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The Coming of the Messiah
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The coming of Yeshua Messiah in the air!
Started from the  Book of Revelation Chapter 4

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The Great Snatch?

The most preposterous belief of Biblical Christianity!
The Scripture teaches about a "Rapture"!
The word  that we should use
Their Dilemma
The Harpazo...
The Upper Room Promise...
The children of the Day...
Ephraem of Nisibis (A.D. 306-373)
The Restrainer...
The Great Deception
Harpazo II...
Rapture not in the Scripture?
The "Rapture' has many purposes

The events of tribulation will not just suddenly begin to happening after the Rapture...
A New Testament Mystery?
The Rapture is described as occurring at any time without warning, but being prepared!

Rapture & Second coming...

Second coming...
7-Year Tribulation on planet Earth

The open door in Heaven from the Heavenly Temple The open door in Heaven from the Heavenly Temple
Ten Proofs the Rapture Takes Place in Revelation Chapter 4 Verse 1

Revelation Chapter 4 Verse 1
Pre-Tribulation Eschatology
Later Pre-Tribulation Eschatology
2 Peter 3:12 is looking for and hastening the coming of the day of G-D!
Today’s Heresies
The tribulation period is not about/has never the Church of righteous saints!

The Scripture describes the Rapture and Second Coming as different events.
The Second Coming; an event prophesied by Enoch!

I-XXVI  I-V. Parable of Enoch on the Future Lot of the Wicked and the Righteous. Ch.1
References: The Return of Yeshua/Christ to Rule..
Enoch was caught up and transferred to Heaven...

Rapture passages
Second Coming Passages
The golden trumpet!

The general assembly of the...
...There is a Priest, who is a King, Who is worthy...!
Mid-tribulation - Rapture precedes the Tribulation??
Post-Tribulation Problems

Tekyiah Gadollah
Similarities between these Events relating to the coming of Yeshua & Moses' at Mount Sinai
The Feast of Trumpets & the Rapture!
Our "Blessed Hope" - Our depart for the gathering of "great Assembly"!
Enoch instructs his sons & all the elders, how they are to walk with terror & trembling before the Lord
The souls of the (uncompromisingly) righteousness...

Rosh Hashanah/ Feast of (100) trumpets...

From Adam to Noah referring to the Messiah...
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The Great "Snatch"?


The "Rapture of the Church" and its apparent contrast with the "Second Coming" of Yeshua/Jesus Christ as conquering King.

The most preposterous belief of Biblical Christianity!

Controversial. Your view will derive from your hermeneutics: how seriously do you take the Biblical text? Traditional denominational eschatology is “amillennial” and has problems with the “harpazo” or “rapture.”

The event known as the Rapture is most clearly represented in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, which encourages the grieving Christians that, at the "great snatch," they will be reunited with those who have died in Yeshua/Christ before them. Well "the word' or phrase "Rapture" it is not in the Bible, so it is not of G-d????!!! NOT in your English translation! But in the Greek and Latin it is!!!

The Scripture teaches about a "Rapture"!

1 Thessalonians 4:17 speaks of used the Latin word "rapturo," the root of the English term & an event called "the Rapture", Latin "rapio," Greek "harpazo," which means: "to seize upon with force" "to catch up, to snatch away by force, or to take out." (A Greek explanation is also to snatch away from danger; like a child that is in danger you will snatch away fast) After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air in a moment in time. The "great assembly of the righteous (uncompromising) saints"! And so we will be with the Lord forever." Paul states that the concept of the Rapture is meant to encourage believers during this Age (1 Thessalonians 4:18). Other references on the Rapture are John. 14:1-14; I Corinthians 15:51-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.
Antichrist would not be revealed until a restraining force would be taken away so that the Man of Lawlessness could be revealed!
Because the revealing of
the Antichrist coincides with the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation starting with his peace treaty with Israel (Dan. 9:27), then the Restrainer has to be removed before the Tribulation. As the Holy Spirit also works in salvation (Jn. 16:8-11; 1 Jn. 5:7) during the Tribulation, then it is the Church that must be the Restrainer that is removed. Therefore, the Rapture and the removal of the Church must coincide, and at the beginning of the (Daniel's 70-TH year) seven year period!

The Rapture is characterized in the New Testament as a "translation coming" (1 Corinthians 15:51- 52; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17) in which the Lord comes for His church, taking her to His Father's House; in His Heavenly Temple; preparing the saints for the Priesthood and rulers (kings) in the millennium!! (John 14:3). However, at Yeshua's/Christ's Second Coming with His saints from Heaven, He descends from heaven to set up His Messianic Kingdom on earth (Zechariah 14:4-5; Matthew 24:27-31). The differences between the two events are harmonized naturally by the "pre-tribulation" position, while other views are not able to account comfortably for such differences.

The word  that we should use...

The word  that we should use, when we indentify the "Rapture". Where can we find a "word" or "phrase" of this "event" that can been found in the Scripture? Basically what we called "the Rapture" has a theory how it started. A theory that said the "Rapture teaching: started in 1830, when Margaret McDonald* (See at NOTE-1)  at an Edward Irving meeting prophesied that that where 2 separate appearing of the Lord. Now even also great men of G-D, said, when they asked them about the "Rapture" is a modern 'doctrine' that started in the 1830's! But by deeper research men discovered that Dr. John Kill the Baptist, theologian used the word "Rapture" for the "catching away" the Church in the 1700's! Then they find out there was a Catholic priest Jesse in the 1600's who believed in the "Rapture"! When the Greek Orthodox Church has some of their scrolls translated from Greek into English; and a early 'father' of the Greek branch named Ephraim the Syrian*; (See at NOTE-2) in the 3-rd & 4-th Century wrote the treaties' on the 'anti-christ' ; the 'cave of the treasures' and he specifically taught that Yeshua/Jesus will come BEFORE the 7 year tribulation!

NOTE-1 The rise in belief in the pre-tribulation rapture is often wrongly attributed to a 15-year old Scottish-Irish girl named Margaret McDonald (a follower of Edward Irving), who in 1830 had a vision of the end times which describes a post-tribulation view of the rapture that was first published in 1840. It was published again in 1861, but two important passages demonstrating a post-tribulation view were removed to encourage confusion concerning the timing of the rapture. Margaret MacDonald was born in 1815 in Port Glasgow, Scotland and died around 1840. {From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia}
NOTE-2: This text is attributed to Ephrem Syrus, who was born at Nisibis soon after AD 306 and died in 373, The assertion that the Cave of Treasures was written in the 4th century is supported by the general contents of the work. These reproduce Ephraim's quaint and sometimes fanciful methods of exegesis and supply many examples of his methods in religious argument, with which we are familiar from his other writings. His pride in the antiquity of the Syriac language also appears in this work. That it was written in Mesopotamia by a Syrian, there is no doubt, and if Ephraim was not the author, the original author, or perhaps later editor, belonged to the school of Ephraim. Ephrem was born around the year 306 in the city of Nisibis (the modern Turkish town of Nusaybin, on the border with Syria, which had come into Roman hands only in 298). Internal evidence from Ephraim's hymnody suggests that both his parents were part of the growing Christian community in the city, although later hagiographers wrote that his father was a pagan priest. Numerous languages were spoken in the Nisibis of Ephrem's day, mostly dialects of Aramaic. The Christian community used the Syriac dialect. The culture included pagan religions, Judaism and early Christian sects. Pre-tribulation proponents maintain that the earliest known extra-Biblical reference to the pre-tribulation rapture is from a 3-4? or7th-century tract known as the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Ephraem the Syrian, which says, "For all the saints and Elect of G-D are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins. {From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia (Redirected from Ephraim the Syrian)}
NOTE-3: There exists at least one 18th century and two 19th century pre-tribulation references: in an essay published in 1788 in Philadelphia by the Baptist Morgan Edwards which articulated the concept of a pre-tribulation rapture, in the writings of Catholic priest Emmanuel Lacunza in 1812, and by John Nelson Darby in 1827. However, both the book published in 1788 and the writings of Lacunza have opposing views regarding their interpretations Emmanuel Lacunza (1731–1801), a Jesuit priest, (under the pseudonym Juan Josafat Ben Ezra) wrote an apocalyptic work entitled La venida del Mesías en gloria y majestad (The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty). The book appeared first in 1811, 10 years after his death. In 1827, it was translated into English by the Scottish minister Edward Irving Dr. Samuel Prideaux Tregelles (1813-1875), a prominent English theologian and biblical scholar, wrote a pamphlet in 1866 tracing the concept of the rapture through the works of John Darby back to Edward Irving

This is the point: When you hear somebody saying: "It is a 1830' theory! That 'theory' is already washed up! That's behind time and haven't kept up with the studies!

What is the phrase we should use? Is there a correct Scriptural phrase?   

Their Dilemma

But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus/Yeshua died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will G-D bring with Him. For this we say unto you by the Word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not precede them which are asleep. (1 Thessalonians 4: 13-15)

The Harpazo...

For the L-rd Himself will descend from Heaven with a loud cry of summons, with the shout of an archangel, and with the blast of the trumpet of G-d. And those who have departed this life in Yeshua/Christ will rise first. Then we, the living ones who remain [on the earth], shall simultaneously be caught up along with [the resurrected dead] in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so always (through the eternity of the eternities) we shall be with the L-rd! Therefore comfort {and} encourage one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18) “Caught up”: Greek: "the Harpazo" = forcibly snatched up; Latin, rapture.

[He planned] for the maturity of the times {and} the climax of the ages to unify all things {and} head them up {and} consummate them in Christ, [both] things in Heaven and things on the earth. (Ephesians 1:10  Amplified)

That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in Heaven, and which are on earth; even in him: (Ephesians 1:10  KJV)   To sum up in one!

BUT RELATIVE to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and our gathering together to [meet] Him, we beg you, brethren, (2 Thessalonians 2:1 Amplified)

The Upper Room Promise...

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in G-D, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (John 14:1-3)

The children of the Day...

But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night [to children of the night]. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them . . . But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night. But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For G-D hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thessalonians 5:1-9)

Ephraem of Nisibis (A.D. 306-373)

For all the saints and Elect of G-D are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins—On the Last Times, the antichrist, and the End of the World

The Restrainer...

And now ye know what [restraineth] that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now [restraineth] will [restrain], until He be taken out of the way. And then shall that "wicked one" be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: (2 Thessalonians 2:6-8)

Who is the “Restrainer” (or “hinderer”)? “He” is a person (grammatically, it is neuter: pneuma, The Spirit).

They believe that the Day of Lord has come, and they have not been taken out of the way (or why would they be upset?) They either have apostasy must come first. [or the word “departure” might refer to the Rapture] Then the Restrainer will be taken out of the way—and His containers! Then the Man of Sin will be revealed…etc. 

The Great Deception

Even him, whose coming is after the working of satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause G-D shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe [the] lie: (2 Thessalonians 2:9-11)

Harpazo II...

When the apostle Paul said "to caught up together" "Harpazo" is the sudden of it! Snatch by force! In a moment. (ενατομω).. In an atom, scil. of time; a point of time which cannot be cut or divided, (a priv. and τομη from τεμνω to cut.) A single instant; immediately. It will be done instantaneously. "In the twinkling of an eye". This is an expression also denoting the least conceivable duration of time. The suddenness of the coming of the Lord Jesus / Yeshua.

The gathering together in one" is the unity of it! It is not only the snatch away, but gathering the family of G-d in Heaven and Earth together as one family! To gather together unto Him is the promise of it! Here is revealed:

1. The promise of His coming
2. The suddenness of His coming
3. The unity of the coming!

Everybody who has died in Yeshua/Christ, is gather together and those who are ready and living for Yeshua/Christ (There is a number that no-one can number)

Rapture not in the Scripture?

·         Gather His elect
·         Gather together to Me My saints
·         Gather the people, sanctify the congregation;
·         Assemble the elderly people,
·         Gather the children and the nursing infants
·         Gather together in one
·         To caught up together
·         The great assembly of the righteous saints
·         The general assembly of the righteous saints
·        Harpazo

The "Rapture' has many purposes!

The "Rapture' has many purposes, yet the Scripture sets forth as one of the clear reasons a very practical one! The raptured uncompromising righteous believers are coming with the Lord Yeshua (Christ)  to participate alongside Him in the great battle of Jerusalem as described in: (Zechariah 14:5) And you shall flee by the valley of My mountains, for the valley of the mountains shall reach to Azal, and you shall flee as you fled from before the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah; and the Lord my [Zechariah's] G-D shall come, and all the holy ones [saints and angels] with {Him.}

The Lord Yeshua, the warrior will come and all the Saints are with Him!? This reconciles (Psalm 50:5;  Isaiah 13:3-6; Zechariah 14:5; Joel 2:16; Jude 1:14, 15; 1 Enoch:1:9) They all fit together perfectly! In (Zechariah 14:5)  the context is clear The saints are with Him in His battle! In (Joel 2:10,11) the Lord will go forth and fight! The land of Israel is significant for G-D {El Shaddai ha Qodesh; YHVH} He clearly returns (Yeshua) to judge those nations that divided His land! (Joel 3:2)  Also in: Neither does one thrust upon another; they walk everyone in his path. And they burst through {and} upon the weapons, yet they are not wounded {and} do not change their course. (Joel 2:8) They are not wounded, nor effected by these modern deadly destructive weapons? These people in (Joel 2:8) can lunge between the weapons and not into them, which is why they are not killed! The context is speaking  of the miraculous - they run on the walls (Verse 9)   With glorified bodies {Immortal resurrected bodies) we not only walk on walls, but also walk through them. We are the Lord's army (Verse 11)  This is the army of the Lord Himself; the righteous saints who are coming with the Lord from Heaven! (Zechariah 14:5)  For human flesh can be transmuted into higher form, and then that higher form is master of things manifest, and can, at will, take any form. And so the Lord Yeshua comes to you in form familiar unto you. (Resurrected immortal body occurs at the Rapture for the righteous saints!) (1 Corinthians15:51-55)

The "Day of the Lord"! Yet on that day, Yeshua speaks to His army in preparation for this battle of the Day of the Lord. Messiah Yeshua is here in Person; leading the defense of Jerusalem and save the raiment of the Jewish people (In Petra) This confirms that righteous uncompromising 'elect' (and raptured) believers/saints are fighting physically in Jerusalem! This "sharp sword" coming out of His mouth is the proclamation of war as written about in: (Joel 2: 11) And the Lord utters His voice before His army, for His host is very great, and [they are] strong {and} powerful who execute [God's] word. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible, and who can endure it?  (Joel 2: 11)

And the troops of Heaven, clothed in fine linen, dazzling and clean, followed Him on white horses. From His mouth goes forth a sharp sword with which He can smite (afflict, strike) the nations; and He will shepherd {and} control them with a staff (sceptre, rod) of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath {and} indignation of G-D the All-Ruler (the Almighty, the Omnipotent). (Revelation19:14, 15)  See also in (Daniel 7:9, 10)  (In spiritual Inspiring source: Walid Shoebat; "God's war on terror"; Page 199 -202; added more and edited)

A sound coming from the Throne of G-d

There is a sound coming from the Throne of G-D. The voice of the Lord is speaking to the earth to those who have ears to hear. As we hear what He is saying and proclaim it;

· Our words change the very atmosphere around us.
 Our words push back
the darkness and advance the Kingdom of G-D.
 Our words decree things and bring into being the very will of G-D here on earth.
 Our words prepare His way and usher in His very soon return.
Are you listening? Can you hear His voice?
(Source unknown)

The events of tribulation will not just suddenly begin to happening after the Rapture...

The events of tribulation will not just suddenly begin to happening the day after the assembly of the righteous saints; they will be building momentum during the End Time - "days" before it. Events occurring right now TODAY, show that our nowadays world is being prepared for the reign of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast! Today's grim headline allow us to understand ancient prophecy as never before! The stage is set for the culmination of what the Scripture has predicted. It is obvious that we are living very near the "fullness to time"!

 A New Testament Mystery?

The Apostle Paul speaks of the Rapture as a "mystery" (1 Corinthians 15:51-54), that is, a truth not revealed until its disclosure by the apostles (Colossians 1:26). The Second Coming, on the other hand, was predicted by the ancient prophets in the Old Testament Scriptures (Daniel 12:1-3; Zechariah 12:10; 14:4). In fact, the oldest prophecy uttered by a prophet was given before the flood of Noah and was of the Second Coming! It was given by Enoch, quoted in Jude 14-15.

The Rapture is described as occurring at any time without warning, but being prepared!

Yeshua stated in (Matthew 24:42, 44) Watch therefore [give strict attention, be cautious and active], for you do not know in what kind of a day [whether a near or remote one] your Lord is coming. (Matthew 24:42) You also must be ready therefore, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect Him. (Matthew 24:44) Not only do believers in Yeshua not know when to expect Him, but the Heavenly Father Himself seems to have left Yeshua out on the exact time His Son is to return. As Yeshua/Jesus stated in Matthew 24:36, But of that [exact] day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. This is also related to a Jewish marriage! (Matthew 24:36,42,44,50; 25:13; 1 Thessalonians 4:18; Tit. 2:13; 1 John 2:28; 3:2-3) indicate that Yeshua' arrival will come when nobody expects it. As righteous believer


Rapture & Second coming...

The movement of the believer at the Rapture is from earth to Heaven; (In the Heavenly Temple)  at the Second Coming it is from Heaven to earth. At the Rapture, the Lord comes for His saints (1 Thessalonians 4:16), while at the Second Coming the Lord comes with His saints from Heaven to Earth! (1 Thessalonians 3:13).

Second coming...

The Second Coming, on the other hand, is preceded by many events, such as the rise of the Antichrist (Rev. 12:13-17; Zech; 13:7-9), a treaty with Israel (Dan. 9:27), the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple (Mat. 24:15; 2 Thess. 2:3-4; Rev. 11:1-2), as well as plagues and judgments and persecutions destroying most of the world's population (Rev. 6-18). The Book of Revelation reports these events as occurring during the 7-year Tribulation, which Revelation reveals precede the Second Coming.(Daniel's 70 - week)

7 -Year Tribulation on planet Earth...
3½ -Year (Wrath of
Yeshua/Christ) + 3½ -Year (Wrath of G-D)

The events of tribulation will official start after the rapture of the righteous saints! An upcoming time period has been set aside for G-D to pour out His wrath upon the evil of the world, to re-gather Israel back into its land, to force Israel to acknowledge Yeshua as their Messiah, and for the Messiah to (2-sd coming) return and fight for His believing remnant (Deuteronomy 4:26-31; Isaiah 13:6-13; 17:4-11; Jeremiah 30:4-11; Ezekiel 20:33-38; Daniel 9:27; 12:1; Zechariah 14:1-4; Matthew 24:9-31). This time period begins with a covenant between Israel and the Antichrist (Dan. 9:27). The length of the Tribulation is seven years long, described in a variety of ways as "one seven" year block (Daniel 9:27), "times, time and half a time" (Rev. 12:14), consisting of two "1260 days" periods (Revelation 11:3), or two "42 month" periods (Revelation 11:2; 13:5). Daniels 70 year-period! While the Earth is in turmoil the righteous saints have entered the Heavenly Temple of G-D! Partaking the Marriage of the Lamb and preparing their future priest-hood & ruler-ship as Kings for the millennium! Continue below...

For all the righteous uncompromising saints and Elect of G-D are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the L-rd lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins......For G-d has not appointed us to [incur His] wrath [He did not select us to condemn us], but [that we might] obtain [His] salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) (1 Thessalonians 5:9 Amplified) {Ephrem Syrus}

 (Source-combination of information from: Chuck Missler; www.khouse.org & Lamb & Lion Ministries  & www.Godsoutreachminisntryint.org  )

The open door in Heaven from the Heavenly Temple
for the worshippers at the Morning service!


After this the gates of the Heavenly Temple were open for the worshippers! In Chapter 4 John is caught up into Heaven as the door of Heaven open! This transition from chapter 3 to Chapter 4 is triggered by the rapture (Revelation 4:1) (the great assembly of the righteous saints)!

And the temple of God was opened in Heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightning's, and voices, and thundering's, and an earthquake, and great hail. (Revelation 11:19)
more will follow...

Ten Proofs the Rapture Takes Place in
Revelation Chapter 4 Verse 1


AFTER THIS I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard addressing me like [the calling of] a war trumpet said, Come up here, and I will show you what must take place in the future. (Revelation 4:1)

After these things (John. 5:1). This Greek phrase is used at the beginning and at end of this verse thus: "After these things (after writing the things concerning the churches of Revelation 2 -- Revelation 3 ; I looked ... a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice ... said: "Come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be after these things," that is, after the churches (Rev. 4:1). This confirms and settles the question as to the time of the fulfillment of all the events of Revelation 4 -- Revelation 22. They must be after these things of the churches, or after the rapture of the church. The church is no longer on earth when the futuristic events of Revelation 4 -- Revelation 22 take place!.

1. Yeshua Messiah / Christ said the things of Rev. 4 -- Rev. 22 "must be hereafter," that is, after the churches, as proved above and also in note, Rev. 1:19. If this is true, then the church is raptured before these things of Rev. 4 -- Rev. 22, and after the things of the churches of Rev. 2 -- Rev. 3.

2. The word "church" is found 19 times in Rev. 1 -- Rev. 3 but not once in the third division of the book which contains "the things which must be" after the churches (Rev. 4:1 -- Rev. 22:5). The church is found again in the conclusion of the book (Rev. 22:6-21), but only after "the things which must be" are fully revealed.

3. The enthroned elders are representative of the raptured & redeemed saints and they are always seen in Heaven after Rev. 4:1 Rev. 4:4. (Angels are not needed to be redeemed!)

4. The 70th week of Daniel will be the last seven years of this age, during which time all of Rev. 4 -- Rev. 19; Mt. 24 -- Mt. 25 will be fulfilled.

5. There is no place for the rapture of the church and the Old Testament saints other than in Rev. 4:1. The man-child and the great tribulation saints are the only ones to be saved and raptured during Daniel's 70th week, and these are distinct groups from the church and the Old Testament saints, as proved in notes on Rev. 4:4.

6. In Luke. 21:34-36 we have the promise of Yeshua Messiah / Christ Jesus that the saved will be accounted worthy to escape all these things, and to stand before the Son of Man. The things they will escape are those of Matthew. 24:4-26; Luke. 21:4-19 and Rev. 6 -- Rev. 19.

Pre-Tribulation Eschatology

Epistle of Barnabas, (A.D. 100).
• Irenaeus, in Against Heresies.
• Hippolytus, a disciple of Irenaeus (2nd Century).
• Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho.
• Ephraem, the Syrian (4th Century).

Later Pre-Tribulation Eschatology

• Peter Jurieu, The Approaching Deliverance of the Church, 1687.
• Philip Doddridge’s Commentary on the New Testament, 1738.
• Dr. John Gill, Commentary on the New Testament, 1748.

1st Epistle to the Thessalonians: Our Blessed Hope & 2nd Epistle to the Thessalonians: Our Blessed Hope II

 2 Peter 3:12 is looking for and hastening the coming of the day of G-D!

– By longing for His appearing 2 Timothy 4:8
– By praying for His appearing
Revelation 22:8
– By seeking to win souls
Romans 11:25

 Today’s Heresies

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. (2 Peter 3:3, 4)

The tribulation period is not about and has never been about the Church of righteous saints!

7. In 1Thessalonians 5:1-11 Here an another definite promise assuring us that saints of righteousness will escape the wrath of G-D (of Revelation 6-19). G-D has not appointed us to this wrath, but to obtain deliverance through Yeshua/Jesus Christ so we can live with Him! (1Thessalonians 5:9-11). How could saints comfort one another (as stated in this scripture and in 1Thessalonians 4:16-17; Titus. 2:13) if the only hope they had was the coming wrath of G-D in the future tribulation?

The tribulation period  (after the rapture) is not about and has never been about the Church! The tribulation period is about the wrath of G-D being poured out on the un-believers!
G-d is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserveth wrath for His enemies. (Nahum 1:2 KJV)

For the wrath of G-D is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; (Romans 1:18 (KJV)

But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath, Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile; (Romans 2:7-9 KJV)

Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of G-d upon the children of disobedience. (Ephesians 5:6 (KJV)

The indignation or wrath of G-D is predicted to happen at the very end of the age! The ancient prophets teach us that it is a seven year period.

And he shall enter into a strong {and} firm covenant with the many for one week [seven years]. And in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and offering to cease [for the remaining three and one-half years]; and upon the wing {or} pinnacle of abominations [shall come] one who makes desolate, until the full determined end is poured out on the desolator. (Daniel 9:27 Amp)

Tribulation is not only a time of wrath, but also of 'pressing'! (Separate force) It is the time of Jacob's trouble that will be the last three and a half years of this age, the last half of Daniel's 70th week, and the time when Antichrist will enter Israel/Jerusalem and take over the temple as his capital building, to be worshiped there as "god". (Daniel 7:27; 11:40-45; 12:1-7; Matthew. 24:15-31; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; Revelation 12:1 -- 20:6). Alas! for

8. In 2Thessalonians 2:6-8 it is definitely shown that the rapture takes place before the revelation of the Antichrist and before the 70th week of Daniel. The futuristic events of Rev. 4 -- Rev. 19 will take place during this week, so the rapture must take place in Rev. 4:1.
The Tribulation is G-D's wrath upon the unbelieving world, and not for those who are saved from
Yeshua/Christ's resurrection to the Rapture — called the Church of His righteous saints.. Saints have suffered all throughout human history, but there is a special time (likewise Noah's Flood Catastrophe) set apart called the Day of the Lord for G-D's wrath. Christians suffering's and the Tribulation/Day of the Lord are different. The Day of the Lord: Joel 3:21; Amos 5:18; Isaiah 2:2; 13:6; Jeremiah 46:10

9. There is a marked change in G-D's attitude toward humanity in general, from that of mercy (Revelation 1 -- Revelation 3) to that of judgment (Revelation 4 -- Revelation 19). The seals, trumpets, and vials all picture judgment throughout Daniel's 70th week. If the church does not go through any of these things, as proved already, then the rapture must take place in Rev. 4:1. There is mention the "saints", but does NOT refer to the Church, but the "Tribulation saints", who had to face hard persecution and even beheaded!)

10. An individual or a body of individuals can be identified by peculiarities and characteristics. If the church is to be on earth and is the subject of Revelation 4 -- Revelation 19 , then its earmarks should be seen. But such are not to be found. On the other hand, earmarks of Israel are seen throughout the book after Revelation 4:1. The earmarks of the church are seen up to this point only. This proves that two different institutions are dealt with in different parts of the book: first, the church until its rapture in Revelation 4:1; second, Israel after the rapture of the church to the second coming of Yeshua Messiah / Christ Jesus (Revelation 4 -- Revelation 19). (Source: Dake's Annotated Reference Bible/study note's  &  God's Outreach Ministry Int./study research by Paul van Beek.)

The Scripture describes the Rapture and Second Coming as different events!


Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindred's of the earth shall wail because of Him. Even so, Amen.

Two distinct comings are separated by 7 years,
Rapture: imminent; no precedent condition. Second Coming: list of prerequisite events.

Rapture; (Great assembly of the righteous saints) Meeting in the air in the clouds!

Second: The Lords 2-sd coming (He is returning with the saints from Heaven to reign His Divine Kingdom on Earth as King of kings and Lord of lords!

The Bible must see the Rapture (Jn. 14:1-14; I Cor. 15:51-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) and the Second Coming (Zech. 14:1-21; Matt. 24:29-31; Mk. 13:24-27; Luke. 21:25-27; Revelation 19) as separate events, because when the verses are compared they describe two very different scenarios:

RaptureRighteous believers meet Yeshua/Christ in the air
Second ComingYeshua/Christ as King returns to the Mount of Olives to meet the believers on earth

Rapture — Mount of Olives is unchanged
Second Coming — Mount of Olives is divided, forming a valley east of Jerusalem

Rapture — Righteous living believers obtain glorified bodies
Second Coming — living believers remain in same bodies

Rapture — Righteous believers go to Heaven; in the Heavenly Temple
Second Coming — glorified & raptured believers are coming from Heaven, earthly believers stay on earth

Rapture — world left un-judged and living in sin
Second Coming — world is judged and righteousness is established

Rapture — depicts deliverance of the Church from wrath (the day of the Lord) Tribulation begins!
Second Coming — depicts deliverance of believers who endured wrath; Concluding the day of wrath

Rapture — no signs precede it; Imminent, any-moment, sign-less
Second Coming — many signs precede it; 

Rapture — revealed only in New Testament (Pictures in OT refers to it; see below)
Second Coming — revealed in both Old and New Testaments

Rapture — deals with only the saved righteous (un-compromising) over-comers -  saints
Second Coming — deals with both the saved and unsaved; Every eye shall see Him. Millennial Kingdom begins.

Rapturesatan remains free; No reference to satan.
Second Comingsatan is bound and thrown into the Abyss

Rapture Yeshua/ Christ comes for His own.
Second Coming  Yeshua/ Christ comes with His own to the earth with His bride.

Since the Rapture and Second Coming clearly are different events that do not occur at the same time, this would rule out a Post-Tribulation Rapture scenario. (Source {Edited}: Lamb & Lion Ministries)
The Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah); The King of kings!
riding one His Heavenly Horse
to conquer with the righteous saints from Heaven!
2-sd Coming (Revelation Chapter 19) ÇÈ
Picture source: 1.
Believers Fellowship Faith Church;  / work of Art; Messiah as Conquering King in His 2-sd coming/ Ç
Picture source: 2.  Old Bible book /  Messiah's 2-sd coming with His saints at Armageddon È

 The Second Coming; an event prophesied by Enoch!

 (Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 24:29-31; Mark. 13:24-27; Luke. 21:25-27; Revelation 19)


And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him. These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage. (Jude 1:14-16)

Enoch (7-th generation after Adam!) was the father of the oldest man on record of human history: Methuselah, whose age became 969 years! Where Jude learned of this prophecy is not known, unless it was from the book of Enoch which was known in the early church. (Origen, Tertullian, and others mention a book by this name!).

Enoch; a very remarkable & Mysterious ancient prophet in the Scripture! (Before the flood of Noah!) It is fair to say that the patriarch Enoch was as well known to the ancients as he is obscure to modern Bible readers. Besides giving his age (365 years), the Book of Genesis says of him only that he "walked with God," and afterward "he was not, because God had taken him" (Genesis 5:24). God "translated" him without dying as in Elijah's case (2 Kings 2; Hebrews 11:5). His biography is brief but outstanding—one sentence revealing the history of 365 years, 300 of which were spent believing, being humble and holy, walking with God. This exalted way of life and mysterious demise made Enoch into a figure of considerable fascination, and a cycle of legends grew up around him! Enoch did NOT see death! Enoch represented God’s judgment on the days before the Noah's flood Catastrophe! He also will be one of the Tribulation witness (see Revelation Ch 11) representing God’s judgment  likewise on the days as before Noah's flood! (See more about Enoch at: Ancient Prophets; One of the 2 tribulation witnesses?)

Enoch was caught up and transferred to Heaven...

And Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God; and he was not, for God took him [home with Him]. (Genesis 5:24) The 7-th generation-man was translated to Heaven. 7 is the number of perfection or completion of a cycle. Because of faith Enoch was caught up {and} transferred to Heaven, so that he did not have a glimpse of death; and he was not found, because God had translated him. For even before he was taken to Heaven, he received testimony [still on record] that he had pleased {and} been satisfactory to God. (Hebrews 11:5) 

In Hebrew the word 'took him" means "to carry away" "to seize by force upwards" or "to take up"! The Greek word "Translated" means: "to transfer; transported" or "to change side". The traditions among the Jews is the Enoch was born & translated at Passover. Enoch is the 7-th generation of Adam! Representing 7 dispensations of time. (which the 7-th will be the Kingdom of G-D of Earth!) It begins by the rapture, the "Church of the righteous saints being caught up"

(REMARK! There is an other "Enoch" recorded in Genesis! And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare "Enoch": and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, "Enoch". (Genesis 4:17) This is not the Enoch of Seth's line who was the seventh from Adam (Genesis 5:18-24; Jude 1:14). This 'Enoch' was third from Adam in Cain's line. This (other) 'Enoch' was the eldest son of Cain and father of Irad, the world first city was named after him!)

I-V. Parable of Enoch on the Future Lot of the Wicked and the Righteous

"Behold," he declared, "the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds." (Jude 14, 15).

1. The words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect {and} righteous, who will be living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked {and godless} are to be removed.

2. And he took up his parable and said--Enoch a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of the Holy One in the heavens, {which} the angels showed me, and from them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come.

Enoch’s Prophecy

• We know the Lord’s coming (second) is sure.
• We know who will accompany the Lord.
• We know the purpose of His coming.
• We know the result of the Lord’s coming.


Enoch was translated (“raptured”!) midway between Adam and Abraham.
Elijah was translated (“raptured”!) midway between Abraham and Yeshua (Christ).

By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because G-D had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased G-D. (Hebrews 11:5)

3. Concerning the elect I said, and took up my parable concerning them:

The Holy Great One will come forth from His dwelling,
4. And the eternal God will tread upon the earth, (even) on Mount Sinai,
{And appear from His camp}
And appear in the strength of His might from the Heaven of Heavens.

5. And all shall be smitten with fear
And the Watchers shall quake,
And great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the earth.

6. And the high mountains shall be shaken,
And the high hills shall be made low,
And shall melt like wax before the flame

7. And the earth shall be {wholly} rent in sunder,
And all that is upon the earth shall perish,
And there shall be a judgment upon all (men).

8. But with the righteous He will make peace.

And will protect the elect,
And mercy shall be upon them.

And they shall all belong to God,
And they shall be prospered,
And they shall {all} be blessed.

{And He will help them all},
And light shall appear unto them,
{And He will make peace with them}.

9. And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of {His} holy ones
To execute judgment upon all,
And to destroy {
all} the ungodly:

And to convict all flesh
Of all the works {
of their ungodliness} which they have ungodly committed,
And of
all the hard things which ungodly sinners {have spoken} against Him.
Picture source: Believers Fellowship Faith Church;  / work of Art; Messiah as Conquering King in His 2-sd coming/Ç

References: The Return of Yeshua/Christ to Rule..

• 1,845 references in the Old Testament.
• 17 books give prominence to the event.
• 318 references in the New Testament.
• 216 chapters.
• 23 of 27 books give prominence to the event.
• For every
prophecy of Yeshua/Christ’s 1st Coming there are eight of His 2nd Coming!

Rapture passages

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2 Thessalonians 2:1

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Revelation 3:10


Revelation 4:1 (added)

Source: Book "Are we living in the End Times?"  Page 99; by Dr. Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

Second Coming Passages

Daniel 2:44-45

Acts 3:19-21

Daniel 7:9-14

1 Thessalonians 3:13

Daniel 12:1-3

2 Thessalonians 1:6-10

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Jude 1:14-15 (Prophecy of Enoch)

Matthew 26:24

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Revelation 19:11, 20:6

Mark 14:62

Revelation 22:7, 12, 20

Luke 21:25-28


Acts 1:9-11


Source: Book "Are we living in the End Times?"  Page 99; by Dr. Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

The gold trumpet!
(Shemot / Exodus 19:13)

As the word 'trumpet'  is mentioned as the Hebrew word "Shofar" 48 times in the Old Testament. There is one time that it is not translated to "Shofar" but is translated as "Yovel"! 13 There shall not an hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live: when the trumpet {Yovel} sounded long, they shall come up to the mount. "  (Exodus 19:13 KJV)
No hand shall touch it [or the offender], but he shall surely be stoned or shot [with arrows]; whether beast or man, he shall not live. When the trumpet sounds a long blast, they shall come up to the mountain. (Exodus 19:13
As the Shofar blast grew louder and louder, Moses spoke and G-d answered him with a voice.
(Exodus 19:19 Amplified)
There shall no yad touch Him, but he shall surely be stoned, or surely mortally shot whether it be  behemah or ish, it shall not live; when the Yovel soundeth long, they shall come up to HaHar. (Shemot 19:13' Orthodox Jewish Bible) 

The Gold trumpet: The very first time the word "trumpets" appears in the Scripture! It is not "Shofar" but "Yovel"! Shofar is the Rams-horn or the antelope! Silver trumpets are trumpets too. "Yovel" is the same Hebrew word for: "Jubilee"! The word "Yovel" alludes to the 'silver trumpets', On the year of jubilee they blown 'silver trumpets'! The prophetic picture of the 'Rapture' is Exodus 19. YHVH came down on the mountain Sinai - Moses went up! There are trumpets involved in the "Rapture"! Exodus 19 is a foreshadow or picture  of the 'rapture' or 'the great assembly'! When the trumpets sounds long, they shall come to the mount Sinai! In Moses' time it was mount Sinai, now it is Heavenly Mount Zion! But ye are come unto mount Zion, and unto the city of the Living G-d, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, (Hebrews 12:22)
See also at: Similarities between these Events relating to the coming of Yeshua & Moses' at Mount Sinai
Picture-source out "Golden treasury of bible stories"; Artist  1954

By blowing one set of trumpets and its wakes the people up and get them lined up. By blowing the 'next' trumpet/Shofar  and they start marching. If Apostle Paul said the dead will rise up by the last trumpet, then also there have to be a first!  One trumpet will "wake" you up and when the next one would sound you are "going" up! You are going to meet the Lord in the air! You can find every clue of the future hidden find in the Old Testament!

The general assembly of the...

The general assembly of the Church of the First fruits. (The uncompromising righteous saints) You shall make your two silver trumpets for the calling of the assembly. First meaning is the 'camp' of Israel, second meaning, the trumpets are going to sound to gather an assembly on the Mount of G-D; Mount Zion. Specific with the Trump of G-D: In the Scriptures there are places when the trumpet sounded, it was actually G-D's voice! For the voice of the Lord is as a trumpet! The great assembly being an event that happen every 7 years in Israel in the ancient times where the temple was. And because on that 7-th year the king showed up, the king would blow a golden trumpet. Never was the golden trumpet been used at Yon Kippur. The golden trumpet was only used by the '7-yearly - great assembly'!  Silver refers to or is  a middle to redemption; Gold always refers to the Divinity of G-D {YHWH}! I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, (Revelation 1:10) After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter. (Revelation 4:1)

...There is a Priest, who is a King, Who is worthy...!

The very G-D Himself is involved in the great assembly of the first fruit saints/ first born righteous saints! (Rapture) There is a trumpet that G-D has; it is a solid gold trumpet. When the silver trumpets been sound we as the great assembly of the first fruit saints/ first born righteous saints are going to be up to meet the Lord in the air! The great assembly occurred every 7 years! Including men, women and children have participation in it. When the crowd arrived 'the king' would ascend the "Bema" (Apostle Paul refers this to that all we have to appear before the Judgment seat of Yeshua/Christ) He brought the Torah-scroll to the Synagogue-priest; he then gave it to the High-Priest; he then past it to 'the king' who stood and received the Scroll! ......Also likewise in Revelation described the King opened 7-sealed scroll and red from it...!  

The "Rapture" should be called: "The great assembly" likewise what happen in ancient time every 7 years by the Hebrew people. At the rapture He is coming for His uncompromising righteous first-fruit saints; to meet them in the air and bring them in the Temple in Heaven. With His Kingdom at His second coming is with His saints, from Heaven. (Note's partly from Dr. Perry Stone)

Mid-tribulation - Rapture precedes the Tribulation??

The view that the Rapture will occur at the mid-point of the Tribulation is based upon 1 Corinthians 15:52 which states that the Rapture will occur at the blowing (by an angel, not G-d) of "the last trumpet." This Mid-Tribulation Rapture view then declares this trumpet to be the last of the seven trumpets in Revelation 11 that is blown by an angel) at the mid-point of the Tribulation. Why of the 114 references to trumpets in the Scripture these two are identified as one and the same only defies sound Scriptural research! The context clearly shows the last trumpet of 1 Corinthians 15 is blown for believers whereas the seven trumpets (of judgments) of Revelation 8, 9 and 11 are sounded for unbelievers. The Revelation trumpets therefore can have no relevance for the Church!

• “Mid-trip” views deny Imminency
• 70th Week is defined by covenant enforced by the coming world leader {anti-christ} (Daniel 9:27).
• “Great Tribulation” = last 1/2 of 70th Week (Matthew 24:15, 21).
• The Leader cannot be revealed until after the Rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:6-9).

Post-Tribulation Problems

• Denies New Testament teaching of Imminency.
• We are to expect at any time
• Requires the Church during 70th Week.
• Israel & the Church mutually exclusive
(Dan 9:26).
• Church experiences G-D’s Wrath.
• Promised not to experience
(1 Thessalonians 5:9; Revelation 3:10).
• How can the "Bride" come with Him?

Tekyiah Gadollah!

There is a 4-th blast called the Tekyiah Gadollah (Great Tekyiah). Some consider a fourth sound but it is simply a tekyiah held as long as breath lasts or is appropriate. Some Shofar blowers can hold a note for over a minute! (which also will occur at the Rapture!)
There is a difference of opinion in the Talmud as to whether the Teruah or the Shevarim was sounded in the Temple. As usual, the Rabbis compromised and both were considered valid. On Rosh Hashanah the Shofar is sounded 100 times with all the traditional forms. This is done to make sure that the Shofar is blown often enough and with the proper sounds to satisfy God!  How easy to be caught up in legalisms! 
Be sensitive to the inspiration of
the Ruach (Spirit) and use the horn as you would use your voice as an instrument of praise! (See more at web-page of Shofars)

Rosh Hashanah is also the coronation of the king; Shofar/Trumpets are sounded at a coronation and G-D is hailed as King on this day! The Shofar is a ram's horn which is blown somewhat like a trumpet. One of the most important observances of this holiday is hearing the sounding of the Shofar in the synagogue. A total of 100 notes are sounded each day. There are four different types of Shofar notes: tekiah, a 3 second sustained note; shevarim, three 1-second notes rising in tone, teruah, a series of short, staccato notes extending over a period of about 3 seconds; and tekiah gedolah (literally, "big tekiah"), the final blast in a set, which lasts (I think) 10 seconds minimum. The Scripture does not indicate a specific reason for this practice. One that has been suggested is that the Shofar's sound is a call to repentance!

Similarities between the Events
relating to the coming of
Yeshua & Moses' at Mount Sinai























Picture-source out "Golden treasury of bible stories"; Artist  1954

Similarities between these Events relating to the coming of Yeshua & Moses' at Mount Sinai

The third day  (Hosea 6:1-3)

Came down on the third day

Yeshua is coming in the clouds (Acts 1:9-11)

G-D came down in clouds   (of Shekinah Glory)

Trump of G-D will sound

Noise of the trumpet  

Come in FIRE!  (2 Thessalonians 1:7-8)

G-D came in a FIRE! 

A shout and voice of archangel!

G-D answered with a voice (Are you able to discern?)

Yeshua descended from Heaven

G-D descended from Heaven

All (righteous) believers caught up!

G-D called Moses up!

Righteous believers meet Him in the air!

Moses went up!

 Source: Book "Living in the final Chapter"  Page 114; by Dr. Perry Stone

The Feast of Trumpets & the Rapture!    

There is a strong connection with the Feast of Trumpets (season of the Fall Feasts of the Lord) and the Rapture!

Firstly, let's take an annual look at the Feast of Trumpets or the Feast of Shofar-blowing as the Hebrew calls it. More commonly the day is referred to as Rosh Ha Shana, the Head of the Year - the New Year. According the Biblical instruction we are to have a holy convocation on the 1st day of the 10th month.

Say to the Israelites, On the first day of the seventh month [almost October], you shall observe a day of solemn [sabbatical] rest, a memorial day announced by blowing of trumpets (Shofar blowing), a holy [called] assembly. (Leviticus 23:24)

How can the 1st day of the 10th month be the New Year?  Furthermore the Lord says that Passover time in April is the beginning of the year for Israel.  This month shall be to you the beginning of months, the first month of the year to you. (Exodus 12:2)

One of the reasons the Feast of Shofar Blowing (Yom ah Truah)  is now celebrated as Rosh Ha Shana, is that the enemy wants to conceal or mask the true relevance of this Holy Feast of the Lord.  Concerning the Feasts, G-D calls them His Feasts - His appointed times!  We believe that the Feasts of the Lord prophetically show the Lord's plan of redemption for Israel, and those who are grafted into Israel by the Blood of Yeshua, to form the One New Man: Therefore if any person is [in grafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh {and} new has come! (2  Corinthians 5:17; Also in Ephesians 2:15)   Every major New Testament event thus far, has been precisely fulfilled on an Old Testament festival!  The next event we are waiting for is the "Rapture" or the "catching away" of the Body of Messiah!(The righteous saints)  There are people out there who don't believe in the Rapture, but it clearly in scripture!  Many Bible teachers who have a degree of understanding about the relevance of the Feasts, believe that the Rapture will occur on the Feast of Trumpets (when you hear the last trumpet - the trumpet of God and the shout of the Arch-angel). We don't know the year, but I believe we can know the day by knowing about the Feasts. That is to recommend you do take the time to study the Feasts of the Lord!

The simple way to celebrate Yom Ha Truah or the Feast of Trumpet is to gather together for a Holy convocation, thank the Lord for His amazing redemption plan and the soon return if Yeshua to set up the Kingdom of G-D in Jerusalem, and for sending Yeshua to be our personal Redeemer, read the Scriptures. pray, blow the Shofar of course (Tekyiah Gadollah), and share some good food together. (David Silver's; Comment Haifa Israel; edited; permission granted)

The Rapture is a glorious event which God has promised to the Church. The promise is that someday very soon, at the blowing of a trumpet and the shout of an archangel, Yeshua will appear in the sky and take up His Church, living and dead, to Heaven. The concept of the Rapture was not revealed to the Old Testament prophets because it is a promise to the New Testament Church and not to the saints of God who lived before the establishment of the Church.

"...and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before,  "whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began. (Acts 3:20-21) 

The 7 days of creation, represent also the 7 years that believers are going to be in Heaven. The Church has been living at the Feast of Pentecost. The next Feast is "Trumpets"! 100 Trumpets are sounded on the "Feast of Trumpets"! It's called Rosh Hashanah (Rosh Hashanah means, literally, "head of the year" or "first of the year." Rosh Hashanah is commonly known as the Jewish New Year) Jewish New Year celebration in the fall of the year, the month of Tishri.) (The Scripture refers to the holiday as Yom Ha-Zikkaron (the day of remembrance) or Yom Teruah (the day of the sounding of the Shofar). The holiday is instituted in Leviticus 23:24-25.)

Rosh Hashanah is also the coronation of the king; (Trumpets/Shofars are sounded at a coronation and G-D is hailed as King on this day!) and it means also: "the wedding of the King";  "the resurrection of the dead"; by Jewish people. It shows here that there is an 'image' there of the rapture; the coming of Yeshua/Christ; as being in Heaven as being linked to this particular Feast! We (The Church) are now in the dispensation of the grace of God!  If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward: (Ephesians 3:2 KJV)

Our "Blessed Hope"
Our depart for the gathering of "great Assembly"!

The L-rd sees all the imaginings of men, how they are vain, where they lie in the treasure-houses of the heart! The day of our term and the time is approaching sooner than our comprehension and in a un-expected moment of time!  For the angels who shall go with us are approaching now before us and urge us to our soon departure from this world; they are following the commandments and Trumpets {Yovel} - sounds of the L-rd most High from Heaven, awaiting what has been instructed them. For just one "heartbeat" away we; the un-compromising righteous over-coming saints shall depart for the gathering of "great Assembly of G-d's "elect" ones; up unto Heaven, to the uppermost Heavenly Jerusalem to Our eternal inheritance. Therefore I bid you do before the Lord's face all his good work and keep the faith in Him! {Just like Enoch experienced!}

From the time when the L-rd anointed us with the ointment of His Shekinah Glory, on His appointed time;  our souls remembered not the earthly enjoyment, neither do you want anything earthly anymore!

There will be an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time {Eternity}, as embodiments of the Divine; immortal Heavenly  bodies and all the righteous who shall escape the Lord's great judgment, shall be collected for the gathering of "great Assembly', for the righteous over-coming saints; and they will live eternally, and then too there will be amongst them neither labor, nor sickness, nor humiliation, nor anxiety, nor need, nor violence, nor night, nor darkness, but. great light. And they shall have a great indestructible wall, and a paradise bright and incorruptible, for all corruptible things shall pass away, and there will be eternal life!

Blessed is he who...

·         BLESSED is the man who opens his lips in praise of G-d of Sabaoth {YHVH} and praises the L-rd with his heart

·         Blessed is he who blesses all the L-rd's works

·         Blessed is he who looks down and raises the fallen

·         Blessed is he who keeps the foundations of his father's made firm from the beginning.

·         Blessed is he who implants peace; love and compassion.

·         Blessed is he who speaks with humble tongue and heart to all.

·         Blessed are those who are Over-comers, and never quit in their faith.

·         Blessed are those who did not compromise with evil.

·         BLESSED is the man who in his patience brings his gifts with faith from his heart before the Lord's Holy Face

·         For all these things will be laid bare in the weighing-scales and in the books {Scrolls in Heaven}, on the day of the great judgment. Such as in the Book of Remembrance {Your good deeds in faithfulness for the L-rd}

LXVI. Book of Enoch
instructs his sons and all the elders of the people,
how they are to walk with terror and trembling before the Lord

AND now, my children, keep your souls from all injustice, such as the Lord hates. 2 Walk before his face with terror and trembling and serve him alone. 3 Bow down to the true G-d, not to dumb idols, but bow down to "his picture", and bring all just offerings before the Lord's face. The Lord hates what is unjust. 4 For the Lord sees all things; when man takes thought in his heart, then he counsels the intellects, and every thought is always before the L-rd, who made firm the earth and put all creatures on it. 5 If you look to Heaven, the L-rd is there; if you take thought of the sea's deep and all the under-earth, the L-rd is there. 6 For the Lord created all things. Bow not down to things made by man, leaving the Lord of all creation, because no work can remain hidden before the L-rd's face. 7 Walk, my children, in longsuffering, in meekness, honesty, in provocation, in grief, in faith and in truth, in reliance on promises, in illness, in abuse, in wounds, in temptation, in nakedness, in privation, loving one another, till you go out from this age of ills, that you become inheritors of endless time. 8 Blessed are the just who shall escape the great judgment, for they shall shine forth more than the sun sevenfold, for in this world the seventh part is taken off from all, light, darkness, food, enjoyment, sorrow, paradise, torture, fire, frost, and other things; he put all down in writing, that you might read and understand.' 

NOTE-1: Methosalam.; his brethren, Regim, Riman, Uchan, Chermion, Gaidad, and all the elders of the people before the face of his father Enoch; Noah was not born yet...

NOTE-2: Enoch; a very remarkable & Mysterious ancient prophet in the Scripture! (Before the flood of Noah!)
It is fair to say that the patriarch Enoch was as well known to the ancients as he is obscure to modern Bible readers. Besides giving his age (365 years), the Book of Genesis says of him only that he "walked with G-d," and afterward "he was not, because G-d had taken him" (Genesis 5:24). This exalted way of life and mysterious demise made Enoch into a figure of considerable fascination, and a cycle of legends grew up around him! Enoch biological father became the oldest person in the Scripture was Methuselah. He died when he was 969 years old!

NOTE-3: Generations of Shem: Shem son of Noah; great-grand son of Methuselah; was 97 when he entered the ark (Genesis 11:10;  5:32; 7:6; 8:13), and was grown and married when G-d told his father to make an ark (Genesis 6:9-10,18). Noah, therefore, didn't take 120 years to build the arkVerse 10:11 Shem was the eleventh generation from Adam to Abraham. Methuselah was contemporary with Adam for 243 years (Genesis 5:1-32); Shem was contemporary with Methuselah for 97 years (Gen. 5:32; 11:10-11); Abraham was contemporary with Shem for 150 years (Genesis 11:10-32); and Jacob was contemporary with Abraham for 15 years. Information could be easily passed from Adam to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. {Source: Dake's Annotated Reference Bible}

The Gospel miniature message in the Pre-Flood Generations:

1.        Adam =Man (is)

2.        Seth =Appointed

3.        Enosh =Mortal

4.        Kenan =Sorrow; (but)

5.        Mahalalel =The Blessed G-D

6.        Jared =Shall come down

7.        Enoch =Teaching

8.        Methuselah =His death shall bring

9.        Lamech =The Despairing

10.     Noah =Comfort, Rest
Shem, Son of Noah means also: The appointed one!

(1) Man {is} (2) Appointed (3) Mortal (4) Sorrow; {but} (5) The Blessed G-D(6) Shall come down (7) Teaching (8) His death shall bring (9) The Despairing (10) Comfort, Rest!  (The Gospel prophesied in the 1 generation before the Flood!)  (See below in Framework: Permitted by www.khouse.org)

The souls of the (uncompromisingly) righteousness.....
Downloading a Word.DOCX - file
Research about the righteous saints!
by Paul van Beek

But the souls of the (uncompromisingly) righteousness are in the hand of G-D and no torment shall touch them. They seemed, in the view of the foolish to be dead; and their passing away was thought an affliction, and their going forth from us, utter destruction. But they are in peace. For if before men, indeed, they are been punished, yet is their hope full of immortality; Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed, because G-D tried them and found them worthy of Himself. As gold in the furnace, he proved them, and as sacrificial offerings He took them for Himself. In the time of their visitation they shall shine, and dart about as sparks through stubble; they shall judge nations and rule over peoples, and the Lord shall be their King forever. Those who trust in Him shall understand truth and the faithful shall abide with Him in love. Because grace and mercy are with His Holy ones and care is with His elect. (Words of Wisdom)   
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  From Adam to Noah referring to the Messiah...


Genealogy of Genesis 5 Which means
Learn the Bible in 24 Hours compiled by Chuck Missler;
Page 33, 34, 35




Adomah, means “man.” The same 17 elements that make up our body chemistry are the same 17 elements that are found in the “dust of the ground.”




Appointed Eve said, “For God hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.” Genesis 4:25

 Genesis 4:25



Mortal,” “frail,” or “miserable.” It is from the root anash, to be incurable; used of a wound, grief, woe, sickness, or wickedness. Genesis 4:26 is often mistranslated. The classic rendering (Onkelos, et al.) read, “then men began to profane the name of the Lord.” It was in the days of Enosh that men began to defile the name of the Living G-D.

 Genesis 4:26



 Sorrow,” “dirge,” or “elegy.” (The precise denotation is somewhat elusive; some study aids unfortunately presume that Kenan is synonymous with “Cainan.”) Balaam, looking down from the heights of Moab, uses a pun upon the name of the Kenites when he prophesies their destruction.

  (Num 24:21, 23)



Blessed” or “praise”; and la El, the name for G-D = “The Blessed G-D




From the verb yaradh, meaning “shall come down” Some authorities suggest that this might be an allusion to the “Sons of God” who “came down” to corrupt the daughters of men, resulting in the Nephilim of Genesis 6.




“Commencement” or “teaching And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. (Jude 14, 15)

 Jude 14, 15



Muth, a root that means “death”; shalach, which means “to bring,” or “to send forth.” = “His death shall bring 




A root still evident today in our own English word, “lament” or “lamentation” = “Despairing




 Which is derived from nacham, “to bring relief” or “comfort,” = “Comfort, or Rest



(1) Man {is} (2) Appointed (3) Mortal (4) Sorrow; {but} (5) The Blessed G-D(6) Shall come down (7) Teaching (8) His death shall bring (9) The Despairing (10) Comfort, Rest!

(REMARK! There is an other "Enoch" recorded in Genesis! And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare "Enoch": and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, "Enoch". (Genesis 4:17) This is not the Enoch of Seth's line who was the seventh from Adam (Genesis 5:18-24; Jude 1:14). This 'Enoch' was third from Adam in Cain's line. This (other) 'Enoch' was the eldest son of Cain and father of Irad, the world first city was named after him!)

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The Scriptural "raptures"

1. Enoch being the first (Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5)
2. Prophet Elijah was the second man to be taken to Heaven in his natural body! (2 Kings 2:11),
3. The bodies made part of the multitude of captives Christ captured from satan in the underworld. And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,  And came out of the graves after His resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. (Matthew 27:52-53) see for more at the site; scroll down to subject: 'Raptures'!


The two witnesses during tribulation?

Prophet Elijah was the second man to be taken to heaven in a natural body, (2 Kings 2:11), Enoch being the first (Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5; see Enoch) Both now reside in heaven in their natural bodies, having never died! However, they will die their own appointed death on earth as the 'two witnesses' of the future tribulation period (Zacharias 4:11-14; Malachi 4:5-6; Revelation11:3-12;) But also Moses could be a "candidate", because he represented the Law of God, but he died!  Than in the book of Zechariah; Chapter 4 there are also  2 other potential candidates (?) to be the 2 witnesses: Zerubbabel & Joshua!
So we do not know really for sure  who are to be the two witnesses, but some day in G-D's Divine appointed moment of time they will appear during the Tribulation-time! Personal, I believe that
Elijah is one of the 'candidates'! Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: (Malachi 4:5) (See more at "2 Tribulation-witnesses"!)



The Seventy Weeks of Daniel...


The 70 weeks of Daniel
Daniel 9:24-27

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel...
There are several main parts to this prophecy. Without a clear understanding of them many other prophecies cannot be fully understood. See for more in detail information will follow on site:  "70 Weeks of Daniel"
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