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Paul van Beek
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The total reliance that Companies; Large Churches and/or Ministries have on information systems and infrastructure left many of them struggling with the challenges and potential dangers of introducing new opportunity improvement technologies everything concerning Web presentation in combination with graphic art designs on many areas! To help Churches and Ministries meet these challenges, I have created a Strategic Information procedure, based on my experience that guides your Church or Ministry executives through the issues to help meet these challenges and insure that choices avert threats to their Strategic Web File Store and management!
The designs will become invaluable presentation when added to your website! Working with several Computer-systems inclusive their professional programs I like to create the possibility to process pictures digitally in my own programs, so that news can be placed on the web directly! In a perfect coordination with Graphic designs we design web-sites!
Web-site - set-up; designing; Art-illustrations; Hosting; Domain registration; Lay-out; Maintenance; education for your people; etc...
The Ministry-web-group  where I stand for is world wide orientated web-group and is received more 12,000.000 visitors yearly, if this continue the way it is increasing now! The search-machines need to find your web-site fast, easy and effective!
Contacting the web-master and designer of these web-groups
The price of your (Graphic Art Web Design) website design starts with the including two revisions. The first revision may include major layout changes or even a complete (re)-design! The second revision includes only text or content changes. All text is to be sent electronically in a format that can be copied. Any additional design changes or typing will be billed at an hourly rate.           Contract-terms
Graphic-Web-Art-Design  -  Contract
Downloading of fonts not available in older computer or lack of supporting programs.
Downloading of Books (Near future)
Downloading Ministry Forms
Downloading Graphic Web Art Design - Contract.
Biography of the Author; Founder;& Graphic Web Art Designer
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