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* = Still in process or coming soon!

Prophet Office

The prophet's - Gods anointed messengers!
We have the obligation to charge His Prophets
to confront and to expose
the false prophets!

The prophet is one who sees beyond your “common present”
God's Prophets (by Gene Lapansie)
False Prophets & rebellious people; stubbornness Nowadays Church!
The sincerity of your consecration!
Unclean; no time to become prepared!
"Cheap Gospel"?!
Sent out to...!
Color Code
The Prophet web - Directory
Important Site's!


See at: God's Outreach Ministry Int.



Your Divine calling…
True Ministers Must Be...
Gifts & Callings from God!
Proper preparation!
Fulfillment of your Divine calling!
The sons of God are commissioned!
Commissioning in Office Prophet
Like Ezekiel' Commission...
Demonstration Gifts

To teach with perseverance
Demonstrate the gifts
    that accompanies a prophet!
A letter for Pastors
Prophecies (on Date)

God's Tolerance! (Coming soon!)
Awake Lakeland; FL...Revival!
Awake America!
The clothes of humility
California Disaster & Devastation
A numbered of people in your church…
Arafat's violent death...Announced!

Prophecies by Others (on Date)
by Shaenah Matheney (Coming soon!)

Ascension gifts of Messiah Yeshua
All headship ministries
To edify the Body; to unify men

God's destiny setting before you!
Prophet to the Nations Gene Lapansie
Graven upon the palms of God's hands


Seeing beyond your common present
Setting Gods destiny before you!
Carrying aspects of future events!
Walking with God (Chrysantha Tillekeratne)
To discern the voice of God... !!!
The voice of the Holy Spirit!
The voice of your own mind!
The voice of the enemy!
Like the Prophet...

God inspired indignation...
Like the Prophet…
The Lord guards the prophet!
Sent out to, like...!
Picture of a Prophet Leonard Ravenhill

Contact-Prophet Office

God's Outreach Ministry Int.
River of Jordan
Prophet Office
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Rules for Internet-Communications
    Be a Good Neighbor!
    Know the Law!
    Be Responsible!
    Help Protect Your Children, Privacy and Property!
    We take seriously any message!
    Fraud Information
Prophet in a box?

Prophet placed in a "box"…?
"High calling" →High demands!!
The Prophet is called to move on!
Misunderstanding or oppression?
The prophet' sufferings!
Instead of recommending the message
America, America!!!?
Sole signatory rights?
God knows the secrets!
Sending instructions!
Likewise Abraham promises' of God!
Different kinds of prophets
...(By Gene Lapansie)

The heart-beam of a prophet!*
Prophet or 'Prophetic'?*
= Still in process!
Precious Vessel

The prophet is God's precious vessel!
Samuel established as a prophet
Facts of Samuel's Life Story!
Precious in God's sight!


Compromising or not?
Money  (by Gene Lapansie)
The compromising side of Revival!
Revival is...

The spirit of jezebel

a contending principality
Prophet's worse enemy!

More will come soon!


The spirit of Jezebel;
      a contending principality!
Brokenness Ingredients for Revival Experience

The Prophet's Scroll

Proverbs: Words of Divine Wisdom
Eight If's of blessings 
Eight Blessings of obedience 2x

Brokenness Ingredients for Revival Experience More will come soon!

And they, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear, (for they are a rebellious house,) yet shall know that there hath been a prophet among them. (Ezekiel 2:5) 
These ministry Teaching’s web site's, with many of Biblical studies is always freely available for everyone! Mostly written on “Neutral Site’s", which you can link to you site as well! (Please inform us) As such, these detailed teaching’s site’s cost a lot of precious time and financial commitment for the author and the publisher as well! Every study, that takes you only minutes to read, and few the pictures according the story, takes many hours of work to write, to edit, to design, to format and technically make available & maintain on the web server. That is the simple reality of the situation!



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