In these last days; like in the days of Noah..
by Paul van Beek

Noah' Flood Disastor

Old Testament's Catastrophism
Christian Science & Archeology as a warning
for our generation!

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  As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man...Part 1

Songs about "In the days of Noah"!

  The Flood...   Based on Genesis 6 and 7

Fallen angels; the sons of G-d!...


They used His bounties to glorify themselves


Amid the prevailing corruption, Methuselah, Noah, labored to keep alive the knowledge of the ONE true G-d!


They did not turn to G-d with true repentance

But Noah stood like a rock amid the tempest; surrounded by popular contempt and ridicules!

The period of their probation was about to expire!


But upon the eighth day dark clouds overspread the heavens!


The sins that called for vengeance upon the antediluvian world exist today!


A similar condition of things exists now in our generation...


As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man...Part 2

  With all their boasted philosophy, men found too late that their wisdom was foolishness! the Book of Jasher, Chapter 6
  The chronology of the Biblical Flood! 
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As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man...Part 1

As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For just as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, [men] marrying and [women] being given in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah went into the ark, And they did not know {or} understand until the flood came and swept them all away--so will be the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 24:37-39)

In these last days the minds of the believers have been distorted by unbelief and their understanding disturbed so that it will be very difficult for them to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ / Yeshua Messiah as the (only) true! (Titus 1: 15; Ephesians 4:18) They are spiritual ignorant of the  truth of G-d, while still continue to teach the 'truth'! This darkened understanding explain why an unsaved person has difficulties to accept the teachings of G-d's Word! Men left to themselves, cannot understand the Scripture! It is only when the Holy Spirit enters the 'picture' that a person gains spiritual understanding (1 Corinthians 2:14)  The Scriptural message of salvation is exclusive, that is, the Gospel of Yeshua Messiah in the only Gospel of salvation! (Galatians 1:8, 9)   

Sin continued up to the very day Noah entered the ark, so also sin will continue up to the day of the second coming of Yeshua/Christ. Vile propensities of our generation parallel those of Noah's day. The evil & wickedness that was at hand in that time is thriving in nowadays generation! Unrestrained fornication, violence, corruption and abortion are the many signs that we live in those days as the days of Noah. Judgment is on its way!

Just as Noah has to deal & to endure with the ridicule  of those prediluvian scoffers, even the nowadays Prophets are many times mocked, pursued, when they try to warn this wicked generation of the coming unavoidable judgment of G-d! There message it the same as Noah: "Repent or meet the consequences of the same tragic catastrophe!"
Likewise this generation are still ignoring G-d's warnings that are revealed throughout the signs in the Heavenly realms. Just likewise in Noah's days, these many warnings will be swept away with likewise the coming flood in the form of the tribulation period!
Destroyed them all (Luke 17:27), that is, the ones that needed to be destroyed, and saved Noah and family. So Yeshua/Christ will destroy some at His coming and leave some to replenish the earth in the Millennium...

Songs about "In the days of Noah"!
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The Flood...
Based on Genesis 6 and 7

In the days of Noah a double curse was resting upon the earth in consequence of Adam's transgression and of the murder committed by Cain. Yet this had not greatly changed the face of nature. There were evident tokens of decay, but the earth was still rich and beautiful in the gifts of G-d's providence. The hills were crowned with majestic trees supporting the fruit-laden branches of the vine. The vast, gardenlike plains were clothed with verdure, and sweet with the fragrance of a thousand flowers. The fruits of the earth were in great variety, and almost without limit. The trees far surpassed in size, beauty, and perfect proportion any now to be found; their wood was of fine grain and hard substance, closely resembling stone, and hardly less enduring. Gold, silver, and precious stones existed in abundance.

The human race yet retained much of its early vigor. But a few generations had passed since Adam had access to the tree which was to prolong life; and man's existence was still measured by centuries! Had that long-lived people, with their rare powers to plan and execute, devoted themselves to the service of G-d, they would have made their Creator's name a praise in the earth, and would have answered the purpose for which He gave them life. But they failed to do this. There were many giants*, men of great stature and strength, renowned for wisdom, skillful in devising the most cunning and wonderful works; but their guilt in giving loose rein to iniquity was in proportion to their skill and mental ability.
*The fallen angels of G-d!) (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

Fallen angels; the sons of G-d!...
Based on Genesis 6:1-7

* For many "fallen angels" of G-d accompanied with women, and begat sons that proved unjust, and despisers of all that was good, on account of the confidence they had in their own strength; for the tradition is, that these men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Grecians call giants. But Noah was very uneasy at what they did; and being displeased at their conduct, persuaded them to change their dispositions and their acts for the better: but seeing they did not yield to him, but were slaves to their wicked pleasures, he was afraid they would kill him, together with his wife and children, and those they had married; so he departed out of that land. {The Works of Flavius Josephus.}

* THE WICKEDNESS OF THE WORLD WHICH PROVOKED G-D'S WRATH. (Genesis 6:1-7) The most remarkable thing concerning the old world, is the destroying of it by the deluge, or flood. We are told of the abounding iniquity of that wicked world: G-d's just wrath, and His Holy resolution to punish it. In all ages there has been a peculiar curse of G-d upon marriages between professors of true religion and its avowed enemies. The evil example of the ungodly party corrupts or greatly hurts the other. Family religion is put an end to, and the children are trained up according to the worldly maxims of that parent who is without the fear of G-d. {Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary.}
Giants Bones in grave

They used His bounties to glorify themselves

G-d bestowed upon these antediluvians many and rich gifts; but they used His bounties to glorify themselves, and turned them into a curse by fixing their affections upon the gifts instead of the Giver. They employed the gold and silver, the precious stones and the choice wood, in the construction of habitations for themselves, and endeavored to excel one another in beautifying their dwellings with the most skillful workmanship. They sought only to gratify the desires of their own proud hearts, and reveled in scenes of pleasure and wickedness. Not desiring to retain G-d in their knowledge, they soon came to deny His existence. They adored nature in place of the G-d of nature! They glorified human genius, worshiped the works of their own hands, and taught their children to bow down to graven images.

In the green fields and under the shadow of the goodly trees they set up the altars of their idols. Extensive groves, that retained their foliage throughout the year, were dedicated to the worship of false gods. With these groves were connected beautiful gardens, their long, winding avenues overhung with fruit-bearing trees of all descriptions, adorned with statuary, and furnished with all that could delight the senses or minister to the voluptuous desires of the people, and thus allure them to participate in the idolatrous worship.

Men put G-d out of their knowledge and worshiped the creatures of their own imagination; and as the result, they became more and more debased. The psalmist describes the effect produced upon the worshiper by the adoration of idols. He says, "They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them." Psalm 115:8. It is a law of the human mind that by beholding we become changed. Man will rise no higher than his conceptions of truth, purity, and holiness. If the mind is never exalted above the level of humanity, if it is not uplifted by faith to contemplate infinite wisdom and love, the man will be constantly sinking lower and lower. The worshipers of false gods clothed their deities with human attributes and passions, and thus their standard of character was degraded to the likeness of sinful humanity. They were defiled in consequence. "G-d saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. . . . The earth also was corrupt before G-d; and the earth was filled with violence." G-d had given men His commandments as a rule of life, but His law was transgressed, and every conceivable sin was the result. The wickedness of men was open and daring, justice was trampled in the dust, and the cries of the oppressed reached unto Heaven.

Polygamy had been early introduced, contrary to the Divine arrangement at the beginning. The Lord gave to Adam one wife, showing His order in that respect. But after the Fall, men chose to follow their own sinful desires; and as the result, crime and wretchedness rapidly increased. Neither the marriage relation nor the rights of property were respected. Whoever coveted the wives or the possessions of his neighbor, took them by force, and men exulted in their deeds of violence. They delighted in destroying the life of animals; and the use of flesh for food rendered them still more cruel and bloodthirsty, until they came to regard human life with astonishing indifference.

The world was in its infancy; yet iniquity had become so deep and widespread that G-d could no longer bear with it; and He said: "I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth." He declared that His Spirit should not always strive with the guilty race. If they did not cease to pollute with their sins the world and its rich treasures, He would blot them from His creation, and would destroy the things with which He had delighted to bless them; He would sweep away the beasts of the field, and the vegetation which furnished such an abundant supply of food, and would transform the fair earth into one vast scene of desolation and ruin.
(Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

G-d gave Noah the exact dimensions of the ark and explicit directions in regard to its construction in every particular. Human wisdom could not have devised a structure of so great strength and durability. G-d was the designer, and Noah the master builder!

Amid the prevailing corruption, Methuselah, Noah,
labored to keep alive the knowledge of the ONE true G-d!

Amid the prevailing corruption, Methuselah, Noah, and many others labored to keep alive the knowledge of the true G-D and to stay the tide of moral evil. A hundred and twenty years* before the Flood, the Lord by a Holy angel declared to Noah His purpose, and directed him to build an ark. While building the ark he was to preach that G-d would bring a flood of water upon the earth to destroy the wicked. Those who would believe the message, and would prepare for that event by repentance and reformation, should find pardon and be saved. Enoch had repeated to his children what G-d had shown him in regard to the Flood, and Methuselah and his sons, who lived to hear the preaching of Noah, assisted in building the ark. {120 years is also the time period between the orbits of Mars and the orbit of Earth in a approaching zone even close to collision; known by the ancient pre-flood generations}

G-d gave Noah the exact dimensions of the ark and explicit directions in regard to its construction in every particular. Human wisdom could not have devised a structure of so great strength and durability. G-d was the designer, and Noah the master builder. It was constructed like the hull of a ship, that it might float upon the water, but in some respects it more nearly resembled a house. It was three stories high, with but one door, which was in the side. The light was admitted at the top, and the different apartments were so arranged that all were lighted. The material employed in the construction of the ark was the cypress, or gopher wood, which would be untouched by decay for hundreds of years. The building of this immense structure was a slow and laborious process. On account of the great size of the trees and the nature of the wood, much more labor was required then than now to prepare timber, even with the greater strength which men then possessed. All that man could do was done to render the work perfect, yet the ark could not of itself have withstood the storm which was to come upon the earth. G-d alone could preserve His servants upon the tempestuous waters.

"By faith Noah, being warned of G-d of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith." Hebrews 11:7. While Noah was giving his warning message to the world, his works testified of his sincerity. It was thus that his faith was perfected and made evident. He gave the world an example of believing just what G-d says. All that he possessed, he invested in the ark. As he began to construct that immense boat on dry ground, multitudes came from every direction to see the strange sight and to hear the earnest, fervent words of the singular preacher. Every blow struck upon the ark was a witness to the people. (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

They did not turn to G-d with true repentance!

Many at first appeared to receive the warning; yet they did not turn to G-d with true repentance. They were unwilling to renounce their sins. During the time that elapsed before the coming of the Flood, their faith was tested, and they failed to endure the trial. Overcome by the prevailing unbelief, they finally joined their former associates in rejecting the solemn message. Some were deeply convicted, and would have heeded the words of warning; but there were so many to jest and ridicule, that they partook of the same spirit, resisted the invitations of mercy, and were soon among the boldest and most defiant scoffers; for none are so reckless and go to such lengths in sin as do those who have once had light, but have resisted the convicting Spirit of G-d.

The men of that generation were not all, in the fullest acceptation of the term, idolaters. Many professed to be worshipers of G-d. They claimed that their idols were representations of the Deity, and that through them the people could obtain a clearer conception of the Divine Being. This class were foremost in rejecting the preaching of Noah. As they endeavored to represent G-d by material objects, their minds were blinded to His majesty and power; they ceased to realize the Holiness of His character, or the sacred, unchanging nature of His requirements. As sin became general, it appeared less and less sinful, and they finally declared {Acceptance of certain sin as seem to be 'normal'; just likewise it's 'ok' that 'only' 150,000 unborn babies are killed in the  USA by the general 'acceptance' of 'aborted'!!} that the Divine law was no longer in force; that it was contrary to the character of G-d to punish transgression; and they denied that His judgments were to be visited upon the earth. Had the men of that generation obeyed the Divine law, they would have recognized the voice of G-d in the warning of His servant; but their minds had become so blinded by rejection of light that they really believed Noah's message to be a 'delusion'!

It was not multitudes or majorities that were on the side of right. The world was arrayed against G-d's justice and His laws, and Noah was regarded as a 'fanatic'. satan, when tempting Eve to disobey G-d, said to her, "Ye shall not surely die." Genesis 3:4. Great men, worldly, honored, and wise men, repeated the same. "The threatening's of G-d," they said, "are for the purpose of intimidating, and will never be verified. You need not be alarmed. Such an event as the destruction of the world by the G-d who made it, and the punishment of the beings He has created, will never take place. (???) Be at peace; fear not. Noah is a wild 'fanatic'." The world made merry at the folly of the deluded old man. Instead of humbling the heart before G-d, they continued their disobedience and wickedness, the same as though G-d had not spoken to them through His servant. (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

...But Noah stood like a rock amid the tempest; surrounded by popular contempt and ridicules!

But Noah stood like a rock amid the tempest. Surrounded by popular contempt and ridicule, he distinguished himself by his holy integrity and unwavering faithfulness. A power attended his words, for it was the voice of G-d to man through His servant. Connection with G-d made him strong in the strength of infinite power, while for one hundred and twenty years his solemn voice fell upon the ears of that generation in regard to events, which, so far as human wisdom could judge, were impossible.

The world before the Flood reasoned that for centuries the laws of nature had been fixed. The recurring seasons had come in their order. Heretofore rain had never fallen; the earth had been watered by a mist or dew. The rivers had never yet passed their boundaries, but had borne their waters safely to the sea. Fixed decrees had kept the waters from overflowing their banks. But these "reasoners" did not recognize the hand of Him who had stayed the waters, saying, "Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further." (Job 38:11).

As time passed on, with no apparent change in nature, men whose hearts had at times trembled with fear, began to be reassured. They reasoned, as many reason now, that nature is above the G-d of nature, and that her laws are so firmly established that G-d Himself could not change them. Reasoning that if the message of Noah were correct, nature would be turned out of her course, they made that message, in the minds of the world, a delusion--a grand deception. They manifested their contempt for the warning of G-d by doing just as they had done before the warning was given. They continued their festivities and their gluttonous feasts; they ate and drank, planted and builded, laying their plans in reference to advantages they hoped to gain in the future; and they went to greater lengths in wickedness, and in defiant disregard of G-d's requirements, to testify that they had no fear of the Infinite One. They asserted that if there were any truth in what Noah had said, the men of renown--the wise, the prudent, the great men--would understand the matter.

Had the antediluvians believed the warning, and repented of their evil deeds, the L-rd would have turned aside His wrath, as He afterward did from Nineveh. But by their obstinate resistance to the reproofs of conscience and the warnings of G-d's prophet, that generation filled up the measure of their iniquity, and became ripe for destruction! (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

The period of their probation was about to expire!

The period of their probation was about to expire! Noah had faithfully followed the instructions which he had received from G-d. The ark was finished in every part as the L-rd had directed, and was stored with food for man and beast. And now the servant of G-d made his last solemn appeal to the people. With an agony of desire that words cannot express, he entreated them to seek a refuge while it might be found. Again they rejected his words, and raised their voices in jest and scoffing. Suddenly a silence fell upon the mocking throng. Beasts of every description, the fiercest as well as the most gentle, were seen coming from mountain and forest and quietly making their way toward the ark. A noise as of a rushing wind was heard, and lo, birds were flocking from all directions, their numbers darkening the heavens, and in perfect order they passed to the ark. Animals obeyed the command of G-d, while men were disobedient. Guided by Holy angels, they "went in two and two unto Noah into the ark," and the clean beasts by sevens. The world looked on in wonder, some in fear. Philosophers were called upon to account for the singular occurrence, but in vain. It was a mystery which they could not fathom. But men had become so hardened by their persistent rejection of light that even this scene produced but a momentary impression. As the doomed race beheld the sun shining in its glory, and the earth clad in almost Eden beauty, they banished their rising fears by boisterous merriment, and by their deeds of violence they seemed to invite upon themselves the visitation of the already awakened wrath of G-d.

G-d commanded Noah, "Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before Me in this generation." Noah's warnings had been rejected by the world, but his influence and example resulted in blessings to his family. As a reward for his faithfulness and integrity, G-d saved all the members of his family with him. What encouragement to parental fidelity!

Mercy had ceased its pleadings for the guilty race. The beasts of the field and the birds of the air had entered the place of refuge. Noah and his household were within the ark, "and the Lord shut him in." A flash of dazzling light was seen, and a cloud of Glory more vivid than the lightning descended from Heaven and hovered before the entrance of the ark. The massive door, which it was impossible for those within to close, was slowly swung to its place by unseen hands. Noah {& his family-members}was shut in, and the rejecters of G-d's mercy were shut out! The seal of Heaven was on that door; G-d had shut it, and G-d alone could open it! So when Yeshua/Christ shall cease His intercession for guilty men, before His coming in the clouds of Heaven, the door of mercy will be shut! Then Divine grace will no longer restrain the wicked, and satan will have full control of those who have rejected mercy. They will endeavor to destroy G-d's people; but as Noah was shut into the ark, so the righteous will be shielded by Divine power!

For seven days after Noah and his family entered the ark, there appeared no sign of the coming storm. During this period their faith was tested. It was a time of triumph to the world without. The apparent delay 'confirmed' them in the belief that Noah's message was a delusion, and that the Flood would never come. {G-D did also allow Noah to bury & mourn about the death of Methuselah} Notwithstanding the solemn scenes which they had witnessed--the beasts and birds entering the ark, and the angel of G-D closing the door--they still continued their sport and revelry, even making a jest of these signal manifestations of G-D's power. They gathered in crowds about the ark, {Estimated 750,000 people gathered) deriding its inmates with a daring violence which they had never ventured upon before! (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

But upon the eighth day dark clouds overspread the heavens!

But upon the eighth day dark clouds overspread the heavens. There followed the muttering of thunder and the flash of lightning. Soon large drops of rain began to fall. The world had never witnessed anything like this, and the hearts of men were struck with fear. All were secretly inquiring, "Can it be that Noah was in the right, and that the world is doomed to destruction?" Darker and darker grew the heavens, and faster came the falling rain. The beasts were roaming about in the wildest terror, and their discordant cries seemed to moan out their own destiny and the fate of man! Then "the fountains of the great deep" were "broken up, and "the windows of heaven were opened." Water appeared to come from the clouds in mighty cataracts. Rivers broke away from their boundaries, and overflowed the valleys. Jets of water burst from the earth with indescribable force, throwing massive rocks hundreds of feet into the air, and these, in falling, buried themselves deep in the ground.

The people first beheld the destruction of the works of their own hands. Their splendid buildings, and the beautiful gardens and groves where they had placed their idols, were destroyed by lightning from heaven, and the ruins were scattered far and wide. The altars on which human sacrifices had been offered were torn down, and the worshipers were made to tremble at the power of the living G-D, and to know that it was their corruption and idolatry which had called down their destruction!

As the violence of the storm increased, trees, buildings, rocks, and earth were hurled in every direction. The terror of man and beast was beyond description. Above the roar of the tempest was heard the wailing of a people that had despised the authority of G-D. satan himself, who was compelled to remain in the midst of the warring elements, feared for his own existence. He had delighted to control so powerful a race, and desired them to live to practice their abominations and continue their rebellion against the Ruler of Heaven. He now uttered imprecations against G-d, charging Him with injustice and cruelty. Many of the people, like satan, blasphemed G-d, and had they been able, they would have torn Him from the Throne of power. Others were frantic with fear, stretching their hands toward the ark and pleading for admittance. But their entreaties were in vain. Conscience was at last aroused to know that there is a G-d who rule in the Heavens. They called upon Him earnestly, but His ear was not open to their cry. In that terrible hour they saw that the transgression of G-d's law had caused their ruin. Yet while, through fear of punishment, they acknowledged their sin, they felt no true contrition, no abhorrence of evil. They would have returned to their defiance of Heaven, had the judgment been removed. So when G-D's judgments shall fall upon the earth before its deluge by fire, the impenitent will know just where and what their sin is--the despising of His Holy Law. Yet they will have no more true repentance than did the old-world sinners!

Some in their desperation endeavored to break into the ark, but the firm-made structure withstood their efforts. Some clung to the ark until they were borne away by the surging waters, or their hold was broken by collision with rocks and trees. The massive ark trembled in every fiber as it was beaten by the merciless winds and flung from billow to billow. The cries of the beasts within expressed their fear and pain. But amid the warring elements it continued to ride safely. Angels that excel in strength were commissioned to preserve it.

The beasts, exposed to the tempest, rushed toward man, as though expecting help from him. Some of the people bound their children and themselves upon powerful animals, knowing that these were tenacious of life, and would climb to the highest points to escape the rising waters. Some fastened themselves to lofty trees on the summit of hills or mountains; but the trees were uprooted, and with their burden of living beings were hurled into the seething billows. One spot after another that promised safety was abandoned. As the waters rose higher and higher, the people fled for refuge to the loftiest mountains. Often man and beast would struggle together for a foothold, until both were swept away.

From the highest peaks men looked abroad upon a shore-less ocean. The solemn warnings of G-d's servant no longer seemed a subject for ridicule and scorning. How those doomed sinners longed for the opportunities which they had slighted! How they pleaded for one hour's probation, one more privilege of mercy, one call from the lips of Noah! But the sweet voice of mercy was no more to be heard by them. Love, no less than justice, demanded that G-d's judgments should put a check on sin! The avenging waters swept over the last retreat, and the despisers of G-D perished in the black depths.
(Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

The sins that called for vengeance
upon the antediluvian world exist today

"By the word of G-d . . . the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: but the Heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men."(2 Peter 3:5-7). Another storm is coming. The earth will again be swept by the desolating wrath of G-d, and sin and sinners will be destroyed.

The sins that called for vengeance upon the antediluvian world exist today! The fear of G-d is banished from the hearts of men, and His law is treated with indifference and contempt. The intense worldliness of that generation is equaled by that of the generation now living. Said Yeshua/Christ, "As in the days that were before the Flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the Flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." (Matthew 24:38, 39). G-d did not condemn the antediluvians for eating and drinking; He had given them the fruits of the earth in great abundance to supply their physical wants. Their sin consisted in taking these gifts without gratitude to the Giver, and debasing themselves by indulging appetite without restraint. It was lawful for them to marry. Marriage was in G-d's order; it was one of the first institutions which He established. He gave special directions concerning this ordinance, clothing it with sanctity and beauty; but these directions were forgotten, and marriage was perverted and made to minister to passion. (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

A similar condition of things exists now in our generation...

A similar condition of things exists now. That which is lawful in itself is carried to excess. Appetite is indulged without restraint. Professed followers of Yeshua/Christ are today eating and drinking with the drunken, while their names stand in honored church records! Intemperance benumbs the moral and spiritual powers and prepares the way for indulgence of the lower passions. Multitudes feel under no moral obligation to curb their sensual desires, and they become the slaves of lust. Men are living for the pleasures of sense; for this world and this life alone. Extravagance pervades all circles of society. Integrity is sacrificed for luxury and display. They that make haste to be rich pervert justice and oppress the poor, and "slaves and souls of men" are still bought and sold. Fraud and bribery and theft stalk un-rebuked in high places and in low. The issues of the press teem with records of murder--crimes so cold-blooded and causeless that it seems as though every instinct of humanity were blotted out. And these atrocities have become of so common occurrence that they hardly elicit a comment or awaken surprise. The spirit of anarchy is permeating all nations, and the outbreaks that from time to time excite the horror of the world are but indications of the pent-up fires of passion and lawlessness that, having once escaped control, will fill the earth with woe and desolation. The picture which Inspiration has given of the antediluvian world represents too truly the condition to which modern society is fast hastening. Even now, in the present century, and in professedly "Christian" lands, there are crimes daily perpetrated as black and terrible as those for which the old-world sinners were destroyed! (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain)

As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man...Part 2

Before the Flood G-d sent Noah to warn the world, that the people might be led to repentance, and thus escape the threatened destruction. As the time of Yeshua's/Christ's second appearing draws near, the L-rd sends His servants with a warning to the world to prepare for that great event! Multitudes have been living in transgression of G-d's teaching's/law, and now He in mercy calls them to obey its sacred precepts. All who will put away their sins by repentance toward G-d and faith in Yeshua/Christ are offered pardon. But many feel that it requires too great a sacrifice to put away sin. Because their life does not harmonize with the pure principles of G-d's moral government, they reject His warnings and deny the authority of His law!

Of the vast population of the earth before the Flood, only eight souls believed and obeyed G-d's word through Noah!. For a hundred and twenty years the preacher of righteousness warned the world of the coming destruction, but his message was rejected and despised. So it will be now! Before the Lawgiver shall come to punish the disobedient, transgressors are warned to repent, and return to their allegiance; but with the majority these warnings will be in vain. Says the apostle Peter, "There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of His coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning." (2 Peter 3:3, 4). Do we not hear these very words repeated, not merely by the openly ungodly, but by many who occupy the pulpits of our land? "There is no cause for alarm," they cry. "Before Yeshua/Christ shall come, all the world is to be converted, and righteousness is to reign for a thousand years*. Peace, peace! all things continue as they were from the beginning. Let none be disturbed by the exciting message of these alarmists." But this doctrine of the millennium does not harmonize with the teachings of Yeshua/Christ and His apostles. Yeshua asked the significant question, "When the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8). And, as we have seen, Yeshua declares that the state of the world will be as in the days of Noah. Paul warns us that we may look for wickedness to increase as the end draws near: "The Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." (1 Timothy 4:1). The apostle says that "in the last days perilous times shall come." (2 Timothy 3:1). And he gives a startling list of sins that will be found among those who have a form of godliness.
Ellen G. White, is in the public domain) {*thousand years or millennium will come after the
great tribulation when Yeshua/Christ reigns on Earth}

With all their boasted philosophy,
men found too late that their wisdom was foolishness!

As the time of their probation was closing, the antediluvians gave themselves up to exciting amusements and festivities. Those who possessed influence and power were bent on keeping the minds of the people engrossed with mirth and pleasure, lest any should be impressed by the last solemn warning. Do we not see the same repeated in our day? While G-d's servants are giving the message that the end of all things is at hand, the world is absorbed in amusements and pleasure seeking. There is a constant round of excitement that causes indifference to G-d and prevents the people from being impressed by the truths which alone can save them from the coming destruction!

In Noah's day philosophers declared that it was impossible for the world to be destroyed by water; so now there are men of science who endeavor to show that the world cannot be destroyed by fire--that this would be inconsistent with the laws of nature. But the G-d of nature, the Maker and Controller of her laws, can use the works of His hands to serve His own purpose!

When "great and wise men" had proved to their satisfaction that it was impossible for the world to be destroyed by water, when the fears of the people were 'quieted', when all regarded Noah's prophecy as a 'delusion', and looked upon him as a 'fanatic'--then it was that G-d's time had come! "The fountains of the great deep" were "broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened," and the scoffers were overwhelmed in the waters of the Flood. With all their boasted philosophy, men found too late that their wisdom was foolishness, that the Lawgiver is greater than the laws of nature, and that Omnipotence is at no loss for means to accomplish His purposes. "As it was in the days of Noah," "even thus shall it be in the days when the Son of man is revealed." (Luke 17:26, 30). "The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." (2 Peter 3:10). When the 'reasoning of philosophy' has banished the fear of G-d's judgments; when religious teachers are pointing forward to long ages of peace and prosperity, and the world are absorbed in their rounds of business and pleasure, planting and building, feasting and merrymaking, rejecting G-d's warnings and mocking His messengers--then it is that sudden destruction cometh upon them, and they shall not escape. (1 Thessalonians 5:3). (Ellen G. White, is in the public domain) the Book of Jasher, Chapter 6

The Books of Jasher are one of the apocryphal. {Referred to in (Joshua 10:13 KJV) "...And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day."  & (2 Samuel 1:18 KJV)  "...Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher."}

There are several (as many as five) separate works by this title, all composed much later than Biblical times. This particular one is a translation of a Hebrew book printed in 1613. Sepir Ha Yasher, the Hebrew title of this book, means the 'Book of the Upright', or 'the Upright or Correct Record'. This title was misread as 'Jasher', and at some point Jasher was treated as a proper name; however the pronoun 'the' (Hebrew 'ha') never precedes proper names. There is also another spurious Book of Jasher, published 1750, in which Jasher is treated as the name of the author.

This text covers much of the same ground as the traditional Mosaic books of the Bible, from the creation of the world to the death of Moses, albeit with several minor variations.

{Book of Jasher] This is variously translated in different versions: The book of Jasher, of the Just, of the Pious, of the Upright, of the Songs, of Heroes, of the Righteous, and in the true Records. It is not mentioned in the Septuagint. The book of Jasher is referred to twice in Scripture -- here and in 2 Samuel 1:18. It is said to be a collection of triumphal odes composed by different men to celebrate their notable victories, or by one man (Jasher) who wrote of such victories. {Source: Dake's Annotated Reference Bible}

Animals, beasts, and fowls preserved in the ark. Noah and his sons, and their wives are shut in. When the floods come the people want to get in. Noah one year + in the ark.

1 At that time, after the death of Methuselah, the Lord said to Noah, Go thou with thy household into the ark; behold I will gather to thee all the animals of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and they shall all come and surround the ark. 2 And thou shall go and seat thyself by the doors of the ark, and all the beasts, the animals, and the fowls, shall assemble and place themselves before thee, and such of them as shall come and crouch before thee, shall thou take and deliver into the hands of thy sons, who shall bring them to the ark, and all that will stand before thee thou shall leave. 3 And the Lord brought this about on the next day, and animals, beasts and fowls came in great multitudes and surrounded the ark. 4 And Noah went and seated himself by the door of the ark, and of all flesh that crouched before him, he brought into the ark, and all that stood before him he left upon earth. 5 And a lioness came, with her two whelps, male and female, and the three crouched before Noah, and the two whelps rose up against the lioness and smote her, and made her flee from her place, and she went away, and they returned to their places, and crouched upon the earth before Noah. 6 And the lioness ran away, and stood in the place of the lions. 7 And Noah saw this, and wondered greatly, and he rose and took the two whelps, and brought them into the ark. 8 And Noah brought into the ark from all living creatures that were upon earth, so that there was none left but which Noah brought into the ark. 9 Two and two came to Noah into the ark, but from the clean animals, and clean fowls, he brought seven couples, as G-d had commanded him {Genesis 6:13-21; Genesis 7:2 Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.}10 And all the animals, and beasts, and fowls, were still there, and they surrounded the ark at every place, and the rain had not descended till seven days after. {Added comments: To allow Noah to mourn 7 days for the death of Methuselah; and a honored grave}11 And on that day, the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, {Added comments: the Earth's axel came out of its original position)  and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before; and G-d did this mighty act, in order to terrify the sons of men, that there might be no more evil upon earth. 12 And still the sons of men would not return from their evil ways, and they increased the anger of the Lord at that time, and did not even direct their hearts to all this.

{Added comments: It might have been expected that a salutary effect would have been produced on the remainder, in reforming them, and restraining them from error and sin. The writer proceeds to state, however, that these judgments did not have the effect which might reasonably have been anticipated. No reformation followed; there was no abandonment of the prevailing forms of iniquity; there was no change in their idolatry and superstition. In regard to the exact meaning of what is here stated, Notes on the New Testament Explanatory and Practical. And the rest of humanity who were not killed by these plagues even then did not repent of [the worship of] the works of their [own] hands, so as to cease paying homage to the demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor move. Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Revelation 9:20, 21)}

13 And at the end of seven days, in the six hundredth year of the life of Noah, the waters of the flood were upon the earth. 14 And all the fountains of the deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened, and the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights. 15 And Noah and his household, and all the living creatures that were with him, came into the ark on account of the waters of the flood, and the Lord shut him in. 16 And all the sons of men that were left upon the earth, became exhausted through evil on account of the rain, for the waters were coming more violently upon the earth, and the animals and beasts were still surrounding the ark. 17 And the sons of men assembled together, about seven hundred thousand men and women, and they came unto Noah to the ark. 18 And they called to Noah, saying, Open for us that we may come to thee in the ark--and wherefore shall we die? 19 And Noah, with a loud voice, answered them from the ark, saying, Have you not all rebelled against the Lord, and said that he does not exist? and therefore the Lord brought upon you this evil, to destroy and cut you off from the face of the earth.

20 Is not this the thing that I spoke to you of one hundred and twenty years back, and you would not hearken to the voice of the L-rd, and now do you desire to live upon earth? 21 And they said to Noah, We are ready to return to the L-rd; only open for us that we may live and not die. 22 And Noah answered them, saying, Behold now that you see the trouble of your souls, you wish to return to the L-rd; why did you not return during these hundred and twenty years, which the L-rd granted you as the determined period? 23 But now you come and tell me this on account of the troubles of your souls, now also the L-rd will not listen to you, neither will he give ear to you on this day, so that you will not now succeed in your wishes. 24 And the sons of men approached in order to break into the ark, to come in on account of the rain, for they could not bear the rain upon them. 25 And the Lord sent all the beasts and animals that stood round the ark. And the beasts overpowered them and drove them from that place, and every man went his way and they again scattered themselves upon the face of the earth. 26 And the rain was still descending upon the earth, and it descended forty days and forty nights, and the waters prevailed greatly upon the earth; and all flesh that was upon the earth or in the waters died, whether men, animals, beasts, creeping things or birds of the air, and there only remained Noah and those that were with him in the ark. 27 And the waters prevailed and they greatly increased upon the earth, and they lifted up the ark and it was raised from the earth. 28 And the ark floated upon the face of the waters, and it was tossed upon the waters so that all the living creatures within were turned about like pottage in a cauldron. 29 And great anxiety seized all the living creatures that were in the ark, and the ark was like to be broken. 30 And all the living creatures that were in the ark were terrified, and the lions roared, and the oxen lowed, and the wolves howled, and every living creature in the ark spoke and lamented in its own language, so that their voices reached to a great distance, and Noah and his sons cried and wept in their troubles; they were greatly afraid that they had reached the gates of death. 31 And Noah prayed unto the Lord, and cried unto him on account of this, and he said, O Lord help us, for we have no strength to bear this evil that has encompassed us, for the waves of the waters have surrounded us, mischievous torrents have terrified us, the snares of death have come before us; answer us, O Lord, answer us, light up thy countenance toward us and be gracious to us, redeem us and deliver us. 32 And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Noah, and the Lord remembered him. 33 And a wind passed over the earth, and the waters were still and the ark rested. 34 And the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped, and the rain from heaven was restrained. 35 And the waters decreased in those days, and the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. 36 And Noah then opened the windows of the ark, and Noah still called out to the Lord at that time and he said, O Lord, who didst form the earth and the heavens and all that are therein, bring forth our souls from this confinement, and from the prison wherein thou hast placed us, for I am much wearied with sighing. 37 And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Noah, and said to him, When though shalt have completed a full year thou shalt then go forth*.{About the days in the ark... See Framework below} 38 And at the revolution of the year, when a full year was completed to Noah's dwelling in the ark, the waters were dried from off the earth, and Noah put off the covering of the ark. 39 At that time, on the twenty-seventh day of the second month, the earth was dry, but Noah and his sons, and those that were with him, did not go out from the ark until the Lord told them. 40 And the day came that the Lord told them to go out, and they all went out from the ark. 41 And they went and returned everyone to his way and to his place, and Noah and his sons dwelt in the land that G-d had told them, and they served the Lord all their days, and the Lord blessed Noah and his sons on their going out from the ark. 42 And He said to them, Be fruitful and fill all the earth; become strong and increase abundantly in the earth and multiply therein.

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The chronology of the Flood of Noah
Genesis 7
By Donald W. Patten; Chapter 4

This Framework lists chronologically many significant observations of the Flood cataclysm. The record states that it rained 40 days and 40 nights (Genesis 7:17), but that the waters increased for 150 days (Genesis 7:24). Study the phrasing of the Genesis account of the action of the waters:

Sequence of Events... of Time were (just) forty days during which the rain fell
(Genesis 7:12)

40 days!

Throughout another 110 days the waters continued to rise, making 150 days in all (Genesis 7:24)

110 days

The waters occupied 74 days in the "going and decreasing." This was from the 17th day of the seventh month to the 1st day of the tenth month (Genesis 8:5)

74 days

Forty days elapsed before Noah sent out the raven (Genesis 8:6-7)

40 days

Seven days elapsed before Noah sent out the dove for the first time (Genesis 8:8). This period is necessary for reaching the total and is given by implication from the phrase "other seven days" (Genesis 8:10)

7 days

Seven days passed before sending out the dove for the second time (Genesis 8:10)

7 days

Seven days more passed before the third sending of the dove (Genesis 8:12)

7 days

Up to this point 285 days are accounted for, but the next episode is dated the 1st of the first month in the 601st year. From the date in 7:11 to this point in Genesis 8:13 is a period of 314 days; therefore an interval of 29 days elapses

29 days

From the removal of the covering of the ark to the very end of the experience was a further 57 days (Genesis 8:14)

57 days

TOTAL 371 days!

371 days!

Source: Reprinted from New Bible Commentary by Davidson, Stibbs and Kevan, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1953. p. 85.

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