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Paul van Beek

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$ to be billed before work begins $ due when site is uploaded to domain; Active web-site in use!

The price of your (Graphic Art Web Design) website design starts with the including two revisions. The first revision may include major layout changes or even a complete (re)-design! The second revision includes only text or content changes. All text is to be sent electronically in a format that can be copied. Any additional design changes or typing will be billed at an hourly rate of $. 

 “Graphic Art Web Design” agrees to do the following for the above stated price: 

Hosting & Setup

“Graphic Art Web Design” will provide Web site hosting for (EarthLink $19.95/Month) of web-host-space, of data transfer, (+ email addresses is possible). Client will approve Terms of Service - agreement before hosting begins. After the initial (when web-site becomes for active use; free hosting period) hosting will be with active hourly rate depending on the amount of work-time; billed in the agreement + additional cost like web-host provider etc...  


Pictures/Illustrations will be added on your request. Depending on the editing, design and space, it will be formatted in the right way, without slowing down the downloading process of the pages!

When payment has been submitted

Once payment has been submitted to “Graphic Art Web Design”, this document shall represent a binding contractual agreement between the undersigned and “Graphic Art Web Design”.  Because this agreement represents a business to business transaction, the endorsement of this contract affirms that the undersigned operates a business and agrees that no refunds shall be granted by “Graphic Art Web Design” for rendered services.  In addition, the client agrees to defend and indemnify “Graphic Art Web Design” against any third-party claims that result from the content of the client’s site.  These claims include, but are not limited to, slander, libel, copyright violation, plagiarism, claims involving legality issues, non-Christian language; and/or other suits based on the content or subject matter of the client’s website.  This agreement is governed by, and shall by analyzed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Florida. All parties involved agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the courts of Bartow, Florida/ Polk, within Clark Polk County and expressly agree to give such forum original jurisdiction.  If any provision of this agreement is held by a court of law to be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions within the agreement. The aforementioned constitutes the entire agreement between all involved parties and may only be modified in writing, complete with signatures of all parties involved.

By signing below I attest to the fact that I have read this contract and understand and accept the conditions contained within it.

Authorized Signature: _____________________________________Date:   2010

Contract available in Word file on request

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