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Surely the L-rd G-d will do nothing, but He revealed his secret unto His servants the prophets!
(Amos 3:7)

Lakeland Exposed!
Prophetic Revelation


G-d will considering your "actions"!
Lakeland; List of 'your' evil works! ò
The original Government Founders of the United States of America
Lakeland! are in a great need to do business with God on His terms!
Lakeland; You have provoked the Lord to ignore about His last Healing outpouring!
Lakeland...! You are under the influence of "jezebel'; It is time to be exposed!
Lakeland; You are in a great need to understand the waves of God on His terms!

Expected effects of Revival! 
Going through the All-consuming FIRE of God!
Short comments by Paul van Beek
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God will consider your actions!

Self-examination consists in looking at your lives, in considering your actions, in calling up the past, and learning its true character. General confessions of sin will never do and it smells more to hypocritisme! There are a lot of things going on behind the “Screens”, which normally as humans we cannot reveal. But it is by the power of God supernatural manners that the corruption and violence ways of working by leaders in Government places and involved in the social system of the Lakeland society will be exposed! Not only God will expose their wrong secret actions, but expose the persons in question as well! God will do in the same way for the leadership in Lakeland’s Churches & Ministries! I urge you your self-examination, which consists in looking at your own lives, in considering your actions, and learning its true character! Not just only by your words, but with your actions! Your sins were committed and as far as you can come at them, they ought to be reviewed and repented all of them! You need to be real with God!

Lakeland! List of 'your evil' works!

When Revival is at hand, or God is moving that great things are happening. But...Judgment will always a part of a Revival! You are in opportunities to chose right or wrong! Whether you like it or not, with a real Revival, evilness will be exposed in order to release God's grace over it, or to removed, if they are refusing God's love offer of grace! This is the way of "escaping God's Judgments", which is provided by G-d, since the begin of the human race on Earth!

Lakeland!..."Several Lakeland's Government Department’s policy shared vision-statement should be dedicated professionals working together to provide excellent service which enhances the quality of life in Lakeland. According their mission Statement the in partnership with the community, while affording dignity and respect to all persons, their mission is to maintain order and improve the quality of life of the citizens they should serve. Their values are committed to doing things like with: "Respect; Integrity; Teamwork; Excellence!"?
But...there among them who are abusing their authority in the responsible function they should do in order to show off their "power"? They become a real terror instead a blessing and benefit for the society  acting only for their own benefits disregarding the suffering of the innocent with respect by their wrongly actions! They will and are becoming one of the the reasons for bad reputation for the Lakeland society!
Sin is in the City! Be aware, your evil works will be exposed!
(Similar things were exposed in the Belgium Government in the late '90's!)

These contractions do not always come as expected. The soil in Lakeland itself is going to expel the evil that has been sown in it and it is also going to purge itself of everything that hinders it from being prepared for the age to come. In many ways it will be  a manifestation of the nature of evil that is growing in men, as well as a dress rehearsal for what will be faced in even greater ways in the end. It is an example of  counterfeit faith!
Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity (lawlessness)! (Matthew 23:28)  The "Counter-faith"  of the people who followed blindly called: "academic, intellectual, and cultural!"
(More about this specific subject is on site: "Faith 3x")

The horrific speed nowadays of the global revival of raw hatred, even encompassing countries is mind-boggling. The obscene level of pro-native and anti not-native incitement is going to the worst comparable days like the Nazis in the early 1930s!  Responding said non-native in this nation are "different," and be treated as "different"! Discrimination, prejudice are still a fact inside the Lakeland society!

Obviously Prejudice, pride and presumptuous lifestyles are not in order with G-d! Prejudice, strictly defined, a preformed and unsubstantiated judgment or opinion about an individual or a group most often unfavorable in nature or hostile attitude toward other people based on nation of origin in another social or ethnic group! Leaders are having prejudice attitudes against foreigners and disfavored minorities within their borders. It may be religious, such as policies that foreigners, who do not speak “perfect American”! (?) You showed yourself humble but it is a false humility, because you are proud, self-satisfied and ignorant of the true! You have put your feet on the commandments of God and ignore everything God had establish  from the beginning of the existence in this nation, by devoted Christian Government leaders!

The original Government Founders of the United States of America

Was Z  Patrick Henry a Christian? The following year, 1776, he wrote this "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here."

Consider these words that Thomas Jefferson [ wrote on the front of his well- worn Bible: "I am a Christian, that is to say a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our Creator and, I hope, to the pure doctrine of Jesus also."

Consider these words from Z George Washington, the Father of this Nation, in his farewell speech on September 19, 1796: "It is impossible to govern the world without G-d and the Bible. Of all the dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, our religion and morality are the indispensable supporters. Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that our national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle."

Was George Washington a Christian? Consider these words from his personal prayer book: "Oh, eternal and everlasting God, direct my thoughts, words and work. Wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the lamb and purge my heart by the Holy Spirit. Daily, frame me more and more in the likeness of thy son, Jesus Christ, that living in thy fear, and dying in thy favor, I may in thy appointed time obtain the resurrection of the justified unto eternal life. Bless, O L-rd, the whole race of mankind and let the world be filled with the knowledge of thy son, Jesus Christ."

Consider these words by John Adams, this nation's second president, [  who also served as chairman of the American Bible Society. In an address to military leaders he said, "We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and true religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Lakeland! are in a great need to do business with God on His terms!

Lakeland!...Today you are still asking God to bless America, your nation and your City! But how can He bless a Nation and your city that has departed so far from Him? You have step your feet on His commandments and all of His statures where this nation from the beginning was standing in for!

Lakeland!...You are in a great need to do business with God on His terms! From generation to generation the depth of sin has taken deep root in man in your City! You are created to walk with God, as Adam did in the Garden of Eden, before his fall! You  are going to reap the consequences of your sin by disobedience. Death is spread throughout each generation! (Spiritual as well physical!)

Lakeland; You have provoked the Lord to ignore about His last Healing outpouring!

Lakeland!...G-d was and still is sending His "Jonah's" to Lakeland to revive this city, and His people! The l-rd had visited many Churches in the Lakeland area, but was not really welcome! You are thinking how?...... You have embraced religion and its traditional customs, but not G-d's loving outpouring to heal the many sick among you! It was His grace toward you to chose your City in the first place, but you have ignore His way of working, because it did not comfort your religious security!

Lakeland...! You are under the influence of "jezebel'; It is time to be exposed!

Lakeland!...It is time for the spirit of jezebel to be exposed and resisted in our generation! Just having a  "nice" Christian Church meeting, a performance of a so "anointed" "worship" leader and than everybody clapping their hands and saying "Hallelujah Jesus" from their seats and than having the intension "you are so blessed"!?; NOT specific the sermon to have the ultimate spiritual climate, so you are disabled to discern the spiritual climate in your church, Ministry and in this City! So stop to playing a game with G-d's "left-over" people; stop with compromises! You better prepare yourself for serious war! The spirit of jezebel will be and already is one of the greatest enemy of the Church in these last days,!

Lakeland!...Not all Lakeland Pastors will accept this direct rebuke and is not for those that have not reached into jezebel's satanic depth! Judgment is given according to the works of those under the influence of the jezebel spirit. Without repentance, the sin of fornication, idolatry, worldliness and schismatic confusion caused tribulation and the death of the children who commit adultery with "her"!

Lakeland!...Jezebel uses her controlling influence to lead "deceived your church-people" to worship a false church system that is not led by God's Spirit. Instead of being the Bride of Yeshua/Christ, the church is turned into a harlot turning to other gods, and a harem, becoming many wives through the denominational divisions. It is hard to resist once under her spell, she feels just like "Jesus" but it is a delusion! Those under the jezebel spirit are given a false peace about the sin and confusion and the Spirit of conviction does not take hold because they are given over to jezebel's and so satan's deception for the destruction of the flesh. She will even counterfeit the Holy Spirit feeling of holiness in the heart. You have to be delivered from her influences! Jezebel is the spirit of modern day Babylon which you have allowed to work among you! Jezebel is covering her face with a type of delusion; that is given to the church so that they might not recognize her “real spirit” behind her the influence!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6) 

Lakeland!...Don't keep running from G-d! You may think you know Him as your Lord and Savior, but if you keep running from doing His will, you'll run right into a God of Wrath in that dark Valley of Death and G-d will be your Judge! There is a side of G-d that is one of great wrath, and that is how you will meet Him on the Judgment Day. You will face the truth you have feared and will know there is a Hell! But you don't have to take a chance on going to Hell. He did not create your soul for Hell. He created Heaven for you and Hell for the devil and his angels. You can say, “That 'Hell' business is for yesterday – intelligent people don't believe that nonsense anymore!” Death will claim you and you can't keep from going there. But then it will be too late!

It is the jezebel spirit that has seduced your present generation to commit fornication, whether sexual or political, to deny and reject the true prophets and has allowed the spirit in the mainstream, justifying it according to the mores of the times!
Lakeland!...Your time is running out!

Lakeland!...It is time for the "300-Gideon - End-time-Warriors" to act and visit you again!

Lakeland!...It is time for the "End-time-Deborah's" to act and visit you again!

Lakeland!...It is time for the "End-time-Over-comers" to act and visit you again!

Lakeland!...who most of you had ignored the last Healing Revival Outpouring (2008)! You were not prepared and willing for, you had turned away your face and plugged your ears from G-d's Anointing Healing power move! You love hypercritics and ignored the truth in order to position yourself 'secured'!

Lakeland; You are in a great need to understand the waves of God on His terms!

Lakeland!...Your are in a desperate need for an other Revival move of G-d! You do not deserve it, but it is the amazing above our comprehensive thinking grace of G-d!

Expected effects of Revival! 

G-d has never changed and is still able and mighty to do the same again and in many different parts of the world today as He did in the 1904 - Welch Revival! He did it in 2008 in Lakeland! It is in some parts comparable! 

  • Countless numbers of souls shall be saved; individual lives; changed dramatically by the power of the Holy Spirit!
  • Countless numbers of souls shall be converted in the Revival meetings!
  • Society itself shall face challenging facts and dramatically changes!
  • Society; that include also Christianity; again become a G-d-fearing City!
  • Men and women who using to waste their money in alcohol, luxury things etc… shall now save it!
  • Man, as head in their household will take up their responsibilities also in their priesthood!
  • They will take up their responsibilities and taking care for their churches!
  • They will take up their responsibilities and buying clothes and food for their families and others as well!
  • People, who had been careless about paying their bills, Credit card debt, etc… are going to pay up all!
  • People, who had been careless about paying back their loans, are going to pay up all they owed!
  • Mutual love will increase for a while!
  • The crime and other offences shall grow less even so that the court will find there will be less cases!
  • Public houses with their perverse handlings shall face serious dealings with God!!
  • Business with wicked and secrets corruption shall be exposed!
  • Business of Christians with honesty and integrity shall be prospered!
  • A dark City will release it’s the sounds of prayer and love songs of praise & worship, instead of hatred and gossip.
  • Men whose language had been filthy with hate before will accept to talk purely in love! It is related that God is dealing with the spirit of prejudice!
  • People, who had not been friends for a long time because of on-forgiveness are going to forgive & except each other!
  • There could be no blessing on anyone who had unkind thoughts about anyone else! *(Evan Roberts sayings)
  • The Revival-Fire that will rain soon will become a whirl-wind of Fire that will affect the rest of  the world!
  • Those who come to visit the Revival-Fire meetings will able to catch the flame and will passed it on to other Cities, States and Nations!
  • This Revival will be a model historic Revival News likewise Azusa street!
  • The Revival-Fire will be a model example for other Cities as well!
  • It will be an End-Time-harvest-Revival - move of God before the return of the Messiah!

Our prayer is that He will extend His mercy on this City, this State, this Nation and even the whole world for a mighty visitation of the Holy Spirit. That throughout the world Churches, Ministries, Cities, Communities, etc… will feel the effects and news of God’s powerful work soon! It is G-d’s End-time action of Grace on Earth!
* Extract from the Evan Roberts' Welch-Revival Section partly... Of all the names that are linked with the 1904 Revival, Evan Roberts is the most well known. At 26 years of age in the fall of 1904, he was to become an instant spiritual celebrity in Wales as the local and national newspapers of the day chronicled the spreading Religious Revival. In some parts the Revival Lakeland will be comparable, but definite not the same!

Going through the All-consuming FIRE of G-d!

If you are ready to go through the Fire of G-d, then you are going through a transaction of your own will, not of a sentiment! Let the consequences be what they may, there is no strand of complaint now, no matter what G-d chooses. G-d will put you through crises in private; no one person is able to help another. Externally the life may be still the same; the different is your own will! You have to go through this kind of personal crises in will, then it will results in coming externally and there will be no thoughts of the costs. If you do not transact in will with G-d along this process, you will end in awakening sympathy only for yourself! Your sacrifices on the altar, on the Merci-seat of   G-d, means going through the all-consuming FIRE of G-d! The burning, purification and insulation for one purpose only, the destruction of every affinity that G-d has not started and of every attachment in G-d. You do not destroy it, G-d does!  Resulting in that you will not allow giving way to self-pity when the FIRES begin! After this painful process of FIRE, there is nothing that oppresses or depresses anymore! When other crises arise, you are realizing that these things cannot tough you anymore as these used to do in your past!

Allow Him to purify you with fire! It maybe also a painful process! The ‘impurities’ separate from it to the surface. They are skimmed off, leaving the pure metal. Without this ‘heating’ and ‘melting’ there could be no purifying. As the impurities are skimmed off the top, the reflection of the worker appears in the clear, pure surface! As we are purified by God, His reflection in our life will be more and more clear to those around us! (Malachi 3:2)

Are you willing to scarify your will to the all-consuming Fires of G-d? Are you willing to move in G-d's directions, facing new challenges? It is becoming flexible, so G-d can move you easily for His purpose!

Short Comments
Paul van Beek

Also if Daniel was commanded to understand G-d's given visions and take it under serious consideration, then we are to do likewise! God's secrets are revealed to His servants the prophets to hear His counsel to cause people to hear His words, so that they shall  turn themselves from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings! Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets! (Amos 3:7) The mystery of G-d should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets! Ancient Old Testaments Prophets often brought them before Kings. They spoke of great events that shaped the destiny of nations!

Operating in the Office of the Prophet; I will not have rest until I have release the messages from G-d! Even I often have to risk my position as minister to be rejected or accepted! Part of the reason is that even my life is such a dangerous one because people will not always believe or accept the message you have to release as a Prophet! The fact that what I have to predict, in G-d's terms and timing it aloud helped make it happen! It is not surprising me, that there on the day of today still are many "false prophets" including those who come with their "well-pleasing compromising message" in order to impress themselves; and/of to get something's out of it for themselves; predicting peace and good times! It not only what the people want to hear, it is also what they ("want to") believe the "prophet" was helping bring out! Truth sometimes hurts! When it does we are tempted to want good news, even in spite off, it is not true. This is even foolish for ourselves!
We need to have the Divine Wisdom and discernment to reject supposal "good news", for the truth alone has to come only from G-d!

Paulus van Beek  -  Revival-Lakeland  Prophet-Office  End-Time-Harvest-Revival

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The spirit of jezebel to be exposed and resisted in our generation!

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