A Fresh Epiphany!

At the End-Time there will be one of the greatest spiritual awakenings in the history of mankind! 

7 different End-Time-Harvest-Revival Waves of God's Anointed Empowered Army Divisions with His Shekinah GLORY  are on their way!     
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A Fresh Epiphany!

Prophetic Vision 2000!

End-Time-Harvest-Reviva;l God's Anointed Empowered Army Divisions with His Shekinah GLORY

Prophetic Vision 2000!
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A Fresh Epiphany!

I saw the heavens and they were as a transparent green emerald stone. All around me was a brilliant green jewel-like heaven that had a life of its own.  

Descending from this vibrant green heaven was a huge ram's horn. The bell of the shofar horn was in a tilted position pouring out a rushing river of green oil. As this river of green oil flowed upon the earth, I saw what appeared to be a mountain of discarded building materials and burnt and broken stones. There was also a mountain of dried, disconnected bones. The gushing green oil was pouring upon the burnt stones and dried bones. The instant the oil touched the bones and stones there was a sound like hot oil when it is mixed with water, then there was a thunderous rattling as the bones and stones took on a life of their own. They came together to form what appeared to be a majestic throne of fire.  

As I looked I saw a transparent man of golden light evolving from the fire and his head was looking toward heaven while his hands were violently removing every trace of identification with the Adamic nature. I looked again and saw that this transparent person was composed of millions of people, one body with many parts: a revelation of divine government and restoration!  

As I watched the vision, I understood that a fresh epiphany was being released upon the earth for restoring the souls of men. The season for signs and wonders - never known before - was upon us, and it would begin in Florida. The green oil was restoring the burnt stones and dry bones! The Lord said, "Tell my people that I have paid it all and to return to Father's house."

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