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Paul van Beek 
Graphic Web Art Designer

Paul is a Graphic Designer. For more than 19 years in West-Europe, he has skillfully executed the most diverse graphic requirements in the "European Traditional Hand-painting Designs" + hand-writing calligraphy; specifically for business, community and Government agencies. His work has also proven to be an invaluable commercial service at trade fairs and exhibitions. Firmly grounded on his years of experiences, activities and reputation, in this field.

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The total reliance that Companies; Large Churches and/or Ministries have on information systems and infrastructure left many of them struggling with the challenges and potential dangers of introducing new opportunity improvement technologies everything concerning Web presentation in combination with graphic art designs on many areas! To help Churches and Ministries meet these challenges, I have created a Strategic Information procedure, based on my experience that guides your Church or Ministry executives through the issues to help meet these challenges and insure that choices avert threats to their Strategic Web File Store and management!
While we really encourage your questions or concerns, we must now address those individuals who do not do this in a Christian manner. We take seriously any message that is done in a manner unbecoming a Christian, and are keeping an active file of these messages; and if the content is considered a threat in any way or improperly language, and sex propaganda, the proper agencies (like FBI) will be notified. We care deeply for all of you, and look forward to your continued correspondence!

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Paul van Beek

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