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The Miracle & Mystery of the
Jewish "Prayer-Shawl"



According the last records of Earth-link, our web-provider, is that this Christian web-group (including this ministry), received  about 350,000 visitors world-wide the last year! Thank G-d for His tremendous blessing on our work for Him! (May 2004)

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Going with the Prophetic End-time Move!
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River of Jordan
Prophet Office

Doctrine considering essential to the Christian faith, and why?
The water-baptism
The Holy Spirit Baptism with Fire!
Site's Concerning Faith Doctrine!
Person of the Father; God
Person of Yeshua or Jesus Christ
Person of the Holy Spirit
Is it Jewish to believe in Yeshua?
Ascension gifts of Yeshua
Yeshua 93  Prophecies Fulfilled!
The Atonement
Lord's Holy Supper
The motivational Gifts
A Christian must believe...!
Warfare Prayer
Christian Growth to maturity
Israel Support Promise of Abraham
Faith 3x!
Counterfeit Faith!
Cultural Faith!
Courageous Faith!

Words of welcome to you!
As you invest time…
I pray that you will find…
My decision was firm!
I chose to serve the Almighty God!
If I have inspired you...
Special color-codes!
World-wide non-denominational   prophetic ministry
Ministers are as flaming fire!
”Ervaringen met God!” (Dutch)
Important Site's!
Jewish Web Top 100
Anointing Oil

When; Where, Still to use?
The Holy anointed oil
Spiritual Anointing!
Yeshua's three-fold anointing’s
The first
The Second
The Third
Using the anointing oil!
More involved in the word "sick"!
Putting someone into a office or task
Things that the Law could not do!
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...
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Lord's Holy Supper!

Come "Eat & drink"
To come worthily before...
12 key's of the Holy Spirit...
Important Site's!

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Flags & Banners

Dancing before God's Throne
Flags & Banners
Where to use flags?
Scripture references
Wherefore & Why?
Dancing with or without Flags
Dance of Unity
Dance of the Feasts
Dance of Liberation & Healing
Dance of Victory
Solo dancing
Warfare dancing
Dance-celebration in the streets Show love God's to the world!
Dancing for evangelistic activities
Prophetic Dancing
Declaration flag worship by J. Fox
Explanation of colors
Teaching's Y©

Warfare Prayer
Person of  the Father; God
Person of Yeshua Jesus Christ
Is it Jewish to believe in Yeshua?
Yeshua 93  Prophecies Fulfilled!
Person of the Holy Spirit
Jewish Persecution
Miracle & Mystery "Prayer-Shawl"*
Strongholds Time for actions!
Prophet's Office
Living Waters!
Recent Prophecies
The Vineyard of God
The Trees of God
A Christian must believe...!
Fire Figuratively!
Faith 3x!
Counterfeit Faith!
Cultural Faith!
Courageous Faith!
The spirit of jezebel;
      a contending principality!
Brokenness; Ingredients for Revival Experience

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Personal Testimony 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Testimonies Site 1
Our personal testimony
May I introduce myself?
When you start to speak your dreams
When God created something's in me…
Testimonies Site 2
Likewise Abraham was leaving
When you are feeling that stirring up
I will relay upon you only, my Lord
Go and stir up  church & ministries
Testimonies Site 3
Coming to America!
We say "yes", to the call of God!
When I preach the gospel of Messiah
To be real also in Belgium!
What shall I find in Florida...?
Testimonies Site 4
Plain preaching!
Moved & motivated by  firm & deep conviction
Exodus of "God's Outreach Ministry"
A specific Revival-sermon  Brussels
Go into the world & preach the gospel
Subservient to God's ultimately work for us on earth
Testimonies Site 5


Angels of God
The blood of animals
Using of the color-code’s
Advantages / Disadvantages
Using colors for the 5-fold offices!
Ministry Vision in Keys!

Go into the world & preach the gospel
Spiritual food for the hungry hearts
The Challenge News-Line
Preparing the great Revival!
Graphic Designs & Web-design
Radio & TV-Broadcast ministry
The River of Jordan
Ministry of intercession
Prophetic ministry
Ministry of healing
Reaching out in foreign languages!
Prayer - Request

Are you going through...?
Clothed with the whole armor of God
Remain in the spirit of Christ!
Through your worship you should experience more and more...
It is the place where you...
To apply the word of God!
Every prayer-request is confidential!
Contact by "Prayer Request" form

International Site!
Testimonies (English)
from people who has been experienced Gods miracles touch, during active Ministry!
Getuigenissen (Nederlands; Dutch)
van mensen die Gods wonderbaarlijke aanraking ervaarden, tijdens de actieve Bediening
Ministry Teams!

Conference Hierarchic Structure Organization

The Challenge

The Challenge NL

New Book Release!

Preparation for the great Revival
Chapter 6. How to be prepared for Revival!
Chapter 8. Breakthroughs in human traditions?

Book Shop

Spiritual Food for hungry Hearts!
BOOKS © Paul van Beek:
Keys of the Holy Spirit - to come worthily before the throne of the Father
How to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit
Victory over human efforts, traditions & customs
Scripture references
Preparation for the great Revival
My personal testimony
Stay in the presence of his anointing
God loves colors
Dancing with flags & banners in God’s Name
Be radical!
About  author Immanuel Livestro
Preparing the great Revival!

Partners in unity for Revival!
Intercession for  nowadays Church
God is waiting!
Covenant Agreement
6 Reasons of covenant-partnership
Your responsibilities!
I will take up lamentations for...
Presidential Statement

We will pray for Divine Wisdom & God's Guidance
Words that came from the President, shortly
Prayer for  nation & world-leaders
Arafat’s cruel strategy!
For years now, Israelis have been asking themselves these simple questions

Prophetic Preaching  & Teachings - sermons by Paul van Beek

Churches & Ministries U.S.A.
European Churches
Ministries Messianic – Israel
Bible Online
Other languages
Author & Founder!

Something about the Author & Founder


Mission Europe!

A letter for Pastors, Church leaders, Conferences organizations
European Team

Meet the Team in West-Europe!
Coordinators & responsible
Paulus van Beek
Luciano & Luciana Ospitalieri
Pedro & Delores Jodar-Munos
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Children's Page!

Hello precious children!
You ...
You can write to us
Who are we...shortly?
Retired sea captain giving away 18 million gospel books: "He Lived Among Us!"
The use of flags
The understanding of the colors
The pillar of Children
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God's Outreach Ministry Int.
River of Jordan
Prophet Office
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On this site we recommend specific anointed preachers & anointed worship leaders with the data of availabilities!
David Silver from Haifa; Israel
Jimmie Black
    Devoted Anointed Worship Leader

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The Words you are about to experience are truth! They will change your life...if you let them! For they come from the very heart of God! He who loves you and He is the Father where you been looking for all your life! This is His love-letter to you!



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