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The 4 Horse riders



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The Rapture Movie
Uploaded by KoDenzell on Dec 29, 2011 on YouTube
58 Minutes movie
To watch this impressive Movie click on bottom below:

This amazing video he collected of all kind movies and edit into one video.. Hope any Christian in world take full awake that Yeshua Messiah or Jesus Christ our Lord is coming very soon as we see our so close meaning very soon  coming.. Hope take serious viewing this video



The 4 Horses; the 7 seals; The white horse; The Red Horse; The black horse; The pale horse;
The judgments on the evil world;

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Background illustration Source: Nasa Space Program
When Scripture appears in Red, than these are the Words spoken by the Messiah Yeshua! The black written words refers to the evil one and evil deeds!
 Italic Green refer to the Scriptural words, which gives life! 
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