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Paulus van Beek
Skillfully executed the most diverse graphic requirements!
Graphic Design   &   Web Design
Design Illustrations

The designs will become invaluable presentation when added to your website! Working with several Computer-systems inclusive their professional programs I like to create the possibility to process pictures digitally in my own programs, so that news can be placed on the web directly! In a perfect coordination with Graphic designs we design web-sites!

Some web-site examples

 Illustrative Materials!
"Web-design in combination with art-design”

In addition to artistic and informative panel’s displays, I have the ability to create a wide variety of illustrative materials for advertising and public relations purposes. Such as Brochures, Business Carts, Flyers, brief manners, Envelopes etc… in combination & style with web site designs. I am able to execute the most diverse Graphic requirements in several combinations with web design or your “on paper or online-presentations” with the Guarantee of maximum degree of satisfaction!

Exclusive Graphic Designs Locations & Results

These are large panels (Door size as example; as large picture on the top of this site!) are presenting history, development, or specialties of your business Church or Ministry, in one or more panels. After they have been graphically finished, they can be permanently displayed. The illustrations; written in calligraphic handwriting and painted in water-colors on a sort of parchment paper are skillfully added, with handwork,  by artists. Such panels, located in your entrance hall, waiting room or conference entrance; are for  visitors to your facilities more than just a “presentation”, but a exclusive work of art! These panels or Chronicles could well prove to be of invaluable information service at trade fairs and exhibitions! This can be realized in cooperation with Graphic artist in the USA as well in West Europe.

Thousands of Biblical pictures & Designs in store!
"Web-site; Power-point presentation; paperwork; etc...”

I have created thousands of Biblical pictures & Designs in my store! Online on the Ministry site's there are already more than 5.000 pictures, designs, logo's, icons, active! All of them are designed with very precisely measure. The reason of that is that you will only take the necessary space per picture. The downloading process will still be fast enough. The problem by most web-site's is that picture are far to large in space (Memory in KB's), which could be avoid. This is the main reason for long downloading processes. Every picture, design, logo, icon, etc..., has its own "Code-name" according their character and size! This makes you able to find your specific picture in your web-files easy. It is a "must", when you have to built a large web-site!
As example this picture of Moses by the burning bush is named: "
MosesBurningBush5SM"! There is no space between words. The name: "MosesBurning" refers to its subject. SM refers to the "SMaller version" of the original picture. No 5 refers to the fifth of the same "subject" - picture, but a different outfit. I am using Capitals to discern the words from each other. By creating this picture in a other form, the background can be changed in transparent as well! It will give a better look on a specific Web-site Background, without a white frame! Even the search-engine will find this picture on your site as well!

Aquarelles & Illustrations

If required, illustrations could be skillfully painted by artists in the form of aquarelles. These illustrations can be put in a digital photo system and editing to the right and very precisely way to fit in the site! (On pixels size!)  

Real Examples of "your" important
'Neutral' Site's!

The ministry Teaching’s web site's, with many of Biblical studies is always freely available for everyone! Mostly it is written on “Neutral Site’s", which you can link to your site as well! As such, these detailed teaching’s site’s cost a lot of precious time and financial commitment for the author and the publisher as well! Every study, that takes you only minutes to read, and view the pictures and Graphic designs according to their story, takes many hours of work to write, to edit, to design, to format and technically make available & maintain on the web server. That is the simple reality of the situation!

Photographic & Graphic Designing 

Taking & editing pictures (digital) wherever needed from your Ministry or Church supplied materials. It’s your choice! You will see and approve the Graphic Designs; (before the artists Edit and/of paint)! Your input and your opinion are essential! This is what I call real “cooperation”!


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