The Outpouring isn't over!
At the End-Time there will be one of the greatest spiritual awakenings in the history of mankind! 
7 different End-Time-Harvest-Revival Waves of God's Anointed Empowered Army Divisions with His Shekinah GLORY  are on their way!     

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The Outpouring isn't over!  
Silvia Jackson

Prophetic Vision 2010 for Central Florida!

End-Time-Harvest-Reviva;l God's Anointed Empowered Army Divisions with His Shekinah GLORY

Prophetic Vision 2010!
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The Outpouring isn't over!
Word of the Lord Central Florida

I saw a great revival beginning in Central Florida, the Heart of Florida. The Outpouring isn't over. There is a remnant of fire burning as an ember and it is about to be ignited. It is about to begin; His timing is complete. It will be known as a grassroots movement It seemed to begin not in just one church, but a few. The fire infected the people, and they took it from one church to another. There will be hundreds of churches infected with the fire of God. Even the most conservative churches became infected and some didn't know how to handle it.

I saw a lot of instantaneous deliverance taking place as the
Holy Spirit had free reign to minister. It was as though there was no one person heading up the pulpit, and where people did try to either take credit or take over, the Holy Spirit would cease to move and the people would resist those in charge, asking for the Spirit to have free reign. It was as though they knew instinctively how to move with Him. Many have been trained by the Lord and are waiting for this to happen, and will have both the wisdom and courage to speak out and ask for the freedom and liberty of the Lord.

Because of the deliverance, I saw many screaming, running, and other manifestations. There will be those who try to make this stop, but the freedom and zealousness of the new converts will not be stopped. This will be a group who have been forgiven much and will instantly love much. Many of these are currently heavily involved in drugs and drug-related criminal activity.

The revival will be marked by great passion for the Lord and great compassion for the lame and broken. Because of these two factors, there will be thousands of healings, many totally miraculous and instantaneous, and others slower but thorough and sure. I heard, true healing
and saw gold teeth and other power manifestations such as happened in the Brownsville Revival and others.

There will not be a huge need for new workers, as the churches are filled with those the Lord has trained and has ready and in place. Some have been waiting in the wings for decades. They will quietly move into position and begin to help the new converts and those asking for ministry with prayers of salvation, healings, repentance, and deliverance. Churches will begin discipling programs on a daily basis to get the new converts trained and discipled that they won't fall by the wayside.

The churches will work together, although in the beginning there will be conflict, as the
pride of some will want to be known for having the biggest and best revival going on there. Soon, however, the contagious fire of the Lord will burn with such intensity that they will abandon their own selfish ambition to just be a part of the move. The churches will operate as a choir with no one human conductor because the Lord Himself will be the conductor.

I saw a map of Central Florida and a few cities stood out. I saw Lakeland, and a move to Orlando, Gainesville, Ocala, Sebring, Brooksville, even a few tiny areas in the Everglades. I believe these will be centers for the revival, but the fire will have an effect in all cities from which people attend the revival and get infected,
and take it back to their home church and city.

The revival will last for a few years and begin to subside, but it will change the world and clean up the region.
There will be physical manifestations in the land to mark the time of the Fire of God. The area will show the revival to have been real. The crime rate will decrease. I heard the orange groves will bloom again. This revival will have produced givers, lovers of the King and His Kingdom. An army will arise from a former battleground and become military elite in His Kingdom. Those converted at this time will have a great inner resolve due to such great salvation and forgiveness. They will cause a light to shine to Heaven as a beacon to the lost and hurting.

I received this word. Please consider it and if you agree, send it to all who will intercede for this to come to pass quickly. I sense that we should decree this aloud.

Thank you and blessings

Sylvia Jackson

@ Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 10:18 AM

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your note and heart for the Lord and His agenda for this area.

I am a prophetic product of Christian International, located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, perhaps the largest prophetic training center in the world.  I moved to the general Lakeland area in 2007.  Numerous times since, it has been prophesied over me that the Lord moved me here as a prophet to Central Florida.

Currently, I attend a few different fellowships where the gifts are allowed.  The Lord has given me favor and liberty to use the gifts He has worked in me.

On May 15, (2010) in a dream, I received a warning about the flotilla incident that would happen 16 days later.  Since that time, the word has gone out to perhaps hundreds of praying people.  Our heart and prayer, according to the dream's interpretation, is for our nation to correctly respond to the situation and continue to be on Israel's side, as her sister.

Thank you again for your interest.  Please feel free to use the prophecy relating to Central Florida on your websites if you feel it would be the Lord's plan and purpose.

Thanks and blessings to you,


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