G-d's Anointed Empowered
End-Time-Army Division of the
300-Gideon Warriors-Soldiers with Shofars
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End-Time-Harvest-Revival: God's Anointed Empowered Army Divisions with His Shekinah GLORY† are on their way! The 300-GIDEON-WARRIOR-SOLDIERS!

G-d is about raising up; active & releasing men & women...Judge 7 ...


G-d's seal upon our life (introduction)
Gideon! With 300 men, 300 Shofars and G-d he defeated 135,000 Midianites!
There could be no doubt that this victory was from God only!
They are separated from the way how they drink the water! I
They are separated from the way how they drink the water! II
The 300-Gideon-Endtime-Warriors-Soldiers-Anointing will include:
"The 300 -Gideon End-time-Warriors"  -Commissioning
Gideon's clay yards exposed...
Gideon's Victory Map
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One of the greatest warriors in the Scripture is
With 300 men, 300 Shofars and G-d,
he defeated 135,000 Midianites!

People of G-d, chosen by G-d, especially because of their specific calling.  Men & women,  who by G-d Himself are chosen for a specific task in this End-time! Like Gideon an "in the people's eyes" unimportant, but highly esteemed in the eyes of G-d! Also the prophet Samuel, like normal men, was prone to judge by outward appearance instead of the heart, as G-d does! (1 Samuel 16:6-7).

had evidently directed Samuel to have each of Jesse's sons pass before him, speaking in his ear in each case to say this was not the right one (1 Samuel 16:7-10; 1 Samuel 9:15). When none were chosen Samuel knew something was wrong, because Samuel had been directed to anoint one of Jesse's family as king! Upon inquiring he learned of another son who had been too busy to come to the feast. He was young and perhaps smaller than the others, but he was chosen by G-d who was looking on the heart and not the outward appearance. The L-rd saw in him a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 13:14; 1 Samuel 16:7). David was the youngest of Jesse's eight sons. He became a mighty man of valor (1 Samuel 16:18). He is referred to many times as a mighty warrior and able to do more than many others in combat!  But the L-rd said to Samuel, Look not on his appearance or at the height of his stature, for I have rejected him. For the L-rd sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the L-rd looks on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

Gideon was the youngest son of an unimportant ancient Israelite family. Gideon was the one the Lord chose to deliver His people. Gideon himself doubted his calling and asked God for proof that He would keep His promise to make Gideon a victorious leader!
"You have too many soldiers"
G-d replied to Gideon! "If you defeat the enemy with all those soldiers, you'll think you did it by yourself and brag Me about the way you did it!"  When Gideon brought on G-d's orders his troops down to the Spring of Harod, there were only 300 soldiers chosen because they were putting water up to their mouths and lapped it from their hands; all the other 1,000's soldiers were lapping up the water like a dog from those who get down on their knees to drink! To be successful against the enemy the ancient Israelites needed to depend on the L-rd G-d {YHVH} completely! Gideon dismissed his most careless soldiers who knelt to drink, like a dog, for they had thoughtlessly laid their weapons aside! The more accurate watching - 300 - chosen by G-d through Gideon gathered ...!

The more accurate watching - 300 gathered clay pitchers & Shofars and they stayed with Gideon to do the battle against the enemy! "Get up now and go down to take the army of the enemy, for G-d has already given you the victory!" The enemy had crowded "the valleys like swarms of locusts! But the Lord G-d has given Gideon a great victory!  Gideon divided the three hundred man into three bands. Each man has a Shofar and an empty pitcher with a torch inside each pitcher! When they come to the outer edges of the enemies camp they are going to blow their Shofars and shout: "For the L-rd and Gideon!"  "A sword for the L-rd and Gideon!" they shouted! They surrounded the enemy's camp, blowing on their Shofars and terrified the enemies "soldiers"  and these enemies ran, fighting and killing one another as they went they way, fled from their camp to places far away! With only 300 - men and even fewer weapons, Gideon relied upon G-d's instructions to trick the enemy. In the middle of the night, the exact appointed time frame, by a "sleeping enemy" Gideon's soldiers quietly surrounded the enemy's camp! It confused the enemy!

With G-d, numbers are not important. He is able to defeat thousands with dozens! G-d's strength is not in numbers of His labors, but in the power He enable them! G-d wants it to make it obvious that He only is able to bring it about His strength and not through our own! This truth applies to any kind of victory we are seeking in our own life's! If we looking after victory, we must not depend upon our own strength, but upon G-d's!

If they would cherish true humility,
(1 Peter 5:5) the L-rd could do much more for His people, but there are few who can be trusted with any large measure of responsibility or success without becoming self-confident and forgetful of their dependence upon G-d! This is why, in choosing the "instruments" for G-d's work, the L-rd-G-d passed by those whom the world honors as "great", talented and brilliant! They are too often proud and self-sufficient. They feel competent to act without counsel from G-d! The most complete system that men have ever devised, apart from the power and Divine wisdom of G-d, will prove a failure, while the most unpromising methods will succeed when Divinely appointed and entered upon with humility and real faith! Complete trust and confident in the G-d of Israel and obedience to His will are as essential to the nowadays generation  of Christianity in their spiritual warfare, just as Gideon in his battles with the enemy. By repeated manifestations of G-d's power in behalf of His own chosen people, G-d is willing to lead them, so you, to have faith in Him only, with confidence to seek after His help and guidance in every emergency! G-d is just ad willing to work with the efforts of his own people vow and to accomplish great things through "weak instruments"! All Heaven awaits our demand upon its Divine wisdom & strength!
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worked in us, (Ephesians 3:20; KJV)

There are -300-numbered (300 is symbolic, but it refers to a raiment inside Christianity, of all who "think" they are warriors for Him. G-d had evidently directed just like Gideon {& Samuel}, to make a serious "selection" in order to have the right people in charge!) of G-d's specific appointed people in  & more outside the church, which are called the "300 -Gideon End-time-Warriors"! They had paid a heavy price and were tried into the purifying fire! They have lifted up their vision in a higher dimension! They are ready to be activated to save the nations and rescue the lost souls; the rebellious children among G-dís people! They are  real end-time warriors for G-d! They are His specific chosen "300-End-Time-Gideon-Warriors" who are wearing the robes of humility with the label of quality, and with  Divine mandates! They have the purity of soul and heart, the obedience to the truth, the discernment of the voice of the Holy Spirit! They carrying His love without hypocrisy and havenít any confidence in selfishness or self-righteousness! They know Yeshua really and have found Him and have received His power to warfare with Him, to intercede prophetically, to speak, to preach, to prophecy, to heal, to reveal the truth, to oppose, to discern, and to cast down demons from their thrones. They are the real sons of G-d prepared to operate for this End-Time-Harvest!... Waiting also for to be activate {maybe already done, when you are reading this!} in a super-natural way, which goes above our mind-set human thinking! (Ephesians 3:20; KJV)

There could be no doubt that this victory was from G-d only!
Gideon together with just 300 men against
135,000 Midianites!

Gideon together with 32,000 men against 135,000 Midianites! G-d doesn't want people praising the instrument, but praising Him! Gideon was gracious having a true humility and an admirable quality. When the L-rd called Him to lead the Israelites against Median he responded in a very sincere way! G-d gave Gideon the key to success: "I will be with you"! That's also the key of learning to work together with the L-rd! Like Gideon we, as End Time generation, are also called in specific ways! Gideon would face serious social problems and probable physical attack. He took a great "risk" {having great faith!} by following G-d's higher law! The immoral state of his fellow Israelites, when, like Gideon begin to accomplish something's for G-d, you may be criticized by his very people who should normally support you! With the army so small (1%; 300 of 32,000 men!) there could be no doubt that this victory was from the very G-d only! The men could not take the credit! Like Gideon, we must recognize the danger in 'fighting' in our strength! We can be confident of victory only if we put our confidence in G-d and not in ourselves! Like Gideon we must listen only to G-d and be ready to take the first step. Only later you begin to obey G-d you will find the courage to move ahead! Recognize their specific type of anointing; their typical calling; their missions of impossibilities to the eyes of common people and facing their trials; we as End Time generation will face this kind of anointing in higher levels!

They are separated from the way how they drink the water! I (Judge 7:5)

Dear reader, try to understand with an open mind the 'picture' of this portion of spiritual warfare, just to focus on only a few pertinent passages! In order that the Ancient Israelites should not boast against G-d, that they had victory out of their own strength decrease the amount of people! When you look very specific and closely you can see a amazing fact: Those who knelt and brought the water up to their months were in a alert position to watch for enemy activities! Those with their heads bowed down to the water were in no position to see anything except what satisfied their own needs! We are also called for many times to be continually watchful! Courage and willingness to fight are not enough! The L-rd's frontline warriors must also "watch & intercede"! G-d spotted a secret fear about attacking, lurking where only He and Gideon could see it! Often they can remain totally undetected until the actual battle! G-d will do everything in His power to make sure we, as End-Time-Harvesters generation, don't carry any kind of fear to the frontlines! Gideon himself, under the power of the Holy Spirit, recognized the mind of G-d to come up with the idea of what an astounding thought pattern this was for a man like Gideon, who had never in his life of anything but 'conventional & traditional! Likewise today, we as End-Time generation, young or old, we need to be ready to make the same kind of steps in faith and get rid of our 'conventional' thinking, but going to think and practice in the miraculous! Today G-d already has selected His warrior in His End-Time-Harvest Army Divisions! He knows His people by their hearts and do not give attention on their outward appearances!

They are separated from the way how they drink the water! II  (Judge 7:5)

Gideon and the Holy Spirit used the weak things of the world to confound the 'mighty'! It is dramatic and almost ludicrous in the calling of Gideon! G-d could not use the great army that gathered to His standard. There were too many to afford an opportunity for G-d to work and, therefore, He had to sift them, and than resift them, until from over 32,000, were reduced to only 300 men! He allowed them to do it themselves, by a natural process of reduction.
First all the timed one were allowed to go home, and this 'thinned out' two-third of the crowd. Next all the rash and reckless one were tested by giving them the opportunity  of drinking at the brook that lay across their line of march; and as Gideon watched, it was not difficult to find out by the way they drank, without even stopping to think of their
danger of their enemies. The prudent one's, on the contrary, looked carefully around, and keeping guard against a surprise from the enemies, drank with prudent care, dipping up the water with their hands, and looking carefully around with their watchful eyes; thus were the wary one's chosen, and the others dismissed.

G-d wants not only brave men, but prudent men for His work and warfare; and every day we live we are passing judgment on ourselves either to places of honor and service, or to be left at home, because of our 'unfitness'! G-d want 'fit' men for His work and He lets every men prove his own 'fitness' or 'unfitness' by the practical tests of his daily life! We little dream, sometimes a hasty word, a thoughtless speech, an imprudent act, or a confession of unbelief may do hinder our highest usefulness, or turn it aside from the great opportunity which G-d was preparing for us!

G-d uses the foolish things to confound the wise.

Again we see the Holy Spirit using the weak things of this world in the weapons of Gideon's warfare! They are very simple: Lamp-pitchers and Shofars. That was all! The lamp or torches were expressive of the light and fire of the Holy Spirit! The pitchers suggested 'the broken vessels' of our surrendered bodies and lives! The Shofars signified the Word of G-d {G-d's voice} and the message of the Gospel {G-d's New Covenant Word} that we are send to proclaim! These are the weapons of our warfare, which are still mighty through G-d to the pulling down of strongholds!

The humbles servant of the L-rd Yeshua Messiah or Jesus the Christ, armed with the Holy Spirit and the Word of G-d (Ephesians; Hebrews 4:12)) stands with the whole power of Heaven behind him! Men respect His message at their peril, for Yeshua Messiah had said: "He that received you, received me!"!

The secret of all power of G-d and men is to stand behind our message and our Master, and like Gideon pitchers to be so broken ourselves, that the light of our Heavenly torches can flash through the broken vessels though which the message comes!

The 300-Gideon-Endtime-Warriors-Soldiers-Anointing will include:

Wisdom and patient
Directed & appointed only by God
The L-rd is with them!
Separate from bad habits; good attitude!
Being a confusion for the enemy!
Warriors & real soldiers
The more  "watching soldiers"
The carefully accurate soldiers who do NOT have thoughtlessly thoughts
Without becoming self-confident
Not depend upon their own strength, but only upon G-d's!
Depending on the counsels from G-d!
Enable with the power and Divine wisdom of G-d
Unpromising methods
Ready for taking in action any moment; ready for warfare!
Cherishing true humility
Great & real  Faith
Confronting the enemy with great boldness!
Knowing the exact appointed time frame
Large measure of responsibility
Confidence to seek after His help and guidance!
Not afraid for to be into the battles with the enemy
Accomplish great things by G-d. even through their own "weak instruments"
Able to do exceeding abundantly above all
Highly anointed by G-d!

"The 300 -Gideon End-time-Warriors"  -Commissioning

...To these selected specific people of "300 -Gideon End-time-Warriors"  will be given the authority & activated for any End Time Harvest Revival word-wide in these last days! These precious saints will not make compromises to get favor, to get money, to get positions, to get control in the wrong way! They were rejected at the most of your churches & ministries and by your own leaders! They were "Not good enough" in their opinion! Therefore in order to receive Revival-Fire the Churches inclusive their leaders need to come out of their denominational barriers and must come at the place of Revival without being hostile and putting it in rejection! They need to understand what unity & cooperation really means!

They are facing the enemies foes, to confront and bring major defeat to him and his foes at his own 'camp' in order to save His people from them! They are a select and elect of God's chosen righteous people for G-d's specific End time Harvest Revival! They have been activated after a long time of pruning and growing in G-d's way. They are able to detect the enemy and his plans without fear! G-d will deliver the enemy to you! They are going back to the enemies' camp striking down and taking back what he stole from His precious saints. They are strong victorious warriors with great faith and honor; without fear; having great confident and boldness in G-d! They are knowing His Word! They are having the great End-Time Harvest - Anointing! They are sealed with the seal of the Holy Spirit!

Gideon's clay yards exposed...

Gideon's clay yards exposed in picture (Just below) . Archeological findings from the time of Gideon. The events of (all) Judges cover at least 440 years. Gideon was the sixth' judge (Judges 6:11-8:32) and was reigning for 40 years!

Actions of G-d for Gideon:

1. G-d came from Heaven to earth (Judges 6:11).
2. G-d sat under an oak tree.
3. G-d appeared to Gideon
(Judges 6:12).
4. G-d spoke to Gideon.
5. G-d looked upon him
(Judges 6:14).
prophesied to Gideon. (Judges 6:16).
7. G-d sent Gideon to deliver Israel.
8. G-d made a promise
(Judges 6:18).
9. G-d commanded Gideon
(Judges 6:20).
10. Put forth the end of the staff that was in His hand, and touched the meal Gideon had prepared for Him
(Judges 6:21).
10. Departed out of his sight.

Gideon's Victory Map

It was an ancient superstition that if one saw G-d or an angel, he would die (Judges 6:22-23; 13:22; Genesis 32:30); but no person has ever died because of seeing G-d and no one ever will!

There was a public of distress of Israel. They could not use regular threshing floors for fear of their
enemies, so they threshed grain a little at a time by flailing it instead of treading it with cattle. Gideon was doing this by the winepress, a place his enemies would not suspect because Israel had no grapes left to make wine, since their enemies took all the vineyards.

Gideon was humble here when called to deliver Israel, but later he became exalted and failed G-d (Judges 6:15; 8:22-28).

Z  On the map the places of Gideon's actions!

Gideon together with 32,000 men against
135,000 Midianites! G-d doesn't want people praising the instrument, but praising Him! Gideon was gracious having a true humility and an admirable quality. When the L-rd called Him to lead the Israelites against Median he responded in a very sincere way! G-d gave Gideon the key to success: "I will be with you"! That's also the key of learning to work together with the L-rd! Like Gideon we, as End Time generation, are also called in specific ways! Gideon would face serious social problems and probable physical attack. He took a great "risk" {Having great faith} by following G-d's higher law! {The L-rd will fight your battle! Here, faith without doubting is the condition to meet if one wants the fulfillment of the benefits! The prediction or promise is that everyone who meets the condition will be answered, even to the moving of mountains}

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Blowing the Shofar

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A Shofar is an instrument made from the horn of a ram or other kosher animal. It was used in ancient Israel to announce the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh) and call people together. It was also blown on Rosh Hashanah, marking the beginning of the New Year, signifying both need to wake up to the call to repentance, and in connection with the portion read on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Binding of Isaac (Genesis 22) in which Abraham sacrifices a ram in place of his son, Isaac. (Source: Jewish virtual Library)
This will be a new dimension to intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare! The Lord has revealed and still is revealing today to our generation the spiritual dynamic and tremendous power by using properly the Shofar (Ramís Horn) as it was used by the ancient Israelites! Today, the Shofar is featured most prominently in the Rosh Hashanah morning services. It is considered a commandment to hear the Shofar blown. The man who blows the Shofar is required to be of blameless character and conspicuous devotion; he must blow blasts of different timbre, some deep, some high, some quavering! From all of the truths that have been stolen by
the enemy over the last 2000 years the Lord now is restoring our generation of His people! If the enemy made a point of taking it, then we can be sure there is power in it

Mantle of Humility
Kleed van ootmoedigheid

The 'nowadays-well-dressed Christian' still has more to put on in order to follow the Lord's example! "Clothe yourself with the 'cloth' of...humility"! Humility is the next instruction from the Scripture! This humble mindset gives us a low opinion of ourselves, and only the Holy Spirit can provide us with such a 'rare garment'. It is so easy to be proud because of what we feel are our superior talents, possessions or achievements. Pride is so subtle!  Humility is not related to poverty, but to a 'broken spirit'!

A spirit of humility & Brokenness!

The first confession of a broken person is admission of total inability to succeed without G-dís favor. A clear heart cares and habitually guards against everything that pollutes the mind. (Psalm 31:12; 34:18; 51:10-17; Matthew 21:44; 1 Samuel 15:24)
G-d pours out His Revival Spirit upon His people. To bring us first to a deep sense of our own sins and impurities! Then He can bring us into a spirit of humility & brokenness!

2 Chronicles 20:1-25!

The L-rd will fight your battle! Here, faith without doubting is the condition to meet if one wants the fulfillment of the benefits! The prediction or promise is that everyone who meets the condition will be answered, even to the moving of mountains (Matthew 17:20; Matthew 21:21-22).
Everyone without exception is promised everything he asks in prayer, provided he qualifies for an answer!
Have unlimited faith without qualifying and limiting G-d's will or what you want! (or your urgent need!)
Refuse to doubt in your heart!
Here is a similar story that partly indentify with the story of Gideon!

Gideon, though reluctant to respond to Go-d's call, was nevertheless a real man, and could easily have been born in the 21st Century; by Waitsel Smith, July 5, 2010

Text © 2010 Waitsel Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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