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Prophetic Revelation
by Chad Taylor


About Chad Taylor shortly…
Finding G-d in current crisis's
The Noah-factor and massive global breakthrough
The rejected will be accepted and reinstated in 2008
2008: the year of the indigenous
An assembly of G-d's presence is amassing


Source © Chad Taylor Dec 9, 2007 (Partly out of his prophetic revelation, with his permission)
Chad Taylor
© Placed with permission!
"It still would be an honor to work together in any way. Please use anything we have.  Blessings and please keep in touch. Chad


About Chad Taylor shortly…

What makes Chad's appeal for Revival unique is that Chad has SEEN and EXPERIENCED Revival which has resulted in entire regions and cities coming under the presence of God for months at a time resulting in thousands of salvations. If you are ready to embrace the Revival that these times demand then Chad Taylor is a clarion call or exactly that!

Chad is also the author of the book "Why Revival Still Tarries" and his second book "THIS GREAT HARVEST" is due out in the spring of 2008.

There is no greater satisfaction as a ministry to leave a high powered prophetic meeting and look into your rear view mirror and literally see an endless line of cars following you into the inner city to share Jesus!  Where young and old have converged on gated ghetto communities to see them lit up like a neon sign as countless people cry out to Jesus”. Chad.  "Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the un-searchable riches of Christ..." (Ephesians 3:8)

Chad Taylor is an intense Evangelistic Prophet. He is able to reproduce his perspective and give an insatiable hunger for seeing people come into the full invitation of salvation. Chad not only has a fresh way of thinking that is full of life, he also has an appetite to give his best so that we can benefit from his expertise and heart. He not only preaches about the harvest, he also has the ability to mobilize the church into the harvest! He will affect anyone who comes near with a passion for the Lord and for souls! His passion for Jesus, lifestyle of prayer and evangelism are extremely contagious! He is a blessing to the saints and a terror to hell! His testimony and lifestyle are contagious!

"Chad is a specific "razor-edge" voice of God, between common and radical for the 21st century to the nowadays generation! He has the eye of the eagle to perceive what God is doing in the nations today. He not only hears the voice of God but responds to the desperation of the Father calling His children to “come and dine with Him!” The word in his mouth is timely, accurate and true.

Finding G-d in current crisis's

In a ministry trip to Ketchikan, Alaska I heard the Lord begin to speak about a "perfect storm" or a perfect set of circumstances that appear to be disastrous or tragic but in reality is a chain reaction that is creating monumental breakthrough and powerful lateral momentum in His Kingdom.  Like a Tsunami that comes in with such force and then in its wake the land is altered or changed by it.  These "perfect storms" are a series of Divine circumstances often seen in our headlines and front pages almost daily as a blueprint for incredible breakthrough and Kingdom advancement. What may at first appear to be unexplainable events will prove to be tipping points and historic progressive breakthroughs that alter the course of regions, states and nations? 

The Noah-factor and massive global breakthrough

Look at Noah's circumstances and what apparently began as a complete disaster became a "new world" or a complete change in circumstances and environment.  When I was in the Portland area ministering at a Assembly of God church (I believe it's worth mentioning the church denomination), as this historic or "perfect storm" hit interrupting transportation in mass and is still currently having an incredible impact on the environment.  I was scheduled to leave  but felt led to leave that night as the storm approached  after ministering at the PM meeting. 

I believe the entire trip that night was to receive God's perspective at a deeper level as sheets of rain and blasting gusts of wind descended in Oregon and up into Seattle. These disturbing current events overseas and in the U.S. are catalytic in nature that will often "violently" as stated in Mathew 11:12 radically change the landscape removing obstacles of resistance once and for all. What would have taken years and even a life time to change - under these adverse events will happen in seconds, minutes and hours.  

The rejected will be accepted and reinstated in 2008! *1

2008 went down in history as the YEAR OF THE PRODIGAL as those that have suffered severe rejection (!Picture on left) are now accepted and reinstated by the Hand of the Lord. It will not be an act of man even as it was not the act of man that reinstated the prodigal son to his position or Moses, David, and Jonah to theirs. The grace of God will prove itself sufficient in 2008 as significant headlining reconciliation and restorations takes place. Newspapers, talk shows and other major media events will become harbingers of God's intentions like no other time in 2008 as the "uncomely parts" are bestowed more honor. Those that have been disgraced, misunderstood and forgotten will be suddenly thrust back to the forefront as Joseph was from his pit and prison. The stone covering many people's "lion's den" (Picture on right") shall be rolled away by the power's-that-be revealing a greater destiny inside. Those that have "fellowshipped in His suffering" shall undoubtedly now walk in resurrection power!  

*1 (This part of Prophetic Revelation is similar; also to find at: The year of "Break-out" By Howard Matheney; Confirmation!)

2008: the year of the indigenous!

Major political and social events shall occur that publicly and historically place the Native American people into a place of restoration. An "every eye shall see" shall unfold in 2008 taking their cause from the ranks of last making it first. The anointing of peacemaker shall take center stage on many international platforms as the Indigenous people take the lead in major national events. Certain seats of national authority have been reserved for them for such a time as this. Faces that have been hidden from public view will now "arise and shine" and the caricature of previous history will be eclipsed by a new breed of apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers revealing the original foundation that the Lord has established. (!@ Source Picture: ; Also this website is created by Chad Taylor; Se also site of "Ministrylinks")

City seats and governmental positions will now be vacant as these noble people step into their rightful position of leadership. Church governments will inevitably and unavoidably have to reach out to the Native American people if they are ever going to see the fullness of the Lord's will in their cities and churches; this will become perfectly clear as the year unfolds. Media and movies will continue to lead the charge as the Lord shines His divine spotlight on a chosen generation of Native American's. North & South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana and Wyoming will take on a apostolic role of reconciliation and restoration as a "voice crying in the wilderness" begins to be heard in America. The true genuine Joseph anointing will be seen in its full stature and true character as these people take up the call and election of the Lord in 2008 and beyond.   

An assembly of G-d's presence is amassing!

Remember the reference to the Assembly of God church above?  I heard these words as I ministered in two Assembly of God churches in the last two months, particularly in the Portland area as what some are calling "the 40 year"* - storm because of its intensity and the first of its kind in 40 years. Not only is the Lord's presence targeting certain denominations and churches such as the A.G. but He is targeting major metropolitan cities in a terrific historic way. Even as we see Interstate 5 interrupted between Portland and Seattle by torrential rain and flooding it is only a prelude to incredible divine interruptions as the Lord begins to fill His temple as He did in Acts chapter 2

Many mainline denominations that have remained steadfast in former doctrine and dogma indifferent to the current move of God will emerge from the tomb like Lazarus; the grave clothes of previous experiences no longer hindering them. Even more contemporary church movements that have detoured from their divine course will find new vision and grace to return to their "first love" and do the "first works". Like the little boats in Luke chapter 5 the influx and increase will be so great it will demand a greater unified front than ever before in the Body of Christ to ultimately accomplish His work: "So they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink..."  (Luke 5:7).  Imagine success in the Lord's Kingdom that is so great that unless you reach out and accept assistance from others your ministry will sink?!  That is the kind of divine challenges the future holds as the "perfect storms" of God's will converge upon the world.

The number Forty (40) is always a ‘testing’ number throughout the Bible! The ancient Hebrew people in the time of Moses were tested for 40 years in the Dessert. The spies were in the land for 40 days! (Numbers 14:25) Moses was in tie cycles at the Mount Sinai for 40 days! Yeshua was tested for 40 days in the dessert. (Remarks by Paul van Beek; se Site about: "Prophetic Time Cycles & Numbers from the Scripture "; coming soon!)

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"It still would be an honor to work together in any way. Please use anything we have. Blessings and please keep in touch."  Chad

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