...


Put you in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full,  the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the  day of  the  L-rd is near in the valley of decision. (Joel 3:4) 


There has never been a greater time in human history than the days we are living in now, because we already have entered the last hour of an outstanding miraculous release of revelation! This is the generation that is to be the recipient of the release of the greatest revelation - power the "Church" has ever walked in since the Son of G-d, Yeshua Messiah; walked in human flesh on this planet!  We need to recognize the prophetic time-clock of G-d! People can see, feel or sense it, but something's enormous is right going to happen! All the cycles indicate that G-d is not doing anything and let things throughout terrible disasters fall apart. Not as long the "Church" is here! Because the Church; His Universal Body; which exist out of righteous devoted; filled with the Holy Spirit; end-time anointed and looking after G-d - 'devoted people'; are having the great assignment to preach the Gospel to the ends of the world and then 'the end' will come! In the midst of the warnings that G-d gives us, to pray; prepared and to get close to Yeshua; His purpose is to bring people to repentance and when they repent He heals the land!

...If my people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)


To humble yourselves before G-d and making your repentance
If you shall confess your iniquity
Pray & intercede
Seeking G-d's Holy Face worthily
Turn from your wicked way
Preparing yourself for the L-rd's soon coming!


There is not really another Nation out there like the United States of America that G-d has the time to raise up to do what on this moment this Nation is doing for the Gospel. While there are too many unbelievers'; to many agnostics; to many atheists; too much religious controlling people; too much Government control who do not want that the Gospel is been preached, etc....in other nations. There is not going to be another nation that will come to power as America now; that is preaching the Gospel, because it is too late in the 'End-time-schedule' that it is going to happen. It is not going anywhere before also this nation is fulfilling its assignment! When G-d is 'finished' with the Christians in America and with the devoted faithfully Christians on other location on this planet, preaching the Gospel, supporting the Gospel, getting around the world, (America is the leading Nation who is doing this) when this 'assignment' is finished

...And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. (Matthew 24:14)

 ...the end comes! (A dispensation) Then -- when the gospel of the kingdom is preached again as a witness to all nations. which is referring to the original gospel, including preaching, teaching, and healing, as it began with Yeshua - Christ and the early church! When the fullness of the gentiles comes, G-d turns His attention back to Israel. When the fullness of this dispensation comes, He may gather all in one in Yeshua/Christ;  the 'rapture' (The General Assembly of the righteous un-compromising saints - the Over-comers} is going to happen! He is 'catching' or {great} assembling' His people; the remnant; who are looking for Him; serving Him and trusting Him; He will come and get us and resurrect us from the righteous dead. Then this world is going into the most major chaos. It is the rapture that is enough to cause this kind of chaos! The tribulation period is just started... (See for more at "The Over-comers"!)

...the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke


1.    Solar eclipse

a.       Selective Judgment for Gentile nations, America is a covenant nation likewise Israel & the UK

b.       Earthquakes; volcano eruptions; weather disasters


2.    First Blood moon / Second Blood Moon 2014 - 2015

a.       Hamas attacks Israel and started the Gaza war.  Hamas from the Hebrew contexts means: violet

b.       Isis - Islamic Empire from the future “Kingdom” of the “beast” – Mahdy = Rise of the Antichrist – he shows himself and defies G-d’s Temple during tribulation period – Revelation 13.

             The upcoming "Blood-Moons" in 2014 & 2015

·         Passover, April 15; 2014

·         Feast of Trumpets 09/25/2014   Solar eclipse  BEGIN Shemittah year!

·         Feast of Tabernacles; October 8, 2014

·         Passover, April 4; 2015

·       Feast of Trumpets 09/13/2015    END Shemittah year!

·       Feast of Tabernacles;, September 28, 2015

A Shemittah year occurs every seven years; it's known as a time of rest for the land. While observing Shemittah guarantees abundance, neglecting it leads to judgment. The Four Blood Moons are coming this year and they are extremely rare even by scientific standards.  {NASA}

3.    Selective Judgment with more to insensitivity - Time to repent

a.       Birth pains more and more severe

b.       The Holy Spirit’s End Time outpouring - the breaking of the water from a mother before giving birth

1.    Meteors; Volcano eruptions; Weather disasters

a.       In the Caribbean - tsunami affecting Eastern Florida

b.       Yellowstone national Park volcano – (Perry Stone)

c.        Western California massive shaking  After September 25


2.    Yellow cake - nuclear weapons Iran

a.       The spirit of the crewel Ancient Assyrian army is the same spirit (sprit of Antichrist) operating in ISIS

b.       They want the “Ottoman Turkey” lost in 1917 back in order; A Islamic Regime and Empery

c.        No grace, no compassion base out of murder, raping slaughter and death’s

d.       They are intended without mercy as an unstopped force to destroy Israel, Jews & Christians as well.

e.       Isis - Islamic Empire from the future “Kingdom” of the “beast” – Mahdy = Islamic “Messiah” =Rise of the Antichrist


3.    Economics of America

a.       Real repentance – never happen. Nation is spiral going down in more darkness.

b.      Feast of Tabernacles/ Feast of Atonement – Moon Eclipse number 2

c.       The Shemittah year

d.      The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit - Roach HaKodesh massive End Time Harvest Revival - the water breaks on the birth of a child  The All-consuming fire of G-d 



There is now no time to lose anymore for the work of the harvest!


"But the workers are few!" It is hardly surprising that so few are granted to see things with the grieving eyes of Jesus/Yeshua, for only those who share the loves of His heart have been given eyes to see! ...And only they can enter the harvest field! He is the: "L-rd of the Harvest"  (Matthew 9:38; Revelation 14:15) 


If you knew the L-rd Yeshua Messiah was returning tomorrow, what would you do?


Would your daily life-style change? Would your priorities rearrange themselves? Are your sins you would be eager to confess? Changes you would make? People you would want to warn? ....  Get your heart right with  G-d ... "L-rd Yeshua; ... !" Are you willing to challenge yourself in areas you would want to change if Yeshua/ Christ were returning in the next coming days? Are you? Are you really making action-plans to prepare yourself for the assembly of the "righteous un-compromising saints" and to meet Yeshua? If you knew the L-rd Yeshua Messiah was returning tomorrow, what would you do; are you prepared and ready? Salvation is the guarantee to go to Heaven when you passing away from this planet! To caught up with the L-rd (The great assembly - Rapture) is the "Blessed Hope" for those who are faithful (Over-comers)!

Hell - infinite separation from a Holy G-d!


Hell - infinite separation from a Holy G-d and from all things good total, infinitive, eternal judgment! Your soul is eternal! One way or another, at the end of a thousand ages, you'll still exist. The question is where? And if the joy and glory of being in G-d presence in Heaven is beyond your imagining, so then too is the darkness and horror of being in His absence! It is clear that any answer could not come from yourself or from this world you are living in today.


You're only one heartbeat away from eternity!


You're only one heartbeat away from eternity! Everything you have - your life, your breath, this moment, it's all borrowed, it's all a gift.  And at any moment it all ends with a heartbeat...just only one heartbeat and there is no more choosing - it's all sealed  for eternal life or eternal death! If you don't choose to be saved, then you’ve chosen not to be saved! Your life and your eternity...It all rest on one heartbeat! And what will you do on the Day of Judgment at the Bema-seat? The meaning, the purpose of your life, the reason you were born. It's the ONLY WAY  you can ever find it...Only in Him, YESHUA, Who gave you life, can you finds its meaning. And you have it, up until the last heartbeat!
(Source of inspiration:
The HARBINGER;; The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future; by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn)  


Numbered; weighed & Divided...


Numbered; weighed & Divided …is also the “handwriting” G-d is writing TODAY! You as Christian (???), has the make a choice! Your time is running out! He has weighed you; your life; your church, your ministry, etc... on His scales and decided that ...? (Daniel 5) The focus now is all related to the End-Time Harvest and the Apocalypse!


Compromise Leads to Deceit...

We live in a day of compromise. Many change their 'beliefs' based on whether it might be acceptable for the particular audience they are speaking to. However, G-d's character never changes. He is a G-d of absolutes. Politicians often change their position based on the political risk. Compromise will always lead to deceit in a life and will lead to a leanness in your soul. You will lose confidence in the spiritual part of your life as you begin to compromise your own integrity. G-d is looking for integrity. Ultimately, compromise sabotages the heart's good intentions and turns us into a spiritual hypocrite!


The visions I had been received...


The visions I had been received, will be fully explained in a certain time-period, and recorded online, as these vision were showing me on ancient scrolls on which were written the plans of G-d concerning the End-Time-Harvest-Revival. These revelations, flowing together with His Scriptures, you can read in this whole web-site, separated in the many different pages!
Picture-source with permission: www.Revelationillustrated.com  
©  Please respect the copy-rights! (Picture is edited)


Throughout the Hebraic roots of Christianity...


Throughout the Hebraic roots of Christianity we can 'see' the types and shadows and how the Old Testament {Old Covenant} is filled with ‘pictures’! Things what’s going to happen in near the future! (Daniel; Revelation) The area of Biblical numbers; one’s G-d established of the pattern of what these numbers represent; that are all being used all throughout Scripture. They all numbers have a specific meaning! There are Divine (Prophetic) time-cycles! G-d established ‘Time’ itself in the very beginning! How the Years were numbered is also very interesting; they did it in cycles of 'seven' in Leviticus!  Looking at the combination of certain Scriptural numbers and certain time-frames and going to reveal the possibilities how these time-frames are going to fit the cycle of maybe possible linked to the Nation of Israel! Than there were times of rest and and times of restoration; Time of captivity (70); Time of prosperity; Times of testing (40); Time of new beginnings (8)! (More about in Prophetic Time Cycles & Numbers from the Scripture)


The last warnings through a certain time-period; in the same way G-d is giving us  and chances to humble ourselves, before it really became “Too Late”! In the same way we as Christians are ‘partying’ with; what we think the “important men of G-D” in the way we like (by our own mind-set choice), not understanding and realizing we are grieving G-D’s Holy Spirit!


I believe we just entered in last days of the End-Times...


I believe we have entered in the End-Times where God is going to harvest the last lost souls whether it is in or out the Church! We are going to experience the greatest End-Time-Harvest-Revival world-wide, ever was in Human history! Be prepared!


Many ancient prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things...


For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. (Matthew 13:17)

Concerning  this End-Time-Harvest-Revival!


End-Time-Harvest-Revival is a part of and an initiative from God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. and is a  interested 'subject of End Time Studies' for the millions world-wide online visitors  These web-site's exists since October 2005 !(This web-site was www.Revivallakeland.org and is now:  www.EndTimeHarvestRevival.org )  



Call for worship

Click on Music-note to hear Yahweh's call for worship beginning with the Shofar blow!

O come let us sing unto the L-rd: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His Presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms. For the L-rd is a great G-d and a great King above all gods. In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is His also. The sea is his, and he made it: and His hands formed the dry land. O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the L-rd our Maker {Creator}. For he is our G-d; and we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand. Today if ye will hear His voice, (Psalm 95:1-7)
"Thank you L-rd that You are going to send Your End-Time-Harvest-Revival throughout the whole world and that it will continue still You are coming back! Thank you L-rd that through our devoted worship unto You, oh G-d; You will come from Heaven with Your Divine intervention for Your people! Thank You L-rd for so many miracles we are going to experience and so much more even above our comprehension! Thank You, Oh L-rd for Your coming moves of Glory!"



 The time of the end of all things is at hand!


More and more miracles will be performed in these last days! It is serious time for the gift of the working of (creative) miracles to be more in prominence. The End-Time-Harvest-Revival of the miraculous and the super-natural! Still many of His people are rejecting the great moving of the Holy Spirit. They aren't ready to meet the L-rd of Host! Deceived by false and well-pleasing messages-prophets and satanic 'miracles'! Yeshua Messiah, the warrior L-rd is gathering His own (raiment) saints who are faithfully together! He has prepared them for it! It is also the last warning for the nations on planet Earth! It's the great call for repentance, likewise the 'last days' during the pre-flood period with Noah! Judgment is on its way! This is indeed the last 'End-Time-Harvest-Revival'! Many of His servants whom are anointed are becoming more and more money minded and going to lose their anointing and ministry as well! They become 'Out of order'! (indescribable)
The L-rd will visit the 'hungry' and 'thirsty' of heart everywhere (all denominational). Wherever the L-rd will open the hearts toward Him, in whatever Church they may be, He will visit them during these End-Time-Hour! He will visit places you never have thought He really would visit. Even He will visit other religions (like Muslim) where the hearts are hungry and open to Him! He will bring them into full salvation and into the Baptism of the
Holy Spirit. It is the preparation also for His soon coming! This will be world-wide. The L-rd is requiring more of his 'Church' today. G-d is calling for a greater surrender of his servants, because He wants to use in new and powerful ways to advance His Kingdom. When we do not walk in total obedience. even our occasional acts of obedience become offensive to Him! (Isaiah 64:4) We do not give anything to G-d! It's time to leave behind the things that are a hindrance to our holiness and to open our hearts 100% to G-d! (Not which tells us that a reasonably high percentage of Holiness is enough!) Church-growth is only a serious threat to the enemy when that growth is accompanied by Holiness! When the Churches are lacked in Holiness, and so its people, not even effort for to be Yeshua/Christ-minded, the Church itself will fail and becomes "Out of order"! Being settle back and comfortable with their 'level' of 'religiosity'! (1 Corinthians 1:30)
Nowadays Churches are filled with people dressed with 'filthy' clothes. Many ministries are full of deceit, envy and the fear that they will lose 'their place of influence and importance'! How can G-d bless them with their 'garments' of vile? (Zechariah 3:13)  This same G-d wants to change our 'filthy garments' and cause us to live with a completely clean conscience. When the Church is sanctified, the gifts of G-d can begin to manifest in fullness!
Fire of the  L-rd is on its way to all the Nations.  The Spirit of Holiness; power and the Divine knowledge of  the  L-rd will cover the planet Earth as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:19) It's revival that's coming  over the entire world. A significant number of 'Christians' seemingly have control over many things in their lives, but are unable to control their minds. When the
Fire of G-d comes over your life, it will bring authority and an instant reaction against sin!



Drink from the Rivers of Life; Rivers of fresh oil; the Shekinah Glory; the anointing!


And He showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of G-d and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. And there shall be no more curses: but the Throne of G-d and of the Lamb shall be in it; and His servants shall serve Him: And they shall see His {Holy} Face; and His Name shall be in their foreheads.  And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the L-rd G-d gives them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever. (Revelation 22:1-5 KJV
I will open
rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. (Isaiah 41:18; KJV
(Click for more on: Living Waters)


Drink from the rivers of Glory; Rivers of life; rivers of fresh oil; the glory; the anointing! “All you need to do is receive everything that is just of G-d! ”This is a portal of G-d’s Shekinah Glory that will never close again! You have to wash yourselves from offense; G-d wants to give us unprecedented moves of His Shekinah Glory!”


A great multitude of people...


A great multitude of people; lost souls, backsliders, hungry people for the Word, etc.., are waiting for your correct response to the Holy Spirit! As the fishermen’s nets were at the point of breaking, the churches will be crowded as never before! Pastors, Rabbi's, leaders, ministers, etc.., you have to signal your 'partners', because you will not be able to take the complete Harvest! Maybe it is time to let aside your personal envy and start to work together in unity! Without pride, prejudice, striving, fighting, arguing, status, origin, compromises, striving, denomination’ barriers, etc...! The results are becoming tremendous! You are not able to take it for yourself only! Your church/ Synagogue/ Ministry is not able to handle the Great Revival, which will be on massive scale!
(By Paul van Beek October 2005)

When Revival is at hand...


When Revival is at hand, a great multitude of people (lost souls, backsliders, people hungry for the Word, etc..) are coming on your way! As the “fishermen's nets” were at the point of breaking! Rabbi's, Pastors, leaders, deacons, ministers, or whatever your responsibility may be! You have to prepare, because we are not able to take the complete harvest in "our" place only, because it will be so overwhelming! There shall be a great need to organize the order into the cooperative Churches and ministries, to place the new converted and give them a "Home"!
(Prophetic Revelation by Paul van Beek of 10/31/2005)

A  place of intensive radical worship before the Throne of the Father
An ultimate space for Revival!

Experience and be a part of what the L-rd has done in recent past and is going to do, more and more about the End Time Harvest Revival! Be a witness for what great things G-d has in store also for you personally! G-d is looking after the lost souls, backslidden Christians, the hurting hearts! Not chasing members & their money! ...But, to bring them worthily before His Heavenly Throne into the sanctuary; into the Holy of Holiest!   ...To worship Him in and with the Spirit, with a contrite and humble heart. FREEDOM from denominational barriers; bondage, religiosity, traditions of men, false doctrine, ...etc.


Revival shortly is...

It’s a (new) beginning of obedience to G-d {YHVH}! The first step for a converted sinner or backslider convicted spontaneous by the Holy Spirit is a deep repentance. Deep repentance requires a broken and contrite heart and then a forsaking of the old worldly (dead) man before the Throne of G-d. The curse on the sinner’s life is broken, and the sinner is transformed into a new creation, according to the image of Yeshua, the Messiah or Jesus the Christ!

Place open for every Denomination without obligation!


It’s a new beginning of obedience to G-d! We do not own the Revival either we will not put our "name" to it! That's because there are no walls of religion, in a real revival! There should no member-ship; neither in anyway "chasing the  attendees" for Money-$!

? To humble yourself before the Throne of G-d & seeking His Holy Face!
? Revival belongs to G-d only, no one can claim it!
? In order to receive Revival-Fire you need to come at the place of Revival!
? In order to receive Revival-Fire also Churches needed to come out of their Denominational barriers
? You need to have a sacrificial attitude!
? You need to wear the clothes of “humility”!
? Revival-Fire will start in what G-d chooses so!
? It will be spontaneous guided by the Holy Spirit!
? Everyone who is hungry & thirsty for G-d is welcome.
? Prejudice is not tolerated; you will not receive from G-d either! It's a wrong spirit; wrong attitude!
? It is not about position, but serving!
? Turning from your wicked ways and presumptuousness!
? Communication to G-d; communication from G-d!
? You need to be real with G-d, no hypocrites!
? It is not about religion or traditions, but real expressions from Heaven!

You cannot limit Revival to your own denomination!


You cannot limit yourself to your own denomination, or own designed programs and reject all others who do not join the same kind of (your) denomination! A weak thing to rely upon! Revival  is based on G-dly principles and in grace, and is not limited in Church denominational barriers! Accept ministers from outside as well! By their fruits you will recognize who they really are. You need to have a strong discernment of “spirits”! Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Matthew 7:20)  If you are having a humble spirit, devoid of pride, and holy, the L-rd Himself will speak also to you! 

Shall this be the film of your life?


Place of opportunity!


This is a place of opportunity to worship and praise the L-rd, in combination with preaching of the Word. Preachers and "worship-teams" will regularly be a part of it. It won't be furnished always as a regular church building, but in a relaxed atmosphere, with tables and chairs, booths and an open -Holy-dancing place for dance-teams & dance in the Spirit before the Throne of G-d. (With flags & banners!) There will be a large screen, projector; great sound. Radical Devoted Worship will be presented  as a live experience! The main focus is the L-rd Yeshua Messiah! It shall be a place of tremendous and overwhelming worship to G-d. Where G-d {YHVH} Himself shall be in the midst of a cloud covering the congregation and the Glory of the L-rd will fill the whole building. (Exodus 40:34, 35)

It shall be called a place of Revival, where many lost souls and backsliders come (back) to the L-rd, because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The Divine FIRE will touch many and set them free from all kinds of bondage and disease. It will be a place where people experience the presence and THE GLORY of the L-rd. A place rebuild and changed into a Holy Place of radical devoted & passionate worship that will go directly against all kinds of present day traditions! ...Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground! (Exodus 3:5) It will be a place where many, many people desire to be, and stay as long as possible. The radio and television programs may be broadcast simultaneously during these meetings, so the world throughout media can be reach! It is also a place for selected anointed ministers (by the Holy Spirit) with special gifts and different levels of anointing on their ministry worship on a high level! Also international worship and praise-singers will come over to worship. ...But Thou are Holy, O, Thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. (Psalms 22:3) The possibilities we be created for larger conferences. Al facts are possible by the favor, grace and greatness of G-d! *

prophetically: ©This vision was given to Paul van Beek / God's Outreach Ministry Int. © December 1999

 The word of the L-rd is unto them a reproach!?


To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? Behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: behold, the Word of the L-rd is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it. (Jeremiah 6:10)  G-d's problem for the Nowadays Churches is to get someone to listen to Him and thus avert judgment!

They can see, but they refuse to see; they can hear, but they refuse to hear; they are capable of understanding, but they refuse to accept the truth, desiring to hold on to their “old” religious traditions; professions and within their “denominational borders” in preference to walking in the light of the truth of G-d! They are like those with uncircumcised ears were those which would not hear; this made it impossible to hearken to G-d! They could not because they would not, and they would not because it condemned them in their sins! The Word of the L-rd is unto them a reproach and they despise it, because they refuse to walk in it properly; Refuse to hear it from G-d’s anointed & appointed messengers like the prophets, because they reject it! Even they scoff at it and pervert it with their own way of thinking!


The today’s prophets are full of G-d's fury by the Holy Spirit and are weary of holding the message of G-d back; waiting to release it in spite of the people will hear of forbear it! False prophets and false ministers have tried to “heal” or "comfort" G-d’s people and have done so slightly by promising a false “peace” when there will be no peace! Therefore in view of the fact that G-d’s own people have rejected Him and His Word become perpetual sinners!
G-d has rejected their rituals and other forms of "worship", because it was no more than an outward form of
and their hearts were not with it! It was not real, but a fake!


O daughter of my people, gird thee with sackcloth, and wallow thyself in ashes: make thee mourning, as for an only son, most bitter lamentation: for the spoiler shall suddenly come upon us. (Jeremiah 6:26) 
This verse reveals the violent distress and unbearable grief of Jerusalem during the siege by Nebuchadnezzar.  To put on sackcloth, wallow in ashes, and mourn with bitter lamentation was always a sign of great distress. Should we not mourn concerning the low state for the nowadays Churches especially in the USA?

The glory of man has to be replaced with the Glory of G-d in nowadays churches, which is a pre-requisite to revivals in the churches. If G-d has to fill our churches, the man has to go. Unless the pastors and leaders humble themselves before a Holy G-d, and exalt only the L-rd in their ministries, the churches cannot be revived! ©

Painful process!


A Revival consists in the return of the Church and their people from her backsliding and apostasy state! In this kind of state - Churches are not able to awakened and have revival right away without first deep serious and honest searching's of their own hearts! In the  End-Time-Harvest-Revival First the people of G-d (Judgment starts in the "House of G-d"!) and also the un-believers, are coming under such a conviction of the Holy Spirit, that they can see the state of their own hearts and their own sins, whatever it could be, under such a Light that they are going to realize under great conviction  their "far distance relationship" with G-d! A new sacrificial attitude toward G-d. A new beginning and new acceptance with {YHVH} G-d is just born! This is a painful process! While they were still in backslidden state they were blind to their own state of sin! In this End-Time-Harvest-Revival many will come out of their backslidden state and renew their love & faith of G-d in their hearts! The Revival-Fire  is burning in their innermost beings and they are going to be  changed dramatically! They just experienced a new foretaste of the Fire strait from Heaven!
(Picture refers to total brokenness! Ingredients for Revival Experience; Paul van Beek)
 You should not be a loner but should be in fellowship with the un-compromising saints of G-d, irrespective of the denominational affiliations of their churches. You get the
Fire of G-d from such fellowship. You should be a member of the universal Body of  Yeshua, the Savior & Messiah {the Christ; the Anointed One}. Let there be a gathering of the saints (Overcomers) of G-d with oneness of mind under the banner of His Cross. You should have fellowship with those saints of G-d who manifest His Shekinah Glory as the cherubs (in Ezekiel).   The cherubs manifest the Glory of G-d!


The All-consuming End-Time-Harvest-Revival-Fire


The All-consuming FIRE of G-d will burn, deep, deeper in our hearts so that every religious spirit will be burned and consumed! So that freedom come back into the nowadays - churches and in our lives! There will be a closer and deeper walk with G-d for those who are coming under His Revival-Fire! It’s now time to prophesy and speak unto to the dry bones, to come alive! (Ezekiel 37) A deeper work from G-d, through His capable un- compromising ministers! It means to remove all stubbornness in the nature against G-d, stopping all opposition to Him and to His anointed Prophets and appointed messengers, and not stiff-necked anymore! A cleansing FIRE, Revival-Fire, Purifying FIRE, for those who keep their faith in G-d! Holy Revival-Fire is a sanctifying, Holy Divine work in the lives and souls of those at the Revivals!


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The Awesome Holy Name of “God” is written in awesome respect for His Holy Name in “G-d”! {YHVH}{"Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei"} Original Name translated from Hebrew "Tetragrammaton".  The Name "Lord" is written as "L-rd"! The Name's like "Jehovah" & "Yahweh" are not the correct forms of translation.(Among the majority of the Jewish society) (that's NOT saying if you use it you wrong). I choose as so far as possible using the correct  translation and   Holy Awesome Name-use of a Holy G-d! (There are no wows in the Hebrew language). It is customary to insert a dash in G-d's Holy Name when written or printed on a medium that could be defaced.

There is a common belief in modern Christendom that the Divine Name of G-d in the OT is "Jehovah."  This study is intended to demonstrate that the name "Jehovah" is not, and never was the name of G-d in the OT, but is an accidental, fabricated pronunciation of the Divine Name. Those who came up with this spelling/pronunciation did so from a misunderstanding of the Hebrew “Tetragrammaton” "YHVH," as it appears in the OT text.

The Hebrew “Tetragrammaton”, YHVH, is the way the Name of G-d appears in the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew language is a consonantal language, possessing no vowels. Vowels were pronounced, but not written.

Here is a brief examination of the Divine Name of G-d. ""Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei" The Ineffable Name, the Unutterable Name or the Distinctive Name

G-d, expressed in the essential "four-letter" Name, the Tetragrammaton, which is spelled in Hebrew "Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei", and which we {Jewish people}  are forbidden to pronounce. This essential Name of G-d represents the infinite, while Elokim represents the finite, the Divine energy that is enclothed within the restrictions of time & space!

We do not write G-d's Name in a place where it may be discarded or erased. Treating G-d's Name with reverence is a way to give respect to G-d. So even though on a computer the name is not really being erased (and perhaps is not really there in the first place), and "G-d" is only an English term used to translate G-d's Holy Name, it is in keeping with this respect that I write "G-d" in my emails and on-line articles.

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Correct forms of translations...of Names of the Holy Spirit {Roach HaKodesh}


The Name of the Holy Spirit in Hebrew is Roach HaKodesh! When G-d came down in the Tabernacle in the time of Moses, the curtains will be expand like a men's longs and a breathing sound was been heard. This sound of breath was called: "The breath of the Holiest": "Breath" is "Roach" in Hebrew. The Roach HaKodesh; The "breath" of the Holy Place! The "breath" of the Holiest became known as the 'Holy breath'. 'Breath' means Spirit and became as the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is a Person and it is not just only breath. He became like wind. (Likewise Pentecost) And 'wind' in Hebrew means "Roach"!
(This came out of the oral tradition; that is what is not recorded as in the Scriptures, but handed down by word of mouth. To avoid that the oral tradition would not be lost, they wrote it down. It was handed down)

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