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More than 12,000.000 web-site visitors yearly!
“Web-group”...and still increasing!

The Ministry-web-group  where I stand for is world wide orientated web-group and is received more 12,000.000 visitors yearly, if this continue the way it is increasing now! During the Revival in Lakeland in spring 2008 there were more than 5,000.000 online visitors on the web-site of DAILY!!!

Concerning the traffic of online visitors 

The web-site was and has become:

End-Time-Harvest-Revival (was Revival-Lakeland) is a part of and an initiative from God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. and is a serious interested 'object' for the millions of online visitors in the whole world now concerning to the related web-pages of End-Time-Harvest-Revival and its related web-page's. These web-site's exists since October 2005 and is build on "neutral ground”! Thanks to all these efforts through these web-site's; more than 8,000 daily online visitors world-wide in 2008 could find their way to the local Lakeland-Revival  (12,000.000 online visitors in the month of June 08 only!) Before people know about the existence of Lakeland and it's healing outpouring revival I was already by God instructed in October 2005.

Impressive amounts of visitors...

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