Required Web-Services! 
Graphic Design & Web Design


Web Site Setup:
Professional Site Design
Choose from a wide selection of pre-defined templates or have a design a site to meet your church's specifications. Click on:
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Web Site Hosting:
or your church or ministry at the Web-host. This is your Web-space and hosting by a web-host. (I do mostly offer the packet from EarthLink webhosting / 19,95/monthly)
(First 2 months 9,95)
Packages starting $20 monthly!
$240 Yearly!  Depending on size

Graphic Design Services

Customized Banner Graphic Design
Additional Banner Graphics
: Would you like a different banner graphic on each page?
Keeping the graphical look from your current site?
Keeping  your own unique home page design?


Domain Registration!

Your Congregation, Church or Ministry can have its own domain-Name & space! Domain registration services are a necessary option! If your Congregation, Church or Ministry already has a domain or chooses to register a domain on its own, you can still use your own Domain! You must renew on a regular base your domain name to retain your online presence! You are also can go for to renew your domain name instantly online visit\  
Or you may call our 24 hour customer service center toll free at 1-866-434-0212

1 Year  Registration per Web-Domain-name $ 30
2 Years  Registration $ 50
5 Years  Registration $ 95
More years Years  Registration $ 95 + more (???)

Church or Ministry Website important points to discuss
in which I am able to give you professional assistance with...

Having a live Web site

Is your church considering its first Web site?  With a professional set-up you will be able to have a live Web site!

Professional lay-out in combination with art

Does your church already have a Web site?  By a professional lay-out you in combination with art will see how your Web site maintenance can be! (At your own provider of by us?)

To capture the interest of those in your community!

People may visit your Web site long before they visit your church! An effective Web site is a great way to reach out to your surrounding community. By a professional set-up and easy in use will help you design a site that will capture the interest of those in your community! It is a "must"!

Communication is an essential component

Communication is an essential component of a church member's involvement. A centralized Web database is a powerful way to keep your church members informed. We can contain several features that will enhance the communication of those in your church!

Web site to publish for

Using your Web site to publish the beliefs; teachings announcement etc. of your church. Many people will use your Web site to find out more about your worship services. Web site visitors can read publications, articles, upcoming events, teachings from sermons, meditations, Agenda, etc. as they can be posted by your church leaders.

Real-time updates

Missionaries can provide real-time updates of happenings in the mission fields, but also use your teachings as well!

Mini Sites for Each Church Ministry

Specific groups within the church can have their own area + own name + even own domain name within the Church' Web site! Ministry sites contain user-friendly photo galleries, events calendars, and much more. This is a setup of small intern Web sites for each of the ministry groups in your church. Each of these groups can have a professional photo gallery, dynamic events calendar, and much more. This feature will be used by your youth groups, adult Bible study groups, Sunday school classes, and Christian day school. The possibilities are limitless!

Web site administration

Web site administration does require some special professional programs! What you need is a recent computer with the right programs and internet connection! (Prefer High Speed; DSL or Cable!) Yes, others will tell you it will be easy and you will need nothing???? Sorry, than I am going to doubt about the professional outfit! It is not easy, it demands skills!

Content Management from any location!

Update your Web site at any time from any location. With a content management system, you will be able to change anything on your site! (A Note book/Lap-top should be very useful!)

Complete Membership Database Possible!

Store all of your membership data in a secure and central source. Because your database is Web-based, you will be able to fully utilize email and other Internet related communication tools. (Excel)

Web site in combination with  Power Point presentation

Enlarge your Web site in Power Point presentation into your sermons! (Same style & Lay-out)

Neutral Sites

Introducing "Neutral Sites" in your Web site! New! You can create a site without your logo's, banner etc, only referring to the source. (Your Church or Ministry) with a picture link. Other Ministries can share this same "Neutral site" in their web! Your site will be visited more! You are sharing your information with other Ministries as well! Remember your source is still in it and you still control this site from your web-site location!  (See framework with Icon-pictures below for examples)

Web-directory online

Web-directory online is a site in the form of a "Contents"; like you find in a book. Visitors can easily find their specific subject in your Web. Forgotten where you put a certain teaching or subject? You will find it on Web-Directory! You chose your button! (Or picture link)

Contact us

Additional hosting space! - Contact us for details. If you choose to host your sermons at another location, you can use the custom pages tool to link to these web files as well!

Real Examples of "your" important Neutral Site's!

The ministry Teaching’s web site's, with many of Biblical studies is always freely available for everyone! Mostly it is written on “Neutral Site’s", which you can link to your site as well! As such, these detailed teaching’s site’s cost a lot of precious time and financial commitment for the author and the publisher as well! Every study, that takes you only minutes to read, and few the pictures and Graphic designs according the story, takes many hours of work to write, to edit, to design, to format and technically make available & maintain on the web server. That is the simple reality of the situation!

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